The Lucky Smoking

Russian car lada smashed by truck 1

This guy has parked his Lada just for a while to buy cigarettes. And then the truck came and fell over the car. This time the LADA driver was really happy with his smoking habit. It seems he won’t consider quitting now for a very long time. “Cigarettes have saved my life, so why quit?” he might think now.

Russian car lada smashed by truck 2

Russian car lada smashed by truck 3

Russian car lada smashed by truck 4

24 thoughts on “The Lucky Smoking”

    • A joke about obligatory pro-health warnings on cigarrete box.

      A man has bought a box of cigarrete. Suddenly he read the warning ‘smoking of cigarretes may cause an impotence’ then he get back to saleswomen and say: ‘give me the one with cancer, please’.

  1. This is so not russia, its obviously Ukrane. And the photoshoppers could have done such a better job. And this Iv seen this before its from 1980, you can tell by the sightns on the stores.

  2. These are Ukraine photos. Man was lucky.

    But some day:: after throat cancer surgery, and 3 weeks of Chemotherapy, and Radiation therapy, he wont be so lucky.

    Cancer is no fun. I know somebody who has cancer from smoking. Its a death sentence. You just wait to die, and its a lot of suffering and then at the end , your happy to die, to get rid of the pain.

    So unnecessary, all you have to do to avoid is not smoke

  3. Let me get this straight…because he is a smoker he parked his car to buy some more cigs and truck fell on car making it useless and creates an insurance hassle. Later in life man dies a slow and painful death.

    If he wasn’t a smoker he would not have parked car there, truck would have fallen on road or something else, man would still be alive and have a car and not worry about a slow and painful death from lung cancer.

    Oh yeah…he’s lucky (my a*s).

    If he were lucky he would still be in car when truck toppled onto it. Man would die a quick death and not have to hassle with cancer and insurance.

  4. I used to smoke and because of smoking I almost had an accident twice. Once I dropped the cherry on the floorboard, I took my eyes off the road to look for it and I nearly ran into a car. Second time I looked for an ashtray and same thing… If he didn’t smoke, I don’t think the car would have been there to begin with.

  5. How did the truck driver manage to flip his trailer so perfectly in line with the sidewalk? You’d think he’d be turning or something, which would have landed his trailer in a position of complete misalignment to the road.

    …Unless it was one of those trucks missing a front wheel or something, and as the driver tried to climb out the wrong door, counter-balance shifted and the truck slowly plumped over on its side.

  6. looks like russian cars are made with tin sheet. American muscle cars are able to withstand even tanks running over them.

  7. If he didnt smoke he would have never parked there to buy the cigaretts and his car would be fine…SOOO wile they may have saved his life if he didnt smoke he would still be alive (live gonger) AND his car would be fine L…O…L (some people will try to justify anything)

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