18 thoughts on “The Bus Misses Stop”

  1. That’s the Vasiloostrovskaya metro station! There’s normally a ton of people milling out in front. Unlikely that no one was hit.

    • hey, Catalyst, is it from The Simpsons? I mean, this punch line “In Russia, [blank] does something [blank]”, with direct object performing action on the subject, to underline the upside down order of things. “In Soviet Russia, revue watches you!” I think was the saying in one of their episodes. ❓

  2. There are drunk drivers in other countries too.

    bbut sadly, in Soviet union, its not a disgrace, its just a way of life, and its expected. People would be lost without alcohol. They are a country of 90% drunk, 100% of time.

    But it must stop.

    Russia needs to ban all alcohol , and institute strict Sharia Law. Mongoloids of Ukraine also need Sharia Law.

    Mongoloids of Ukraine Drives much worse than this while sober.

    Sharia would end all russian drinking problem. Britain and America also need Islamic law to prevent urban bus problems.

    • Sharia law is no doubt first coming to Europe, then Canada. Not to Russia or Ukraine. And if China populates Eastern parts of Russia in time (which is very likely), then Sharia may not be coming to Russia at all.

  3. When did this happen?

    Another event right here in my city that didn’t get any mention on radio, TV, or newspapers.

    Plenty of info on what’s going on in the rest of the world though


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