50 thoughts on “The Post Order Fail”

  1. Typical russian animals, they will steal anything from anybody. I saw a whole truck of mail dumped in a forest, they opened all mail, took everything worthy moneywise and then just threw it away. I hate it!!! Russians are animals!!!

    • Perhaps a bit strongly worded but accurate nonetheless. The Russian postal system is not to be trusted with anything even remotely of value.

      However I am surprised that this occurred with a DHL package, I expected that they would have better security than that.

      That’s why I use FedEx for anything to Russia. Ungodly expensive yes ($99 for a simple envelope!) but it WILL be delivered on time and unmolested. And no I don’t work for FedEx.

      • FedEx can also make you nervous in Russia. E.g., they may call you and lie that they were unable to contact you and delivery at time so they’ll deliver tomorrow — after week of delivery.

    • You are right, people are different outside of Russia and the world is so beautiful and has many beautiful sides when you leave Russia.
      PS. you are a typical russian cattle who would steal anything if had a chance

    • Was it the Russians who stole the laptop in transit? Or a scammer in another country who sold a Russian some boulders?

      • The invoice with round stamp looks like russian, so its either, the sender or mail carrier/post office. About 90% of mail I`ve sent to Russia dissapeared. This is so typical to Russia.

    • I disagree with his comment, my theory is that the world doesn’t become beautiful once he leaves Russia but in fact something different, for him the world becomes beautiful once hi sticks his head up his arse!

    • Если бы все что я говорю было неправдой, оно бы не цепляло так тебя, а так ты просто бесишься потому что вы такие рашики и есть. Слава Богу что я свалил из этой позорной страны и от этого позорного народа. Дешевка! А ты типичный представитель который даже без матов говорить не может. Чмо ты Rodriguez :-))))

      • Peace!
        Это самое умное что ты мог сказать, и то неплохо. Молодец! :-)))
        ПС. Почему я так реагирую на русских и рашу, да потому что эта страна пыталась сгноить в тюрьмах моих дедов и моего отца просто за то что они говорили правду, и в этом не только правительство было замешано, все соседи “стучали” и способствовали ментам и государству.

        • Моего прадеда расстреляли на Колыме за так называемое “письмо Троцкого”, о котором он знал только по наслышке – как видишь наказали не хило – вышка – расстрел. Других родственников – поволжских немцев – выселили в Сибирь, некоторым “повезло” они просто получили сроки и остались там жить, остальным, как понимаешь, повезло меньше – опять же вышка – расстрел.
          И еще одно – самое важное – не путай Россию и социализм (коммунизм) или как ты там это называешь. Это не Россия расстреливала твоих родственников, как и моих, а “вождь народов” Иосиф виссарионыч. А раз на то пошло, то уж и не обвиняй только “рашиков”, а грузин и грузию – тов. берия. А иже с ними: евреев (коих было в изобилии), украинцев, а также поляков, эССтонцев и т.д и т.п. И мне кажется – ты либо еврей, либо хохол (именно хохол, а не украинец).
          Не путай страну и политический строй.

          И угомонись наконец, климактеральная истеричка. прими аспирин и живи спокойно.

          • Нет ну ты fake russian конечно клево протест свой выразил, типа всю мою семью сгнобили так я свалю и буду с безопасного расстояния в 10 тыщ км в комментах срать, Герой!

  2. Great – and a multi-minute page update, I see. Probably infers a rather slow one, too. Typing these page updates in real-time rather than deploying a javascript.

  3. Folks,
    Though I am not Russian, still I don’t think it would be right to blame a country or a postage carrier for this. Bad experiences can happen to anyone and anywhere and perhaps this incident was one of them. However, best practices always advice that whenever you buy this kind of expensive product, make sure there is some kind of Protection Scheme with it and some authority is ready to take responsibilty for its actions incase things go wrong. Its upto the buyer to all possible research before falling for any fake attractive schemes.

    Gary, Birmingham, UK

    • Good point. This guy will probably be reimbursed for damages/theft, whereby he will re-order new Sony laptop and receive another set of rocks. If he keeps this up long enough he might not get his laptop, but should end up with a nice rock garden the carrier can walk through while delivering the next set of rocks.

    • Gary, I appreciate your sincerity, but the reality is that people across the world love to bash Russia and Russians at any chance they get. It gives them a sense of being important or worthy, yet people like you and me can see them for the hypocrites that they really are. This site just provides the material to feed their hate.

      • D – They don’t love to bash Russia nearly as much as they love to constantly and witlessly bash the US. I’d say Russia comes in #2 in the internet bashathons So once again, the US leads! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

    • Well put. This has nothing to do with Russia or the courier. Mail and packages get stolen every now and then, i.p. promising looking packages. Here it looks like the rocks were already put in there by the sender [an employee running a small business on the side ?]. Lets hope this guy had an insurance to cover his loss.

      And then buy an Apple instead of this silly PC laptop. 😉

  4. D. I agree with you. However, people just take out their stress/anger when they have bad experiences but like I said bad time can come anywhere and anytime. Person’s got to be vigilant else sum1 sumwhere around the corner is ready to conn you. We dont have time for happy moments these days coz of such a busy lie so imagine why would someone need an excuse to feed their hatred more.
    Bottom Line of Online Shopping :Check payment method is thru a Secure Mode, check internet browser for security, always buy from trustworthy websites, use options like PayPal whenever we can.

  5. Could be anyone who stoled pc,if is realy lifted from original
    package,strange because package should arrive to custom control.
    What about ebay frauds,fake credit cards,cashier checks from States?

  6. hmmm, someone is really angree. Mind sharing your sad life story about why exactly you talk like this about entire Russia and the whole nation? 🙂 Perhaps all of us here could help you ease the pain instead of reinforcing it 😉

  7. We have an international online business in EU and our company doesn’t send any parcels to Russia in unregistered mail anymore, simply because the Russian postal system is so utterly rotten in reliability. A lot of delayed and completely missing letters/packages .. and out of the over 15-20 non-EU countries we do business with, Russia is just about the only one with this problem.

    Didn’t expect this from a DHL shipment, but I guess it could have even been the courier who did this.

  8. It looks like there is a lot of DHL material around. Did he open it in the DHL office? Did a DHL employee open it?

    Where was it ordered from? Sony ships via FedEx. It could have been sold by an individual who sold a bunch of rocks then moved away.

    >Though I am not Russian, still I don’t think it would be right to blame a country or a postage carrier for this<

    You are absolutely right. I see scams of all sorts all the time. If you are in the US, just check “Craig’s List” there is all kinds of brand new in the box computers and electronics for 75-80% off. Now why would anyone be selling current computer models that cheap unless they are stolen or not what they claim to be?

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  10. Thats terrible, but can we really believe it happened??? We know this stuff happens, but we also know how easy it is to fake pictures….

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