The Russian Robot Snake

The Russian Robot Snake

Robodogs, robot cats and other mini robots copying animals are popular lately in our techno-geek-world.

Now meet the snake robot by Russian students from St. Petersburg. It can move on its own or be radio controlled. It surpasses obstacles and carries cameras for video recording. Can move in multiple directions and raise its “head”.

30 thoughts on “The Russian Robot Snake”

    • Nobody said it was new….. but its as advanced as any other research snake robots from universities in america and japan… russia is not a robotics powerhouse, so this is admirable.

  1. American robots are better and Japanese are better still. That robot is childs toy.

    ” Soviet “( hey silly russians, this is a joke on you, its funny if your not russian…hahahaha ) ” Soviet “technology falls behind west.

    Look at the PHENOMENAL ( hey , dumb Ukranians — that means “good” ) new American robot kill machine. :

    My advice to all russians and lesser Ukranians, and other mongoloids, cretins and subhumans is to

    Upgrade your gray matter,

    cause some day it may matter.

    You only get angry because its true.

  2. For the dumb commenters here: this is not the top of russian engineering, this is just a cool experiment made by students.. doesent really have to do much about the country’s technology level.

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