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    • The extra “suns” are sun dogs around a sun halo 22 degrees wide. They’re caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere (hence the reason they’re often seen in parts of Russia, I suppose!).

      • Now what in tarnation is a correct answer doing in this here place? Heh he he, I only come here fer the pretty pictures of the mamaland, or whatever you call it! Oh wait, I also like to show everyone how much taller I am than Putin. Where is that little peckerwood anyway?

  1. Well I guess this is an example of weather phenomena called “icebow” some case of “sun halo”, which appears on high altitudes (artcic/subarctic) on both hemispheres.

    “An icebow is phenomenon similar to a rainbow except that it is formed by the refraction of sunlight through cloud suspended ice crystals as opposed to raindrops or other liquid water suspended in the air. Generally the appearance is as arc sections as opposed to a full circle. Brighter sections usually occur above, below, and lateral to the center (where the sun is visible). These bright areas are referred to as “sun dogs,” “parhelia” (plural), or mock suns because of their bright appearance and possible confusion with the actual location of the sun. Those icebows that are caused by very small ice crystals are one colour, because diffraction blurs the colours together. A 22 degree icebow has red on the inside and blue on the outside.” (wikipedia.com)

    • You have not seen anything as impressive simply because everything -I repeat: everything – is better in Russia than anywhere else in the whole world, or, indeed, in the whole universe. Russia is awesome. I am lucky I am not Russian since I do not think that I should not be able to bear all this splendour and ‘betterness’. One would have to be Russian to be able to cope with all the good things and resplendence …

      • Oh pls, stop. I’m not Russian, but I like what the guy is showing us here, and I don’t think, he’s doing it in the way – ‘just look folks, all in Russia is so awesome’.
        Imho, he critics his own country too much 😀
        Anyway I love this blog, I’m living not so far away from Matuszka Rassija 😉 Russia (I’m from Poland), and I’m almost everyday, impressed, reading this stuff. Good work dude keep on going.

      • The word is “bitterness” from your part. Evidently, it seems quite a common characteristic among Baltic nationals. Or should I say “nationalists” with an addition of “brain-dead”?

        • Bitterness? No, I am not bitter. I like the blog and I adore Russia. I think Russia is awesome. Splendid. Magnificent. Dazzling. And, of course, the best of all things possible that could ever have happened to the human race. It is a pity that not all ‘nationals’ in the world have not had the chance to feel that ‘betterness’ first-hand. Then they would be in the know, and they would think of Russia in the same awesome way as I do.

          Baltic? What do you mean by that? There is no such common denominator as Baltic nationals. The term *baltic’ (Прибалтика) was mostly made use of by the Soviets (if, by any chance, you mean Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and, as such, is an insult to anybody with an atom of common sense, not to say to the peoples (Finnish, Estonian, Danish, Swedish, Polish, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, and voila! even Russians … or should I say present-day Prussians?) living by the shores of the Baltic Sea. That is as outrageous an insult to them as ‘plumbers’ would be to the Polish people. And the term is obviously even now being used by you and your compatriots/comrades, dear Justin.

          As for ‘brain-dead’ … well, I think it rather is you who could be characterised by this word. Why? For having shown such immeasurable ignorance.

            • I have no hate. As I said above, I like the blog. I like it even in spite of the preposterously ambitious name (1/6 of blablabla – if this is not nostalgia and megalomania).
              But there is hate on and about. Lots of it. The thing is that Soviet Russia was no better, if, indeed, not worse, than Nazi Germany. And while the Germans have been made to, and are still being made, pay for what their parents and grandparents had done, the Russians do not do as much as to admit to their parents and grandparents having committed abominable atrocities. Simple really.

        • No, I am not. The kind that loves to irritate the kind of people who have no sense of humour. No, not on every post. Possibly. N, she did not. No, I have never had a Russian bride. No, I have never played with Russians. Yes, I am lonely and need some company.

        • You must be very wise indeed to be able to infer these things from the vernacular I use. Anally? Pray, what is that? I may be a simple-minded man because I really do not know what you mean by that kind of rape …

        • No, I am not. The kind that loves to irritate the kind of people who have no sense of humour. No, not on every post. Possibly. No, she did not. No, I have never had a Russian bride. No, I have never played with Russians. Yes, I am lonely and need some company. Will you help me?

  2. They are sun dogs and they are basically a refraction caused by higher density air with ice crystals. They are also a sign that more severe weather is on its way. They are common in northern parts of Canada too.

  3. this is beautiful and stunning…! any scientific explanations about this guys? ive never heard about it before so i was really surprised ^___^

  4. Where is Natalia? She used to be on cam contacts.. Her name was antalia on there.. blonde with one younger sister. dad owned a business in Moscow..

  5. A friend told me it was NATO who was trying new secret stealth plane against Russia. I hate Bush, they will try to make war.

  6. Nice photos – I’ve seen sun dogs and halos in Canada but never this spectacular. The black suns you see in photos 5 and 6 are caused by solarisation, where an excessively bright light makes a reverse pattern on the film – they don’t actually appear in the real view of the sky.

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