78 thoughts on “The Biggest Ad Space in Russia”

    • This ad space is temporary indeed – it’s situated on the wall of construction site (I think it’s Hotel Moskva).

      • So what?uncontrolled and unethical market economy being so ugly day by day.there is no place in this world who claims”logo”free now adays.i think in the near future,funeral ceremonies will sponsor multinationals by huge numbers! ! ! ! ! ! ! !imagine and enjoy! ! ! ! ! !

    • Well… considering that it’s probably covering some awful building site, I honestly don’t think its that bad. Quite original actually. But I do agree with you, there’s far too much advertising in Moscow and some of it can be a real eyesore.

      • At least it’s now promoting something which is actually for sale. I remember in the early ’90s the first billboards were appearing in Moscow. The majority were promoting goods which were not available in the whole of Russia. The thought behind it was: we’re looking ahead !! And how visionary this proved to be…

        • Hey maxD, On your recommendation I have read “A Writer At War” by Vasily Grossman. An excellent eyewitness account of the war, especially Stalingrad and the death camps. I am now halfway through “Life and Fate”. Thank you again.

        • This is still a visionary concept – I think you could count on one hand the number of people in Russia that can afford an ‘M Power’ BMW. Might as well be a 6000 m2 picture of a load of Germans showing you their collective arses.

  1. This billboard is probably the largest in the world. This would make Jimmy Pattison, Canada’s billionaire and owner of a large billboard company – foam at the mouth.

    • But you will not get the special welcome that my good friend Putin gives me–massage, caviar, champagne and vodka, belly-dancing girls, Russian sauna to include exhilarating beating with tree branch, luxurious suite of rooms with magnificent view of city, big plasma screen TV and all Disney DVDs for me to watch, and discount on nuclear weapon material.

    • Hopefully, since you are world leader like me, you will receive the same welcome that I do when I go for a visit–massage, champagne and vodka, nice belly-dancing girls, caviar on a tasty biscuit, big plasma TV with all Disney DVDs at my bedside table, signed copy of document called “How to Build a Nuclear Missile,” and Russian sauna, with special appearance by Putin as he gives the personal whipping with the tree branch.

      Have a great visit, take some nice photos, and send them to English Russia!

      • Dear D, please see my answer below, which was not inserted in the proper “reply” place due to website under temporary operation of technicians who did installation featured in “Home Newworks” photos submitted here earlier. 😉

  2. Wow!

    It’s right next to the Kremlin, too!

    This is a stark contrast to the days of communism when there were no advertisements whatsoever!

  3. Screw the damn wall and advertising and world peace and wasted space and global warming! Put a bunch of Russian girls in mini skirts up there and they will get all the attention in advertising they need! Better yet…Russian girls up there with no underwear! Now thats a good idea!
    God people! Don’t you get it? You look at the pictures and think how pretty and eco friendly they might be – screw that! Just give us more girl pictures and we will be happy!!

    Unless a few guys here are gay and then show more fat Russian cop pictures!

    For me? More Russian chicks in shorty shorts and no bra and what the heck…a few naked ones too!

  4. Dearest D,

    I sense beneath your criticism a cry for further, deeper interaction with me. I feel the longing in your words (“can’t you even come up with new material”), and I am flattered that you have decided to finally reach out to me.

    However, I can only report what I know to be true, and in the case of my treatment by Russian leaders in Moscow, I try to focus on positive aspects of things.

    For instance, I did not share with George the time I was stood up by Putin at the airport, and had to take a crowded bus, subway with drunken skinhead teenagers, and later a pink taxi driven by a woman who forced me to pretend to be a woman before she would give me a ride, and who then charged me triple her usual fee in case she was caught violating “female only” passenger rule.

    Nor did I tell him about the way the Russian women seem to enjoy looking down to me just because they are mostly taller and because they don’t appreciate the energy bound within my compact stature.

    Nor did I tell him about the Russians who moved into the city Moscow for work and always referred to me at the bus stop as “the Tajik,” simply because they are too provincial to know the difference between sheep-herding Tajik and a descendant of men who ruled mighty Persian empires (that would be me).

    You see, I am a friend to Russia and try to focus on positive things. I hope, in your hardened heart full of anger and derision, that you will come to someday appreciate this, hopefully before the time I am gone to Paradise, so you can thank me. A good start would be if you know a nice Russian girl not over 160cm tall who would be willing to spend some time with nice man with golden complexion and caring, sensitive brown eyes (yes, you guessed it, that is me!).

    Yours in Russian/Persian brotherhood,
    M. Ahmadinejad

  5. How are those cars secured up there? Wires? Or what could one do with a laser… at least ignite the interior… that would be fun! I hate ads.

  6. Why not. Russia is a big country. Should do things big. Become the new land of opportunity. Like Texas and the USA before they went down the tubes.

  7. Wow, I am not impressed, a photo of large western advertisements along Kremlin (the spiritual heart of Russia) spotted in the distance. It is comparable to Russia being conquered, such a disgrace…

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  28. I saw it in the summer of 2008 and felt that the ad was fitting the general feel of Moscow – history and grace taking second place behind greed and desire for immediate profit and instant gratification. Moscow is so capitalist (in the dog-eat-dog sense of the word), you would think Seattle is a socialist heaven by comparison.

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