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    • Чувак-поэт, мы на интернете сидим – значит всегда “на ты”, а не “ваше привосходительство.”

  1. I’m not surprised Russia have the highest rate of motor vehicle accident rate in the world despite the fact that 99% of Russians doesn’t have cars compared to America where 99.99% have cars. Sad isn’t it?

    • it is sad to receive statistical data from impure scum >
      please stop immigrating to every corner of the world
      as you are not needed there >
      thank you >

  2. Where have you found this information? Typical American family has 2-3 cars. I agree, that there are not so many cars in Russia, but at least, 7 from 10 Russian families have a car.

  3. “I guess because a large number of them are still more or less brainwashed and told that America is evil no matter what.” Or could their opinion be based on what they see from the US government? – uncontrolled aggression, imperialism, human rights violations, political prisoners, CIA, complete disregard for international law, support for tyrants, support for terrorism, meddling in the affairs of sovereign countries, and the shameless contiunuous bullying of defenseless peace-loving countries like Cuba? Could these factors and much more have something to do with it?

    • I’m not saying America is ok, I’m stating that Russians, in case of critical remarks on their country, like on this forum, straight away assume its Americans speaking. Why do they assume this ? I guess because a large number of them are still more or less brainwashed and told that America is evil no matter what. Create an enemy to unite the people and increase the national feelings.

      BTW, the things you say about the US are equally true for Russia. Except the CIA bit [read: FSB] and Cuba. Create an enemy to unite the people and increase the national feelings.

      Interesting videolink about Russia/Putin: documentary The Putin System [nov. 2007 – 1.28 hr, english]


      • “Create an enemy to unite the people and increase the national feelings.”

        Sure, but isn’t this the tool almost all countries use, some to far greater extend then Russia? 😉

        But I do agree with you 🙂

  4. MaxD,

    I guess you are delirious becuase your dream candidate Khordovsky didn’t have a chance to sell his stolen Russian natural resources to an American company before he landed his ass in Siberia prison. Now back to reality, as reported by IMF/Goldman Sachs/UBS:
    Russia is now the emerging economic colossus. “the facts, which show that Russia, over the last ten years, has achieved possibly the most incredible economic turnaround in human history” In dollar terms GDP growth from 2006-2007 was 30%. All thanks to the stability and economic reforms initiated by Vladimir Vladimorovich Putin.

    And please don’t underestimate American hatred for Russia particularly from political elite. Americans are trained from birth to hate Russia. The garbage printed in Western Media is mere jealous reaction to the rapid switch in global power from Anglo-American alliance to Russia.

    • Figures don’t tell the whole story. The country is still a mess, agriculture i.e. is a disaster, regional or national governments are hardly investing in it. Russia can’t even feed it’s own population now. The heavy industry is still a mess too, in many cases worse than during Soviet times. Why ? Because no-one [read: government] is investing in it. Effect ? Almost everything has to be imported and is therefore expensive.

      Hardly anyone pays taxes in Russia, even though it’s only 13 %. There are 1200 different banks operating in the country, even though the average Russian has no bank account. So what are these banks doing ? Creating off-shore constructions to evade taxes mainly. The biggest tax payer is Gazprom, without Gazprom the country would be bankrupt.

      Russia is indeed an emerging giant potentially. It has enormous national resources but the country in general is a mess with over 12% of Russians having less than $ 2 p/day to spend. Take the train in Moscow and travel for 3-4 hours into the country side. It’s like stepping back in time: no running water or central heating. Poor living conditions in general. Etc. etc.

      Putin did a good job in theory [the country was bankrupt, so it could only go one way], but the side effects are not-so-nice: total control of the country and it’s population, all the money in the hands of very few and poor prospects for the average Russian [who is the backbone of the country]. Russia is a banana republic in every aspect: corruption, huge differences between the rich and the poor, no democracy, no free press, no trustworthy legal system, no trustworthy police, eroding medical services and a weakening educational system [i.e. due to underpayment of those involved] for the average Russian. Some weeks ago the government proposed to control the internet too !!

      Again, check this video : http://www.veoh.com/videos/v1581916cZTGF99H

      • Hi,
        This also happens in Romania: if you would replace “Russia” with “Romania” one would be equally right, down to the last word (except maybe the minimum wage: in Romania is close to 5$/day). Problem is that we don’t have an equally powerful energy company as Gazprom is.

  5. No, sadly Russian girls still play a very large part in the world’s sex traide, but you forgot to mention the Baltic States. Soho is full of poor Estonian and Latvians girls who are being treated no better then slaves. This problem is, London authorities are all to aware of that fact, and certainlly using to to their advantage. Eastern european mafia can be quite generous when they need to.

  6. IMHO everithing you mentioned is correct and I`m 100% agree…
    Only one question: why message adressed to russians is written in english?)

  7. Hi all
    I’m neither Russian nor American, just in between of both.
    First I want to say that BOTH countries did a lot of good and wonderful things. On the other side BOTH countries too made bad things. There is no difference. There is one difference, in car ownership.
    After datas published early in 2009
    in Russia there are 412 cars per 1000 inhabitants, in Moscow the density is 720 cars per 1000 inhabitants, but there are regions where there are less than 50 car per 1000 people.
    In the USA there are 798 cars per 1000 people, over the entire nation, but there are also great variations, in some states like as Texas, Arizona and Nevada there are over 920 cars per 1000 inhabitants, in California there are still 850 cars per 1000 people, but on some regions on the East coast, mainly around New York, Boston, Washington D.C. density goes down to 520 to 595 cars per 1000 people.
    World-wide the highest car density is in the Principality of Liechtenstein with 26’745 cars for 25’980 inhabitans, Monaco has exactly so many cars as inhabitants and Luxemburg reaches 997 cars per 1000 people.
    This all means ownership, not the degree of use. People in Luxemburg are also among those who make a lot of train trips per year, on ranking 6 world-wide! A super-mobility.


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