38 thoughts on “Tallest Man’s Bike”

  1. I am really happy for that bloke, good on him. I’m glad he can ride a bike like everyone else and it would be cool to meet the president. He’s really lucky that bloke.

  2. Nice photos thanks for sharing them. I have been reading many interesting stories online about this man. It looks like many nice things have been happening to him recently and that’s good news indeed!

        • actually he bought a customized car for Leonid (the tall guy) where he can fit in. Since he has no driving license yet, the president drives. You probably missed this news.

            • Actually it should be yes. Just like that german monkey Bokito was in the news when it was transported to Netherlands and all germans had to cry….pretty sad actually. After Hitler this was the second monkey that they lost.

  3. Let’s just try to respect the man and to respect each other. One cannot choose his physical appearance (especially if one’s not well-off), so stop it.

    And the chaffeur IS Viktor Yushchenko, the president of Ukraine. The photo in which the tall man and the president stand alone has a brass plate in which you can read “Prezident Ukrani” in Cyrillic types. That stands for “President of Ukraine”, obviously.

    As a side note, the car seems to be a Daewoo/Chevrolet Tacoma, which I reckon is locally made at the ZAZ plant in which the tiny “Zaporozhets” were made. The sheet metal of the first ZAZ’s was based upon that of the FIAT 600, but it had a completely different engine and underpinnings of Soviet design.

    The FIAT 600 was most famous in the Spanish-built form, the SEAT 600. A Yugoslavian version was also made, the Zastava 750.

  4. The bottom three pictures come from a recent gift of a custom car.
    Autoblog covered it two days ago:

  5. Chernobyl’s trophy!

    he should eat some steroids and show Schwarzenegger who’s the real man!
    probably even Chuck Norris will be afraid of him then!

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  8. Quickly, stop Ukrainian President from stealing this man’s car. I hope Chevrolet’s sales are better in the Ukraine then they are in the US. Seriously, this man is amazing. He is very strong because he works so hard on farm. If he didn’t he would probably be quite frail like many very tall men. It’s nice to see someone is happy.

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  11. Merci pour le communiqué. Je viens d’allumer le net et je tombe sur ton blog qui me renseigne entièrement sur le sujet de la mode que j’ai besoin. Poursuis comme ça, c’est un ravissement de te lire. Au fait c’est toi qui a fait le look de ton blog ? Très beau


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