30 thoughts on “New Russian Car”

  1. I agree. It was a very nice styling exercise that compares well with the best international designs of the late 1980’s.

  2. The automobile plant AZLK don’t work during long time.
    Unlike GAZ and VAZ it waz ruined and bankroted in 2004.
    This car – is porototype of the end of 80x

  3. Only has one pedal because it “doesn’t go” ROFLMAO.
    In Spanish this would be “no va” so maybe it is Russian
    Chevy Nova bwaaa hahahahahahah!

  4. «it looks» doesn’t mean «it IS» 🙂
    btw, this IS 80’s space-age car because it was developed (and stopped) in mid-late 80’s. And you know nothing about this car 🙂

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  6. Looks like a cross between a storm trooper, a saturn (1994 ish) and a Subaru SVX.

    Inside looks like the Hyundai Pony prototype with a bit of Citroen craziness, and hints again of Saturn.


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