26 thoughts on “Snow Driving”

  1. Who cares to wipe your windscreen if you are driving drunk on a Russian road anyway. Better not to see in advance where your car is going to crash.

  2. Guess that would qualify as illegal in most countries.
    But hey, what I’ve seen on this site this guy is not quite the best or should I say worst driver around.

  3. No, I believe this is a real car and a real driver.

    I saw a car like this in N. America – except there the driver turned on his wipers and had his windshield clean. But the side and back windows were all completely covered with snow.

  4. Reminds me of a Winnipeg , Canada or a Siberian winter
    It gets pretty cold
    Don’t forget to plug in your electric car block heater
    Only in Canada its Farenheit rather than Celsius

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