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  1. For people who want to know what’s being said:

    The shop lady: The soldier bought two bottles of vodka here. He was already drunk.

    The owner of the house: I tried to use my army benefits to build the house, but they didn’t help. So I built it myself, but still someone came and broke it down.

    Military official: It wasn’t intentional. Besides, there is ice one the roads. The tank driver was absolutely sober because he was going to field training.

    I’m sorry, but this story is so classically Russian.. 😉

  2. This is tracked anti aircraft missile vehicle, not tank. But size is like tanks, is it based on tank body? Anyone knows exact mark?

    • It is “Tunguska”, equipped with both AA-missles and auto-cannons, more deadly than it’s predecessor, “Shilka”.

    • That is a Tunguska anti aircraft vehicle, I believe it has 4 30mm cannons and can carry missiles also. It’s a one of a kind dedicated AA vehicle designed specifically for that purpose. The only thing it has in common with a tank is the caterpillars and general appearance.

      That drunken driver needs to clean latrines forever, the officer doesn’t have a clue. I heard they admitted to the accident and will pay for the repair of the house.

  3. Those chicks running out and screaming at this huge tank.

    A similar incident happened in California, where a former army soldier stole a tank and went on a full rampage…


    According to witnesses, he was waving and smiling as he drove past, crushing cars along the way.

  4. In USA, a tank driver would be on a killing spree of destruction. Americans love to kill. Americans love to break things and spill blood.

    In russia, the answer is always “drunk” .

    Russia has greater number of smart people, even if 75% or rusians a alcoholics. Except for Ukranians. They decrease the average.

    Cinderblock house offers no insulation. shouldnt houses in russia should be made of wood ??

    russians have plenty of wood

    • Russia in 2008 has the average lifespan that of Zimbabwe. You got the statistics backwards.


      Russia is at the top. Twice as drunk as USA.

      • I visited Vladivostok Russia for 2 weeks and it seemed like every man I met in public was drunk. I know that the Russian people are very intelligent, but it would help themselves and there country if they would stay sober.

    • Nobody believes you work in russia. Youre too dumb.

      The internet is the perfect place to expose fools like you for the cry baby mental defectives you are.

      You know less about russia than anyone on this site.

      pretend to be expert on other things.

      Take your balls out of your purse and be a man and stop whining.


      A person who has pity on russian wannabes and mongoloids like you.

      • The tank driver was drunk, no doubt about it, but looking over this site, it does seem like a disproportionate number of the posts are about drunk people, bad roads, and general decay. These things exist everywhere, not just in Russia. Here in Newfoundland, not a day goes by when someone doesn’t turn over an ATV because they were drunk, and the roads are barely drivable sometimes. It’s a fact of life, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some good things about Russia.

  5. Thats what russian soldiers are best at. They were kicked outta Afghanistan and they cannot even secure their own territories. They are scared like little chicken to go to caucusus. Imagine an American marine is scared of going to Florida or Nevada LOL! Russian soldiers prefer not to set their feet inside many parts of Russia cause it is a broken and dangerous country full of ethnic conflict and nationalist extremists. I feel sorry for them 🙁

    • Agree! I was in Chechnya once, some russian soldiers(18 years old boys) were crying, they`ve been scared to death. :-(((

    • Apparently you missed a lot of the Hurricane Katrina coverage where American soldiers AND Blackwater mercenaries were confiscating firearms from law abiding citizens while still others were marching through the slums unchallenged.

      • I apparently did miss that, because all I saw was people looting and robbing and no american soldier in sight. I heard they finally did come in, after everyone was done commiting crimes. By then, all that was left of the slums was a bunch of broken down houses…. they must have been so brave to venture into that.

        Hurricane Katrina is a special situation….. I’m talking about walking into the slums of philadelphia (currently the murder capital of the U.S.) alone. You WILL be harrased by gang members no matter who you are.

        • “Most of the single welfare mother and crack slingers dont graduate so therefore in YOUR opinion most of the people in the inner city slums dont graduate. Again your ignorance is showing.
          Plenty do graduate and for them the military is one of the tickets out.”

          Why dont you show me some facts… I could put up plenty like only 32% of inner city detroit students gradauate…. that would mean MOST DONT. Look it up before you open your mouth. You are only highlighting your own ignorance.

          I have nothing againts the marines and anyone serving in the military to protect my freedom. I have never said anything bad about the armed services in particular. All my words are right above this…. What I said is that ANYONE including a well trained marine would be scared to walk into a baltimore ghetto or any ghetto, even people that LIVE in those places are scared of the violence that goes on there. I can cite you thousands of gang violence cases where people are just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

          I can see that your comments arent the result of critical thinking just complete rage and ignorance.

          • You said, “ask any Marine to go into any major U.S. city slums alone and they WILL be scared” and now you’re dog paddling to save your own drowning ass.
            Well, you’re not going to paddle out of this one fella.
            This entire deluded scenario of lone Marines walking the streets of Detroit belongs to your irrational mind.

            There isn’t a large city on earth that doesn’t have a slum section that rational people would hesitate to enter, and if Marines were to do so they would do so as Marines, properly equipped, with a platoon and an objective, and the streets would be sparkling in less than a week.

            Could we count on you to show up with a shovel to dispose of the corpses? Absolutely not.

            Get some fresh air, keyboard commando. The radiation from your CRT is affecting you more than the vodka you received from your gay Russian friends.

            • I stand by everything I said, not backing away from any of it. And I’ve proven my point so I’m done arguing with you.

              But one last thing…. please ask the national guard to come clean up philadelphia, the violence is ridiculous. And please tell them to do something about these school shootings. Three major ones in memphis just this year. Thats not including the other high profile ones across the country. Whats the homicide rate in America?, its got to be at the top… thats not related to civil wars and genocide.

  6. Now I understand why the Germans got to the gates of Moscow in 6 months and the Russians needed 3,5 years to get from Moscow to Berlin. With all that vodka, the road seemed sooooooo much longer…

      • oh yeah, DISORDER – veru well put. during the communism there was too much oreder, in post-communism – no order…
        and at this is the perfect state for the “russians fake” to take his anger at…let him talk, its just yaping anyways. He lived in russian and he wants to say that for the time being he had not met a sigle good, or kind, or intellinget, or polite, or honest, or sober russian?
        please, stop generalizing. Be more accepting of reality and think calm – every coutry in the world has good people and bad people, polite people and rude people, honest people and thiefs. so dont be soo negative and give some credit to the “good side of the medal”.

  7. Yes, we all know that russians like to drink …. if you put this into perspective, its no different from the substance abuse problems across the world, just some places prefer one substance over another. In russia its alcohol, in America its cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, in Asia its opium, and in europe its ecstacy and heroin. Compare these so called “sober” nations’ illegal drug problem with russia’s illegal drug problem and you get the other half of the coin. In my experiences with illegal drugs and drug users compared to alcohol and alcoholics, I can tell you that alcoholism is the worst. I would rather see a soceity hooked on marijuana and heroin than alcohol. But of course alcohol is the oldest which also means its the most popular form of mind altering substance and it is legal even though it is more harmful.

    This was picked up by the A.P and it was only picked up by the A.P. because it shows russia as drunk nation and the russian army as just a bunch of drunks. Just your typical anti-russian propoganda.

  8. I think it’s a great shame that insults are being traded here on the basis of peoples’ nationality.

    This thread features one of my all time favourite internet comments: “I am not defending drunk tank driver. I am defending drunks in general”… it’s great to see someone willing to stand up for those unable to stand up for themselves…

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