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  1. Good pics, You rarely see the stuff that showed the everyday life of the soldiers that pulled off the greatest asswhipping in human history.

  2. Update your post – name of this actor is Aleksei Smirnov http://imdb.com/name/nm0807032/

    http://www.gotterdammerung.org/film/reviews/o/operation-y/operation-y-01.jpg – left one : )
    Shot from this comedy: http://imdb.com/title/tt0059550/

    • You are welcome! : )

      For your next post:
      http://drugoi.livejournal.com/2565521.html – photos from “Stern” magazine ( http://www.stern.de/politik/panorama/luftblasen/615747.html ) . Child military training camp near Stavropol. Young cossacks. : )

  3. A lot of these pictures were no doubt taken in Czech Republic, i.e. during May 1945.
    Wchinitz is a German name of “Vchynice”, a Czech village near the border with Germany. Also, the beer mugs are definitely those used in Czechoslovakia, Germany and Austria at the time.
    The wrecked tank is a machine built on the chassis of Czech pre-war LT 38 – possibly a sub-version of Jagdpanzer Hetzer?

    • You are correct on the sub-version of the Hetzer. It’s a Bergepanzer 38(t) which was light recovery version. The racks on the side held the poles for the crane. There was normally a plow blade on the front but we can’t see that side.

  4. I found another picture of the guy on the right with the awsome mustache (fifth picture down) controlling traffic in Berlin!!
    see for yourselves



  5. …and then all these soldiers went to GULAG to die from their countrymans because Uncle Stalin knew that they saw too much of western world….
    and you Russians still+worship Uncle Josef… I’m so sorry for you..

  6. I have read a lot about the attrocities of war – on both sides. These photos are nice but seems carefully selected. War is not this nice – for either the occupiers or the occupied, especially the woman.

      • Ilya Erenburg (a propagandist writing for Soviet papers) actually published an article in which he promised the victorious Red Army soldiers the possibility to rape the German women (1944?).
        IIRC, the article was reprinted by Goebbels Propaganda Ministry in German papers to boost morale and sent to neutral countries for publishing as well. This article thus became a worldwide scandal and Erenburg fell out of Stalin’s favor.
        I am sure that anyone interested in details can google them easily.

  7. He forgot the pictures of raping baltic, polish an german women and killing their children. Burning churches and sending innocent people to Siberian camps.

    • Those who fled from Russia after the October Revolution and were given political asylum in pre-war democratic Czechoslovakia were busted by NKVD and sent straight to Gulag in 1945, no matter that they legally became citizens of Czechoslovakia and Czechoslovakia was never at war with USSR.
      This is a fact.

  8. Strehlen is currently Strzelin in Poland (and its Breslau (Wroclaw) what’s covered by head of one of the soldiers. So it looks like these are pictures taken in spring 1945 or later.

  9. в дополнение к нижесказаному: сейчас по российскому ТВ активно опускают советскую власть, поэтому я сужу не по тому что мне навязывают гос каналы, а имею свое собственное мнение (ИМХО)

  10. Он не просто воевал.
    Смирнов был профессиональным армейским разведчиком и полным кавалером Ордена Славы.

  11. Актуально написано. А вообще, поздравляю автора сайта и всех его читателей с сегодняшним праздником – Днем России. Ура, товарищи! 🙂

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  13. “if you come with the sword, you will die by those sword!”
    Russian people is most friendly and goodest man. If you respect us, how we respect you, it’s ok, if not…, You just die on the RUSSIAN FRONT!, AND ITS NOT YOU DREAM I SUPOSTED!

  14. All very well that they defeated the German army, but all the people on these photo’s are all dead now, just like the Germans they shot.

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  16. На сегодня у меня был запланирован званый вечер по поводу “обмытия” новоприобретённого автомобиля. Авто хоть и б/у, но не менее долгожданный. И вот, когда до момента X оставалось совсем немного, а именно регистрация оного в ГАИ, всё дело и затормозилось. В нашем ГАИ (центральном, областном ГАИ!!!) просто-напросто взяли и закончились бланки ПТС!!! А новых нет как нет!!! Вот взяли и исчезли, как блин, инопланетяне их украли. На все мои вопросы, когда же они появятся, меня вежливо послали – бланков НЕТ, знать ничего не знаем, когда появятся, тогда и появятся. Я в дипрессии – казалось бы такая мелочь, а теперь из-за этой мелочи неизвестно когда я теперь сяду за руль моего нового автомобиля!
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  19. Everything looks so tidy and clean

    You can get the idea, war was a big boys adventure trip, chilling all day and smiling for the camera.

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