48 thoughts on “No Ride”

  1. After you drank enough, you can sit down on one of those nicely painted chairs and the world will be spinning no matter what…

    And a nice side effect, the merry-go-round will never wear out that way.

  2. None of that matters to kids. They will climb all over that thing. For kids, fun is the best thing to have. Try to empathize.

  3. Its like Soviet Space Shuttle.

    It looks real, but it doesnt work.

    Russians and very smart and make excelent airplanes and technology; this must be in Ukraine or other Iron Block country.

  4. The most obvious flaw with the design is the location of the “grab-ring”. The ring should be on the outside so adults can propel the kids in the chairs around.

  5. That was a SOVIET joke: “A soviet ass-buzzer – doesnt fit in the ass and doesnt buzz! (“Советская жужжалка для жопы: не жужжит и в жопу не лезет.”) Maybe it transferred to Finland sometimes ago.
    But the times changed greatly. Nowdays, our ass-buzzers are the best in the world!

  6. Those bars into the ground were added to the grab bar so it doesn’t spin anymore. These left over toys from the Soviet Union are death machines. Fall off that carousel and you’ll get your skull cracked by the next seat.

    That’s why swing seats have been rubber in US for 30 years.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but these funny side legs are temporarily and they will be cut away as soon as concrete under the mount is dry and strong.

  8. Isn’t this just a fancy 3 way seasaw? In which case it’s totally normal for the “arms” to be secured in the ground to prevent spinning. The point is to go up and down.

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