20 thoughts on “Buckle Up, Russian Way”

  1. LOL!

    When I visited Russia, they laughed at you if you tried to buckle up.

    No one wore seatbelts there. I guess you were considered a “girly man” or something if you wore a seatbelt.

    • Hehe, that also happened to me. But I didn’t care. People in Russia, Ukraine, etc. drive like madmen. If the want to riske their lives I don’t.

      • yea when I got in a car (with no radio by the way) and put on my seat belts everyone looked at me and asked me why I answered “because I don’t want to die”

  2. Yes, there is a law but most people has no understanding about trafic safety since there is no discussion about that in the society. This is not a Russian phenomena, but more the same in entire Eastern Europe. Earlier police (milits) was people’s enemy and protector of the ruling class (the politicians). Many has still the same understanding and believe that use of seatbelts (and speed limits, pedestrian crossings etc.) is some weird idea in order to collect money to the ruling class and police.

    • Yeah, keep them drunk and driving without seatbelts. That’s the legal way to keep the population under control. Makes you wonder what the mortality rate is among drivers in Eastern Europe is -vs- those in the west.

  3. When people that seats in my car don’t wear seatbelt, I just go about 20mph and step on the brake really hard. They put on the belts really fast afterward.

  4. Its amazing how far people / drivers will go to ignore their own safety. It is as if they do not know what is good for them and their personal safety when driving a vehicle

  5. Uhhh… Doesn’t this method cause decapitation in the event of a highspeed collision?

    At least you won’t have to worry about being paralyzed.

  6. Oh those bloody inventors, this trick has definitely been invented to make it fast when you see a policeman. Just imagine yourselves – the drivers never fasten their seatbelts, drive drunk at 100 km/h on rural roads… and almost everyone has up to 5 icons of some Saints in the car to protect them!

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