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  1. Drive thru “Russian” way? Don’t you really mean “Cossack” way?

    Where’s that loudmouth from Texas to weigh in on this?

    • Cossacks are like the cowboys of Russia – horse-mounted folk that are romantically preserved in our collected psyches.

    • Cossacks are like the cowboys of Russia – horse-mounted folk that are romantically preserved in our collective psyches.

  2. No vodka, beer or any alcohol sold in Mcdonalds here 🙂 They posision it as children place to eat. And no burger king. There is some Big Tasty but I doubt that it is the same thing.

    Cops like fast food because they can eat it while they work. They dont have much time to go to restaurant to have a proper meal ’cause they have to be attentive all the time while they are at work 🙂

  3. In some Mcdonalds we do the same.. we also have B King. and we used to have Wendys but they gone after 2001 crisis..


  4. Fast Food Finds in Russia:

    I, an American, visited Russia in the summer of 2006. Here’s what I found there fast food wise:

    McDonald’s – food was basically the same except they didn’t put ice in the drinks, but they were already chilled at the fountain. The menu and all signs were in Cyrillic that gave the whole experience a “twilight zone” feeling to me like I was eating at a Micky D’s on another planet. The big breakfast was called a Bolshoi Zavtrak (which means big breakfast).

    Rostik’s/KFC – was like KFC but they also had Shashlik (chicken shish kebabs). I didn’t actually eat at Rostik’s but you can look them up online. I heard they were recently bought out by KFC. I did see an actual KFC in St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospect.

    Subway – I ate at a subway the sandwiches were a little different tasting. I got a cheesesteak. The meat was soggy and a little funky tasting. What really was cool was SPACIBO carved in Cyrillic on the trashcan like THANK YOU would be in the States.

    Kroshka Kartoshka – this Russian fast food chain specializes in Baked Potatoes. I saw it in a Mega Mall in Moscow. I’ve heard they are all over Russia.

    I saw NO Burger Kings OR Taco Bells.

    It was hard to find anything Mexican except at a few non-chain Mexican food restaurants. We ate at a Mexican food restaurant in St. Petersburg. It wasn’t that bad. However at grocery stores like Ramstor, I couldn’t find any tortilla chips or tortillas at all. They had flatbread.

    There was a restaurant in Moscow called Louisiana Steakhouse. I sounded out the Cyrillic and came to the realization that it said Louisiana Steakhouse. I HAD to check this out! It had a neon cactus sign. I was like WTF? A cactus? In Louisiana? There’s no freakin’ cacti in Louisiana! It’s a big swamp! Anyway, the food was more like Texas food- barbecue and tex mex food. I got some beef fajitas. What I got WAS NOT BEEF FAJITAS! It was more like a soggy beef stew served on green tortillas. The guacamole was like paste.

    Well those were my finds in Russia. But who goes to Russia for the American food anyway? When you go to Russia you should try real Russian food in a home setting. Try some pel’meni, vareniki, shashlik, the list goes on and on. It’s some good eatin’!

  5. I visited Russia in ’06 and didn’t find any Taco Bells. There was a plethora of Fast Food joints, however.

    I will share my findings in this posting.

    McDonald’s – They pretty much tasted the same as MickyD’s in the States. However, they didn’t have ice in the drinks. They were cold from the fountain that was refridgerated. The menu and signs were in Cyrillic so I felt I was eating at a MickyD’s in the Twilight Zone.

    Rostik’s/KFC – Saw this from the freeway. I later looked up Rostik’s. They have fried chicken and also Shashlik too! I heard they were bought out by KFC. I saw an actual KFC in Petersburg

    Subway – I had a cheesesteak. The meet was soggy and funky tasting. The trashcan say SPACIBO (Thank You) in Cyrillic. I wish I took a picture.

    Pizza Hut – the Pizza was overcooked and dry. It didn’t have the aroma that fresh Pizza Hut pizza has in the States.

    • This board is screwy. I didn’t mean to post it twice. I thought I had lost the first post so that’s why I posted basically the same thing twice… sorry.

  6. I like how the dog’s lined up after the horse. He’s probably wishing the horse would get his ass in gear so he can get his chicken mcnuggets.

  7. I visited Russia in 2007. My favorite fast food place is ‘Teremok’ http://www.teremok.ru/

    They have great blini, and I would eat there all the time if it came to my city!

    • My favorite is the ‘semga’ blin. It has smoked salmon, cream cheese, and a lot of dill. I’ve tried to make it at home, but it just doesn’t turn out as good.

      They use these round flat griddles made of cast iron, and they have these little ‘squeegee’ things that they skim over the surface of the griddle with after they pour the blin batter. It comes out perfect every time.

      I studied the technique a bit, so maybe someday I can open one here in the US 😉

  8. Do they serve horesmeat? It’s tasty, one of the finest steaks one can eat. Not to mention horse saucage, smoked horse beef… mmmm, njamy

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