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  1. That cat does NOT want to jump. It’s struggling the way it would if it saw you were putting it in a bath of water. I hope it was wearing cat diapers.

    Where are the “after” pictures? Like the cat running away and hiding for three days after it was released from the little kitty constraint suit? (I guess the owner made that himself, since I doubt there is a large enough demand to create a market. But who knows?)

    • Not really. The cat would have quickly reached terminal velocity due to its light weight, preventing further acceleration. But he’d still die upon impact with the ground… 😯

  2. That cat had no understanding of how high it was. I doubt it knew that those tiny things below were houses and that it was that high in the sky. For all it knew, it was in a weird vortex of wind and distant colors… until it jumped of course.

  3. Now, if the same thing was done to a baby, the parent and everyone involved would be sued for giving the baby a (potential) heart attack. In fact, a heart attack would not be hard to imagine. Even if the cat didn’t have any perception of the heights, it sure could have died out of horror over the course of the jump. I’d be curious to know what happened to the cat. Clearly, it was struggling to get away.

    • based on your argument then pets should also have the right to live til they die of old age. never being put down for any reason whatsoever. and those vets who do so should be prosecuted for murder just like dr. kavorkian (or however you spell it). hmm. that makes sense to me. cough cough SARCASM cough cough

  4. According to your logic it would be just as cruel to sneak up on somebody and scare them. Sorry, nothing happened to the cat (probably) so WHERE’S THE CRUELTY?????

  5. Are you people kidding me?! IT’S A CAT!!! Who cares if it was scared? What is the “memory span” of a cat? It will have forgotten this “emotionally traumatic” event within the hour. I think the “mean old man” looked more freaked out than the cat did anyway! Give me a break, now everytime I go jump, I’m taking my cat with me. But there won’t be any fancy body suits for NoNutz. Not a chance! I’ll just tie his leash onto my harness and away we go!

    • Let me guess…a PETA member? (People eating tasty animals) Look all I’m saying is that I think we need to keep some perspective. What I see from that clip is an old man taking his pet/friend with him while he does something he (the old man) enjoys. I see no harm in that. Obviously, I’m in the minority.

      • *head desk*

        Great… another Rembrandt with words. What a truly heart warming scene this master evokes!

        Please, if you are going to put your immaturity, as well as your extreme youth on display, do have the courtesy of sparing us your innermost erotic dreams! Are you certain you didn’t get his Mother and Fathers’ places backwards in your post? I’m sure that’s how they must have been in your tiny little mind.

        Have a wonderful day!

      • What has the PETA got anything to do with it? PETA does more harm then good. Some old man may like to rape people, does that mean the others involved have to go though with that, just because he likes it?

  6. Put it this way. If you were scared of flying and a trusted friend of yours tied you up, took you up in a plane and pushed you out of the door at altitude, would you approve of that? I didn’t think so.

    I guarantee that the cat would not have been comfortable with the ride part as well.

    To the (shrug) it’s still a cat poster, I feel sorry for you. Spend some time with animals, you might learn something.

  7. Is there any silly human activity on earth that doesn’t offend someone? No, there isn’t.

    Especially where PETA freaks are concerned. PETA freaks love animals and hate humans.

    People are so brainwashed by politically correct rules that no one has to put them in chains. They walk right into their cells and close the door behind them.

    • i love animals more that i love humans and i hate peta freaks – what does tha make me – a scandinavian –

    • Hopefully the old man died and is no longer a burden on the already overstressed welfare/medicare system.

      No worries mate…cats got nine lives…..

  8. hello hello;
    two thinggs concern me today:

    1) black panthers openly seek to exterminate “white people”,
    who evere that might be.

    being black, barack will get their vote
    and will thus support their cause of that extermination.

    2) … and number two … 77% of male muslims support rape
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    p.s. : libarals! i trully hope that one day you will understand all the harm that you had done to the western world and let the shame be your punishment.

  9. Have any of those commenting ever skydived? Yes in fact they do just this kind of think to newbie jumpers when you jump together and some have to be “encouraged” out. Kitty was fine unless the guys shoot didn’t open, probably experienced a couple moments of panic and then had a blast, just like people. I thought this was so funny and cute. Kitty probably wanted to go again. Lighten up folks.

  10. Have any of those commenting ever skydived? Yes in fact they do just this kind of think to newbie jumpers when you jump together and some have to be “encouraged” out. Kitty was fine unless the guys shoot didn’t open, probably experienced a couple moments of panic and then had a blast, just like people. I thought this was so funny and cute. Kitty probably wanted to go again. Lighten up folks.

    • Well it is possible the cat enjoyed it, but you don’t know. You cannot ask the cat. Newbie jumpers obviously knew what they were getting into.
      If anyone forced me to go parachuting I would feel like murdering them.

      • on that same note, it’s possible the cat didn’t enjoy it, but you don’t know. you can relate your dislike of being forced to jump, simply because others exist that don’t share your feeling. so even if parallels are drawn between humans and other mammals, there is more than one human against which the other mammal can be compared.

  11. Did you notice the little booties, so the guy wouldn’t get clawed by the scared kitty. My cat is much happier out in the garden killing rats.

  12. I tried this once with the cow of my neighbour. He is still mad at me. (THe neighbour I mean, the cow was “fricasse”)

    • “with the cow of my neighbor” LOL
      So did you have a special skydiving suit for the cow? How did you prevent him from kicking you to death?

  13. I’ve seen cats riding on motorcycles, surfboards, water and snow skis and even in a zero-gravity simulator. In all those instances the cat appeared calm. One could say it’s the wind causing the cats apparent displeasure, but to me it looked like the poor thing was scared to death.

    • When I was young I had a cat. In addition to the cat I had, by occasion, a 0.7 meter parachute used to pull big airbrake system out of the box. I can’t say the cat was very happy when I’ve got that parachute. Nevertheless he experienced skydiving as well as much more shocking things (like a homemade submarine) without a heart attack.

  14. First time I rode a wagon down a hill, I was terrified, and someone gave me a push. I’m glad they did. I learned a lot. Maybe it’s the same for the cat, maybe not. Either way, I don’t think it cares what people on the intertubes say.

  15. its nat bad at all for the kitty…maybe he looked terrified but for sure he enjoyed it…theyre like humans get nervous at first but in the end they will love it 😉

  16. its not bad at all for the kitty…maybe he looked terrified but for sure he enjoyed it…theyre like humans get nervous at first but in the end they will love it 😉

  17. And yes, for all the haters wholl say Im a PETA, animal loving, human being hating liberal – they are right – I have great distaste for most people (and it is content like this that fuels it) and find most animals conduct themselves with great dignity.

    i’m not going to lie. as soon as i read this i thought of my dog licking his junk and the dignity he showed in the process. i have TONS of pets…that i LOVE. and i hate seeing pets abused, this wasn’t abuse this was…”very” misguided affection. he wasn’t trying to hurt the cat he was trying to have fun with the cat. did he pick the best “human/cat” hobby…probably not, but it wasn’t out of spite.

    and i have to say i love the irony in your post here, comic gold.

    Seriously what ever happened to the idea that human beings could be compassionate to others?

    I have great distaste for most people

    The human race is beyond redemption.

    so you decided to give up on the ol, compassion thing as well huh?

    Love it. Have a good day.

  18. Why?!? I mean seriously, why?!? The cat experienced no enjoyment whatsoever as it was clearly fearing for its life & struggling to get away. I sincerely believe had it not been strapped in you would have NEVER been able to coax it out of that plane.
    While I am not a vegetarian or PETA supporter (shoot, I’m not even a cat person. I despise them.) I simply cannot see the logic behind putting an animal through such an experience for no other reason than the caretaker’s amusement. Does not have anyone else to share this experience with? Poor kitty.

  19. I wish I had so little to do then spend my days denouncing things on the internet for cruelty.

    Wont someone please think of the kittens?

  20. If cats are so much like people, then after the initial shock the cat had the time of his life, as the terror got replaced by exhilirating, adrenaline-pumping feeling of a freefall! “Whoo-hoo!”, roared the kitty!

  21. it’s just a cat compared with

    so the cat thing is definitely funny !!

  22. No doubt it would be traumatizing and confusing for the cat. But it’s hardly putting the cat at risk. Letting a cat roam free in a neighbourhood with cars and dogs is putting it at more risk.

  23. Its so lovely to bring your cat everywhere you go but I think that cat don’t wanna jump.

    Anyone knows what happen at landing?

  24. Yea for those of you saying that the cat was struggling it obviously wasn’t.. Look at everything near the exit not just the cat and combine that with the fact that the cat wasn’t moving much before it just seemed kind of relaxed AND it didn’t move at all until the wind hit BOTH the cat and the man it becomes pretty obvious that the movement was caused by the wind.

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  27. My cat likes to <a href=" http://www.mybadkitten.com/jumping-on-counters/&quot; jump on counters etc, but thus us ridiculous. I don’t think the cat likes it at all!

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