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Russian presidental elections 1

As you might have noticed there were presidential elections of president yesterday in Russia. Not much to tell about them, but we have found some cool elections propaganda from the past elections, back from 90s.

“Buy your food for the last time” reads the one above. See more down there:

Russian presidental elections 2

“I am the same like you! Zhirinovski”. You can read more about this man here or here

Russian presidental elections 3

“Youth chooses Zyugan (modern Russia communists leader)”

Russian presidental elections 4

“Do Push Ups” An ad for now dead General Lebed, a candidate from Russian Army. It seems it’s a black pr, like they tried to scare people if the army man would come to power the only things they would be left to do is push-ups.

Russian presidental elections 5

“I came to free you”, it’s from Yavlinksy. He seems not to be very charismatic.

Russian presidental elections 6

“People don’t vote for the murderer!”. This is anti-Yeltsin one.

Russian presidental elections 7

“I will take your voice myself!”. This one too.

Russian presidental elections 8

“All the authorities should be placed under the feet of law!”. This man, ex-general prosecutor of Russia then he was fired because someone published a video-tape depicting somebody looking like him with a few naked girls in sauna.

Russian presidental elections 9

“Russia will rise! Vote for Yeltsin!”. Well..

Russian presidental elections 10

“I would protect Russians and other small nations all around ex-USSR!” Again Zhirinovsky guy.

Russian presidental elections 11

“I would be a president!” Brintsalov, he was a chemical king of Russia.

Russian presidental elections 12

“The President that we lost!” They probably tried to revive Gorbachev somehow. I missed if he was really a candidate for Russian presidency or not.

Russian presidental elections 13

“People of Moscow have made their choice!” Another one for Yeltsin.

Russian presidental elections 14

And this one too. Well, this all is history now.

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  1. Were there no posters this time ? What happened to all the other candidates ? Did no one go and look for them ?

    Posters for 2008 elections would probably have read ‘Don’t bother to vote, Putin is dictator for life’

    • You are correct, in effect there was no election. But should countries such as Britain, with a one party system, or the US, which has turned the elections into circus based purely on performance, have the moral right to criticize the election in Russia? Purely on an individual, civilian, basis, however, of course we should be critical of Russia’s elections, even if we aren’t citizens of that country. Beacause if we do not, we simply hate it. Constructive criticism of any country or of any form of government is always a good thing, no matter what the neo-cons might have you beilive.

      • awesome, borja, awesome – you are just as awesome as Russia. I like Russia and I like you.

        (note that I am marvin, not Marvin.)

      • “Constructive criticism”.
        I just “love” this expression.
        Comes right from the official party dictionary of the bad old Brezhnev times.

    • Right now Russia needs to continue the course it is on, regardless of what the world thinks. There are many there and abroad who specifically want to see Russia back in a state of chaos. Russia is changing now and will continue to do so, who knows what we will have 20 years in the future.

      • everybody in Russia is very happy with Putin and Medvedev, that’s what counts. Not what the world thinks about them. I live in Netherlands, here is the rule that the coalition leads the country. There are 150 places in government and the coalition must form 76 places together. The two partys that got most votes in elections aren’t even in the coaltion. what kind of democracy is that?

        • That’s true democracy. It’s about balance. The opposition is as important as the other side. Together they represent the people.

          In Russia there is no balance. All the weight is on one side. People are not represented at all. They are numbed.

          And the Kremlin party knows they are not doing the right thing, judging from their behavior: no debates with other candidates, no airtime for other candidates or potential candidates [well, maybe after midnight], trying to prevent serious opposition at all cost, only leaving some clowns and court jesters in the ‘political arena’, etc. etc.
          If they felt so confident they were doing the right thing and were representing the people, then why would they be so afraid ?

          Lots of people didn’t even bother to vote, because there was nothing to choose from. People were lured into the voting bureau’s by giving them free drinks and cheap food. How pathetic.

          Medvedev made some promising statements. Time will tell whether we’ve been tricked again.

          • What i tried to say about netherlands is: The party’s that got very many voices, don’t have that much power in government as party’s that got less votes.

            In Russia you’re right about the fact that opposition ahve little chance to lead a succesful campaign. But you’re right for the wrong reasons, they aren’t afraid that they did wrong things, because putting Russia back on the world map and restoring its economy military isn’t a bad thing.

            They are afraid that some political party’s sponsored by NATO could begin a revolution. Just like Ukraine and Georgia. And believe me this revolution is totally not democratic. Ukrainians hate Yushenko Georgians hate Sjaakshavili, I’ve seen report about how these factions got sponsored by other countries to lead people in to a lie. Medvedev and Putin are the best for Russia but they aren’t for NATO, that;s why you see this propaganda all over the west.

  2. As a citizen of a country (UK), which in parts is exactly like a communist country, due to the last 10 years of our government, I do indeed have no right to criticise anybody or anything. However as an individual I do have the right to criticise anyone or anything I like.

    Perhaps the most important difference now in any ex-soviet state, or Russia iteslf, is that discussion is aired at all.

    Could you have imagined Yuri Andropov letting his citizens use the internet ? ( if it had existed ) Or tuning in to the BBC or CNN ?

    Progress is progress, at this stage in the 21st century, I’d like to think that people everywhere, although they can rarely do anything about their governments, can at least learn from others how to get around them to live their lives as they see fit.

    What people ‘would have me believe’ is usually very far from I actually do believe, neo cons or not. How about you ?

    • “What people would have me believe is usually very far from I actually do believe, neo cons or not. How about you?” Sorry, that was more generalized. I didn’t mean you as an individual.

      Also, I completely agree with what you are saying. Well done for resisting the urge to allow others to think for you.

  3. IMHO, the world is ran by a small group of people, and those people will not give up their power to anyone outside their circle. All important positions in the U.S. are filled with not the smartest or most talented, but with those that have connections to other powerful people. (ie george bush is president only becuase of his dad who was a former president and cia director who was only that because his father was on the federal reserve board). When putin picks medvedev to replace him as president it is better than bush sr. picking his son who has no political talent whatsoever. Medvedev is at least an established political figure who has been highly involved in rebuilding the country the past decade. Hilary clinton, the wife of former president bill clinton is exaclty no more than the former presidents wife. She has done absolutely nothing in her time as first lady or senator yet she goes around touting her political experience only becuase her rival, Obama, has even less politcal experience and is about to be nominated soley on his ability to give good speaches. Mccain has all the experience and know how, so that leaves him as the only viable choice. Not much different from everyone in Russia voting for medvedev because he is the ony viable choice. Sure you can vote, but your vote has no meaning when you are told who your choices are limited to. I would put the whole congress (plus governers) up for election for president on the ballot and let the people decide based on what their performance has been like while they were in congress. Donations would only come from the people, not corporations or leaders of corporations. Everyone would have the same amount of face time in the press. And their would be no parties, just candidates and their stand on policies, so no one can be critized for not sticking to their parties beliefs.

    • “When putin picks medvedev to replace him as president it is better than bush sr. picking his son who has no political talent whatsoever.” — A point I like to make as well. For myself, as I approach 40 years of age, I’ve spent every year of my adult life with either a Bush or a Clinton is my president. That’s oligarchy, whether it’s intentional or not.

      • Exactly, They are all part of the same ruling class. I think Jimmy Carter is one of the few exceptions. A peanut farmer who was thrown into popularity by his peers in Iowa who saw him as one of them. Jimmy Carter made a speech where he vowed to dethrone this ruling class or so called “secret societies”, then apparently they contacted him and during this contact I guess they made him a member because he no longer spoke about this issue.

  4. Good call D

    All proper democracies should have ‘none of the above’ as an option on all ballot papers. If that is the largest percentage, elections must be held again with new candidates.

  5. Zhirinovsky : “I will protect Russians and all ex-USSR countries from myself!”

    Russia wake up before it’s too late– Putin (and perhaps now his hand-picked crony Medvedev) is destroying the motherland, he is turning it back into the USSR, only with fancy western products as bribes for the population. When things get bad it will be too late and you won’t be able to do anything about it because they will have an iron grip like the Soviets did.

    • destorying Russia? In what kind of way, by givin high salary’s rebuilding army and economic progress??

      • Check this documentary. Biased in some ways, but in general a good objective view on the situation.

        The Putin system [2007] BBC documentary, 1.28 hr

        There is hardly economic progress. What is Russia exporting, outside of gas ?
        Anyone on this forum [outside of the Russians] who has food or consumer goods from Russia in his house ? Who drives i.e. a Lada voluntarily?
        And my compatriots in Russia, how much imported western stuff is in your house ? Simple example of the harsh truth.

        Doubling the pensions will still not give people enough to live on: 250-300 dollars p/month?

        Boys have to be chased on the streets to get them in the army: it’s so great to serve the motherland. [sarcasm…]


        12% of the Russian population still has to live of less than 2 dollars p/month in a society where things are getting more expensive every month. That’s pity full.

        • less than 2 dollars p/month should be : per day, of course. It’s not that bad !

          Russia is just below Rumania and slightly above Mexico in the list.

        • More facts here :

          Russia is on spot 59, between Chili [60] and Uruguay [58]

          A lot of work needs to be done still!

          • Russia exports lots of natural resources…. not just gas….aluminum, titanium, diamonds, lumber. Some of the best in the world. What other country has resources like this and is able to extract them on their own? People also tend to forget how much technology Russia really has. Russia launches the most satellites, thats an export. How about their military hardware? Up to par with anything the U.S. produces. Many scientists…. physicists, mathmeticians, computer engineers…. some of the best in the world. The BBC wants you to believe that Russia is going nowhere as propoganda, to scare away foreign investment and discourage doing business with Russian companies. What matters is ordinary russians see their lives getting better, thats econmic progress.

            • The figures speak for themselves. Check them. And why are you again using the US as a standard ?

              With all natural resources being included Russia is still having a lower income per person than Uruguay. Forchrissake !

              Again I ask the question: of the foreigners on this blog, not living in Russia, how many have consumer goods or food imported from Russia in their house ? And how much ?

              And my compatriots in Russia, how much imported stuff do you have in your house ? Including food ? And if you can choose between a Miele washing machine and a Russian one, which one will you choose ? And a car ? Even Putin drives a Mercedes, not a Lada..

              Russia economy is poor and needs improvement. It has always been a country of great paradox: i.e. building brilliantly designed satellites, jet fighters, AK-47s [of course!], etc…. but a functional vacuum cleaner that lasts, a saw that is sharp or a frying pan that won’t stick, no.
              The heavy industry is severely outdated and needs huge investments. Agriculture is so poor and outdated that Russia can’t even feed it’s own people now. A grim picture.

              General infrastructure is a nightmare. Travel a few hours outside of the big cities and there is no running water, no central heating and no paved roads even, in many places.

              Ordinary Russians do NOT see their lives improve. The shops are full, yes, but there’s no money to buy it. 500 dollars p/month is considered a good income in Russia, but food etc. are as expensive as in Europe and the US, if not more expensive… Pensions are not enough to live from, even when doubled or tripled.

              Only 15 % of Russians have the live one sees on national TV, with OK housing, money in the wallet and access to well stocked shops to spend that money in. That number is more or less the same as during Soviet times ! The rest has poor prospects.

              Russia has enormous resources, is the biggest country in the world and has enormous potential in general. But the average Russian is not benefiting. Is not allowed to decide what is happening in his country and with its resources.
              The government sees them as serfs and treats them like that, too. People define themselves through their actions, so they should be kept on a short leash and demotivated before they can get going and develop ideas of their own. That’s the governments view. Keep full control.

              The government is not representing the people and servicing the people, instead it is a highly feared superstructure looming over the country, killing all potential opposition.

              Indeed, like in Stalin’s times.

              Let’s hope Medvedev has his heart in the right place, since hope is all we have left.

              • “With all natural resources being included Russia is still having a lower income per person than Uruguay. Forchrissake !”

                Dear Max, what objective do you pursue by living?

                Uruguay gdp per capita = $10,900 (2006 Est.)

                Russia gdp per capita = $ 14,600 (2007 est)


                Note: this was in 2007 – it is probably nearing $16,000 now.

              • You are a fool… let me put it in a way you might comprehend. Would you want to live in Uruguay or Russia? You can state all the “facts” you want, but the only fact that matters is Russia is a world power, an increasing world power that is a major player on all fronts of world politics. And just because some economical figures arent on par with what they should be…. just remember where they were 10-15 years ago and then think of where they will be in 10-15 years. Like I said… look at the bigger picture, not just a snapshot of one part.

                • “Insults and violence are the last resorts if there are no arguments left..”

                  My comment was not insulting nor violent.

                  90% of the countries with a higher gdp on that list are worse places to live than russia, that is my point, you cannot go by gdp alone. If you think otherwise, then move to uruguay, I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting in.

                  If you cannot see how living in a world power benefits its citizens then there is nothing more I can say to you, you just simply dont understand.

                  I personally have not lived as an adult in russia, but I have family that tells me how their daily lives are. My half brother makes good money, has a good home, and lives just as good as anyone else in the world. You can find many people living just fine, just because you may be struggling, doesnt mean everyone in the country is too. Stop blaming your personal problems on the government.

                  Just move out of russia and move on to your higher gdp countries, I guaruntee you’ll be crawling back in a few years.

        • Oh yes, I would really want to serve in the army for two years just because it’s fantastic, I have nothing better to do, all my studies can be interrupted, time for pushups, is that what you are saying, oh yeah fancy those? You are just a whimp! Everyone puts himself before the society.

          • It’s starting to change a bit. People have realised that to be more efficient, you have to let others save and profit for themselves. Being in the army should be same as having a job, you protect your country but not for nothing.

    • You watch too much CNN my friend 🙂
      This kind of comment belongs in the parade with clown – Kasparov.

      Please explain to us.. simple folk how is he destroying mother russia exactly?
      And also.. how is he any worse than anyone else who’s been or (as a matter of fact) anyone else who will be in power in Russian post-soviet times????

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