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    • Awesome! Everything that comes from Russia is awesome! I am awestriken! Wow! Russia is the best! Jeee! Such beautiful beaches … Awesome, just awesome.

        • yes, my dear gretchen, don’t you agree that Russia is the best and the most powerful and …. well, the country in the whole world? if you think that the beaches in the photographs are littered, then you err gravely, my darling – this is intentional, this is art, that’s what it is, don’t you see, dear? we should all take after Russia, each and every country in the world, you know …

          • Dont worry marvin, there are plenty of beaches in awestrican that look like this or even worse. I suggest you visit some of the new york city beaches. Take in the smell while you are there, its the best part.

            • Dear D, there are none like those in my country. I wish there were. Forsooth ๐Ÿ™‚ And I still think that Russia is the greatest country in the world, and that the Russian muzhik is the most intelligent and gentleman-like man in the whole known and unknown Universe. Did you know that Russians invented the radio (not Tesla or Marconi)? Did you know that the Russian bumpkin invented the steam-engine (peasants from Tambov)? And so on and so and so on …. Everything useful and good has been invented by Russians; everything bad by others. And that is fact. Absolutely. Utterly. Totally.

              • Please, Mrs, and Ms.. they have any clenin-service of urbanity ??? the beaches all over the world and here too, have to be cleaned , all sea up and down, do U know?? the Mjors and the governements are doing what?? At aNY NEWS ABOUT THE OTHERS COUNTRIES, WE LOVE MORE OUR PRETTY Brasil… we live at Santos/ Brasil…Keep the Ocean clean, are U surfers?? I’m and love the Ocean.. we, the Surfers, hate all dirtyplaces, we do voluntarisjobs of cleaning beaches… here,in Brasil, we ‘re happy and don’t know how much… tks for show it….

            • ” …there are plenty of beaches in awestrican” ๐Ÿ™‚
              awestriken is a word in English, my dear … (awe + strike pp obs).

            • No, dear gretchen, I am not Russian. I wish I were though … Then I could take pride in the great Byzantine past of Russia, and look hopefully forward to restoring the glory ans splendour and might of this great country the existence of which was quite unknown to me as of not so distant past. Now, I have been reading many great books on Russia in order to fill this terrible and embarrassing gap in my knowledge, and I have learnt many things of the country’s mighty past. You know, how they beat the Nazis single-handedly and rescued all of us from eternal enslavement; how they brought culture, literacy, learning, finesse, table manners, enlightenment – and, yes, indeed, light itself in the form of electricity thanks to Lenin, the friend of all small children and the working man! – and many other worthwhile things to many a nation who had been labouring under the spell of infernal, abysmal darkness since the beginning of times and who had not been aware of their sad fate … The mighty Russian has invented most – if, forsooth, not all – good things worth having , communism and the power of the working man included. Regarded in this light, would one not desire to have been borne into the bosom of that greatest of nations, or find a way of becoming Russian? Certainly, one would; indeed, one should! Do you see the light now, dear? Do you now agree?

              • very well said my dear marvin…i dont really have much knowledge about russia well maybe you could teach me all those things that i didnt know about them…yeah i know a little about how they beat Nazis and i can say that russian are great in terms of that…not all things are great about them though based on what i have seen in these pictures…

                • Certainly, dear gretchen, certainly I can teach you. Even more so because the history of the most noble Russians and the present-day glorious dawn of the restoration of Russia’s might are the only thing worthy of time and study of any person in the known and unknown cosmos! Where and when shall we start? I shall, no, I will teach you to your heart’s delectation (and mine, too). You shall be content and satiate, my dear gretchen …

              • Well… Marx was German, and the Soviet model of communism was at least in theory based off of marxism. While the Russians bore the brunt of casualties from the nazis in WWII, Germany certainly wasn’t singlehandledly defeated by Russia. Invented most things worth having? That electricity that Lenin brought to the people was invented by an American, good ole Tommy Edison http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Edison

                • Dear Dave,

                  You are obviously labouring under the spell of some sinister conspiracy, or the Western propaganda. No my noble friend, Marx a crypto-Russian as well as Einstein, Mozart, Bach, Tesla, Edison, Ford, Da Vinci, Jesus, etc etc …. No, my friend, it was the great nation of Russians which liberated the world from Nazism and brought enlightenment to the nations of this world, nations which had been stricken with darkness; nations which had not had anything good in the vegetable-like existence of theirs’ ere that.
                  It was the great Russian who invented, for example, civililised table manners, discarding eating with one’s fingers, or the spoon, and started using the fork and, especially, the knife. I should know since I still remember eating using my fingers myself. Even more, I still remember my English and French friends marvelling at the great contraptions with which I ate (after having been taught to eat properly by my Russian liberators of course!)- they had, until that moment in time, been using their fingers to put food into their mouths ….

                  Dear friend, you should read more of Russian literature of the XX century because this is the second best way of getting truthful information. The best way is, of course, visiting Russia and, provided that you can afford that, settling there for a least a space of time long enough to be taught by the great Russians themselves.

                  • Dear friend, you should read more literature in general, try picking up a dictionary while you’re at it and looking up the word “civililised”. Let me know if you find it, okay? Thanks, buddy ๐Ÿ™‚

                    I forgot to tell you how witty you are! My God, Marvin! Who would have thought of bashing a country on a message board? You are so clever.

                    • Dear anonymous,
                      Oh, no, it is you who is witty. I did not notice the typo, indeed, but you did, and that really is the achievement of the century, worthy of the Nobel at least. Thank you, my friend. I hope that you will continue proofreading my texts as well as those of the others.

                      Literature in general? Suggestions, pray, otherwise you become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

                    • Dear friend,

                      Don’t be a hypocrite, you picked up on somebody else’s just a few comments ago. Moreover, you cannot expect anyone to take you seriously if you can’t even pick up on your own typos. Proofreading is a skill taught in elementary school…

                    • No, my friend, I never comment on typos or bad grammar – if I can understand, then that is all right with me. If you stumbled upon such a comment, well … The explanation may be that there are other marvins, too. If you mean awestricken, then that is quite another matter – lack of vocabulary.

                • While it is true that Russia suffered by far the greatest number of casualties in WWII and, understandably, many Russians resented that Britain and the U.S. did not open a second front sooner, author Robert Leckie in his history of that war, “Delivered from Evil,” points out that because of Stalin’s non-aggression pact and standing by as Britain faced Hitler’s onslaught alone, Winston Churchill felt Stalin’s actions justified Britain taking all the time she needed to be as certain as possible that an invasion of Europe would not result in another Dunkirk.

                • Dear marvin=)),
                  I love you, too. And do you know why? Because we are the smartest, the wisest, the most intelligent living things on this Earth. You know, doubtlessly, to which I am alluding …

                  The third most intelligent is Deep Thought, the computer.

                  The second intelligent is a mighty computer that was to come after Deep Thought, whose merest operational parameters Deep Thought was not worthy to calculate, yet it would design it for us. A computer which could calculate the Question to the Ultimate Answer (forty two); a computer of such infinite and subtle complexity that organic life itself would form part of its operational matrix. And men themselves would take on new forms and go down into the computer to navigate its ten-million-year programme! And Deep Thought, although not worthy of the task, would name it also unto us. And it named it …. The Earth.

                  Yet there is one that surpasses all other forms of intelligence in the Universe, one that can reveal the tricky Question to the Ultimate Answer; one of an exceptionally large yet depressive mind; one of Genuine People Personalities feature, one able to solve the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything … Yea, forsooth, thou hast guessed what it is I am talking of – it is us, my noblest friend. Us, Marvins. The sad thing is that no-one wills to listen to us really. They do not understand, or believe, that we know the answer. Sad but true. Hang on there, my good chap, we shall, no!, we will win eventually! And then we shall rule Russia …

  1. Why don’t the citizens take pride in their city and work to keep it clean? Do they enjoy looking at such ugliness? They could organize a cleanup on a weekend maybe…

  2. The first picture reminds me of the Humber Bay beach in Toronto in the 1980s. They have since cleaned it up. St. Petersburg needs to deploy some bulldozers and trucks with fresh sand to cover up whatever they bury. If it’s good enough for the best in the west it is good enough for Russia.

  3. Russians are animals(mostly, there is a few good people though), they have a saying: “A posle menya xot` trava ne rasti”. Nobody else in the world can say such thing.

  4. Russians are nomads, they throw the trash next to wherever they live. If it gets too dirty and polluted to live they find another place to pollute (and let the original owners to clean up after them).

      • Dear ะ“ะžะ ะกะ’ะ•ะข,
        Unfortunately, I do not understand everything you say, but let me assure you that I have not been having sex with just everyone. I may have not got everything right – you know, the Russian language is quite difficult. It is very beautiful, though, with all those consonant clusters, making the vernacular so beautiful and really easy to pronounce. Well, I shall duly apologise if I did not get the whole good meaning of your comment, but I felt the true warmth of it – something only the great and mysterious Russian soul is capable of. Thank you, thank you so much, forsooth.

        Let me also say that it is not often that I meet someone so gentle and nice on the Internet as you. But, really, you think too highly of me – my sexual drive is not so great as to facilitate me to having sex with everyone. I am flattered though … Thank you once again. I return the compliments, dear ะ“ะžะ ะกะ’ะ•ะข, my most noble friend.

        • Now, dearest pal, there are some scores which need to be set right, debts to be paid, promises to be lived up to…. so here it goes.
          After a long, thorough, deliberate contemplation, and contemplative deliberation, fasting and flagellation, meditation and musing, and, yes! even some brown study, I am come to the following conclusion – although I regret having to tell you these sad tidings, it still is so that your polite request, considering my demise and commendatory prospect to soon commence start pushing up daisies (preferably ere long) , shall, however, not be granted. Not, leastwise, anon.

          Sincerely yours


        • Wierd. If he says it he is megalomaniac and if others say it about his country, they are right? That might be a completely new concept.

  5. Is this really a public beach? Why is there garbage all over it? Has it washed up or simply been thrown there? Are there public trash collectors hired to keep such spaces clean?

      • What?i can`t understand ,what you wanna try to saying! ! ! !please,i would like to know another “Aryan” word…………madarchood! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.please tell me something about this one! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! bharway apni behan kay! ! ! ! !

      • ‘behenchood’ does not mean what Zafarad’s dad said. Also I would write it as ‘behenchod’.

        This word is actually from Pakistan’s punjab province but now also known in India. All Pakistanis know this. BTW I am an Indian and would rather not explain this word to you. Let sleepings dogs lie!

  6. whilst i think these beaches look filthy, i can’t say this is unique to russia…there are plenty of places in the uk that are exactly the same. complete disregard for the environment.

    • Yes, Bill. Stay is your .. sweet clean capsule. Oh my God. This is the only place on Earth where you can find garbage.

  7. Well, D, I don’t know about you, but I live in New York and have seen different New York City beaches numerous times over many years. Although they ain’t exactly St. Barth’s, the worst of them is a five-star private resort compared to the dump depicted in these pictures.

    • You need to get out and explore your city a little more then. I’ve only visited and yet I have probably seen more of your own city. New york is filthy, the water is filthy, and the coast is filthy. I believe you’ve only been to the public beaches mantained by the city…in that case you should compare them to similar public beaches in st petersburg.

  8. Boris, it’s interesting to know that Russians like live in the illusion that the whole rest of the world is a scum like your country. Almost every russian says like the way you said in your “P.S”. Without ever seeing any other country you russians like to “assume” that rest of the world is even worse and live happily ever after.

  9. And here I thought you were referring to Astrakhan (Astrakhanskaya oblast), where there are no doubt many lovely beaches.

  10. Well not as pretty as in the winter IMHO and Im not a big fan of the bugs in summer. However like any place all it needs is some tender loving care and the park will be restored to its real beauty. It’s a real shame that a few bad people ruin the shores for the rest of the residents by being lazy and littering. Also as for the photos of the homeless people, well there are just as many I would think near or on the beaches of the USA and other parts of the world.

  11. The evil Americans come under the cover of darkness and spread trash on the pristine and beautiful Russian beaches. As they sneak back across the border they steal great Russian technology to copy and claim as their own.

  12. You took a job here? You are writing these hate posts for money? It could have been meaningful if we haven’t seen your “posts” on every Russian topic. Read, dear. And get an education. You and the likes of you have a real problem if you can describe something as great as Russia or Usa for that matter in few sentences.

  13. Nuke them? thank you for this comment. It really made me laugh. Please do that. Oh, wait. It was close a few times. I wonder…

  14. I’m sure there are just as many beautiful locations which aren’t represented here. It’s a narrow perspective and can’t be taken as the whole. Nonetheless, the images have conveyed a feeling of hopelessness.

  15. we’re watchin’ a non sense discution about the GranEmpire Russin, it’s was an Empire,now only Mafias,and Bandits… U know the things… it’s an education matter, the people can’t put the trash and the grabage at any place, at the beaches, noway, please, all over the whole world… keep the beaches clean… it is too difficult???

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  18. Good day to all,
    why are you-all fighting???
    we are all humans, regardless of where we live!!!
    I am from Venezuela, we have nice beaches over here!!!
    instead of criticizing, educate. It’s nice to learn other cultures. You learn somethings.

  19. Good day to all!!!
    I am from Venezuela!!!
    Why do you-all fight???
    We are all humans, doesn’t matter where you live!!!
    Here in Venezuela we have nice beaches!!!
    I have a Russian girlfriend, and she is very nice and her family also.
    Russia is nice, and USA is also nice.
    It depends on where you go!!!
    and how are you???
    you make your time of stay nice, wonderful, and joyful.

  20. I am not from Russia but I’d love to travel there. That beach just needs some care, its a shame to waste such beautiful land with all that garbage…it should be clean. However that reality doesn’t make Russia bad or anything. In all areas in this world there is dirt and some people are careless. God bless Russia beautiful country.

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