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  1. Why did they founder to begin with? And don’t they clutter up the port, making it difficult for other boats?

    And why don’t they sink, when the ice melts?

  2. The water is not shallow enough for the ships to sink completely. The water is frozen over, obviously. In warmer months you wouldn’t be able to approach the ships due to the water and contamination. I have read that that area, and many of the ships are contaminated with extremely hazardous materials, some radioactive.

    • you can’t dude, those ships are contaminated by radioactive materials and others are contaminated with really nasty stuff.. the best is let them to rust until they disapear… like in 50 years to 1 century…

  3. They should get those things cleaned up and scuttle them to make artifical reefs. It would be the cheapest way to put them to good use assuming you could get them to where you wanted them.

  4. If you like of course you can make a furnace that recycles the thing by eating it up; it’s too dangerous to have people do that, or of course people would (and perhaps in summer (3 mos.) some do.)

    They make lousy artificial reefs of because of the vanadium and copper content, but if you can treat the surface before scuttling it, it might work (make the point moot, encourage reef scavengers, etc.)

    Giant Radioactive 60-foot Kamchatka Crabs though…priceless.
    Second use for that furnace, too.
    Just need a truck of hot butter, and another one of giant tiny crab forks.

  5. Looks like a pretty kewl place to hang out. How’s that for something nice to say? I don’t hate Russia, I’d love to bring some capitalism over there myself. We could remove any toxic stuff if there actually is any and convert the wrecks into summer condos, complete with a Starbuck’s. Maybe it would be a good training camp for a professional football team.

    • It seems that the ship was
      owened by Chinese people.

      That chinese letter “明 (MING)”
      means “blightness” in Japanese.

  6. I wonder how many of these were nuclear powered……..

    Surely none I hope, but that’s ok, where are the pictures of the frozen nuclear waste dumps;)

  7. I think I found the place on Google Maps. If it is Kamchatka, then try looking at 52.956650, 158.682318. The resolution isn’t great and the photos are from 2006 but it looks like a plausible site. Depends on how many rusting hulks are lying around, I guess.

    • Yes. Your marker landed on the very spot I was looking also. To the north across the bay, the cranes and the three smoke stacks can be seen, and to the east, the round storage tank. It is indeed the spot!

      To clean this up is a big job. The people who live there cannot be blamed, they do not have the resources to deal with such a thing. Boat junkyards like this are all over, including here in the USA. People all over the world all want the same thing, it is only the governments who want to make differences.

  8. This is really cool! Thanks for the google earth location! Where I live we have an old fleet but it never freezes so we can’t walk up to it.

  9. Once again…abandoned. “Oh well, we are somehow not responsible for this therefore we shall simply ignore these marks upon our landscape”

  10. Wow! I borrowed a photo to use on my blog and linked back to your story. Here’s the post. Please let me know if you want me to take it down.

  11. Stuff like this would never happen in US or Canada. There will be some smart guy who will recover them and sell… or make something new from this bunch of metal…

    • Certainly because in US and Canada change old ships on new and process old.

      But this photos shows ships, that was thrown with Soviet Empire in the past. Not becaus it’s very old. It’s destroyed because all North was died. We have there only desert-ghost towns, port, plants…
      It’s all died with Russia…

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  14. What an amazing site
    The comment by cigars is accurate and true
    I am amazed that with China’s voracious appetite for raw metals – scouring the globe for raw metal for its factories and automotive plants that this treasure trove of steel still exists
    Only the metal has got to retreived during the brief summertime thaw period

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  18. Each picture should and must carry html codes……..
    Pictures are so beautiful that cant be shared in any site or blog.

    • The logo of android-weeper is in the pictures, that should suffice.

      Posting against sharing on a sharing site… At least they are fair here and leave a link to the author.


  20. the ship,shown on this photo,is a fishing factory trawler,
    Atlantic-333 project,was built in Stralsund ( East Germany)
    in 70s-80s.

  21. was built in 1977
    name ” Ehn Welk”
    the port of sign Rostock
    renamed in 1992 to MING CHANG
    info> 1977 EHM WELK 203 ROS 333 Rostock
    that’s all ,i could find
    and there are stiil some of such type of vessels fishing oceanwide

  22. I’m going to claim them as salvage, and wait for global warming to re-float them an go after a white whale

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