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    • That’s because of the ground and the soil. The bottom of the lake is usually mud.
      Usually, it has nothing to do with toxic or other bad stuff.
      We have water like that in Norway too, completely safe here.

    • It’s due to the peat – an amass of partly decayed vegetation in swamps. Water in swampy areas with a lot of peat is usually of this color.

      This must be somewhere around Moscow.

  1. Looks like they forgot, cars move and the engines get hot through use, parking a car anywhere after driving for anything other than a mile will result in the ground under the car feeling at least some of the heat. (yes heat rises theoretically, but just because heat rises doesn’t mean the heat doesn’t radiate in all directions before rising).

    The look of the destruction looks more like each car started to melt the ice underneath it rather than the combined weight of the cars doing anything. Look at the pieces of ice under the cars, each car looks to have taken out the ice around it but there’s no real shattering of the ice more than a half a meter from the car. That to me says each car’s segment of ice collapsed, rather than the entirety of the ice collapsing.

    AKA Heat was needed to weaken the ice (heat from the car), not weight.

  2. This ice looks like springtime ice. It may be very thick, but it’s also very brittle, which might explain why they underestimated its strength.

  3. From the look of the pictures it appears to be that the water is pretty much polluted now.

    So I wonder why anyone would like to fish in a polluted water.
    It must be some illogical reason, I guess.

  4. More like, they shouldn’t park on ice that’s so thin that closely together, particularly along the shore where it’s weaker anyway. Also, that looks like a river or a channel, which likely means moving water, which is nowhere near as safe as open ice on a lake either. A wide combination of mistakes.


    • “Parking on a frozen lake too close together” is a bit like “too much incest”. I actually read that line yesterday on Topix.

    • Олинька…им этого не понять…Но, факт в том что в этой серии фоток мужики реально сглупили…причём все хором 🙂
      Жаль, но что есть то есть.

  5. Haha They will take more care next time, and not act like lemmings when they see what other do!

    I wonder what the walk home felt like, and explaining to the wife “Well, I kinda parked the car on a river…”

  6. maybe it’s wasn’t fishing. in Russia, we like to drift on ice, and the others just watched the show. it’s spring now, colder than winter.

    мужики конечно ступили, но фишку про “рыбалку” не поддерживаю.

  7. Why are so many people commenting that people shouldnt fish from that water.. I don’t know about you, but in some places it’s common practice NOT to fish from a ditch.

  8. well with the way some of them are, they could have easily have been driven out and they could quite easily have done got all the cars out.

  9. I don’t know about you guys but I pray every day that those Russian roaches won’t come to where I live. Better let them pollute Russian ground than rest of the world.

  10. are these cars salvageable? i mean can they be restored and driven again or are they now scrap, especially the white lada?

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  13. While fishing, you get bored and start to swing a sinker weight around in a circle below you on a 0.23 m piece of fishing line. The weight makes a complete circle every 0.60 s. What is the angle that the fishing line makes with the vertical?

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