Mobsters Last Shots from Dnepropetrovsk

tomb stones from Ukraine 1

We had already some times ago Russian mafia tomb stones from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Today the tomb stones from Dnepropetrovsk. This city is 2000 miles away from Yekaterinburg, and actually it’s not even in Russia, but in Ukraine. As you can see mobsters share the same culture, and even most of the scripts are made in Russia language, without Ukrainian adaptation.

tomb stones from Ukraine 2

tomb stones from Ukraine 3

tomb stones from Ukraine 4

tomb stones from Ukraine 5

tomb stones from Ukraine 6

tomb stones from Ukraine 7

tomb stones from Ukraine 8

tomb stones from Ukraine 9

128 thoughts on “Mobsters Last Shots from Dnepropetrovsk”

  1. Fascinating pictures. Certainly gives one a better understanding of the criminal psyche and the criminal world in general.

    BTW, E Class Mercedes was certanlly a car of choice for the majority of gangsters in the mid 90’s. Rather strange that, especially as they were considered to more of an “old persons” auto in the West. Although 5 and 7 series were also a great hit.

      • Most Russian Orthodox Churches have that design, and

      • in criminal tattoos churches symbolize number of years in jail. four church tops means 4 years. i believe the castle is some sort of temple and the person in the said photo is a jew.

    • The car in the top photo is not a Merc, it is a freakin Daewoo isn’t it? A closed down Korean company? No gangsters use Volga or chaika anymore?

      I’ve never seen such ‘pictures on stone’ before.

      • I had never said such ravings. A good life I call affording my own house, good car, giving good education and medical care to my children, ability to travel where I want. All of this I cannot afford working twenty hours daily. They are can. But I don’t envy of them.

        • Wrong place! May be Russia is wrong place for work, but I’m not going to change it. I wouldn’t to dispute with you about criminals live – I had never try it and not going to have the experience. But I think that mobsters from any part of the world are the same.

          • they are living good, why you think they choose to life this life you think they liking having eyes on the back of their head. Russians are real whatever country you are from, you’re the fake one here talking without thinking.

            • let me tell you this. Russian Ukrainian ALL mobsters in the whole world live very good very short life at the cost of others. What you are talking about are low life criminals that live in one stinky dirty room and rob and kill people in elevators for a living.

              Mobsters extort people for millins of dollars what you think they do with that money? But houses and cars? WRONG! they buy the police and politicians, then they earn billions of dollars. And of course when you have have billions you live like an animal. If you think different your wrong its that simple. People don’t risk their life to live like an animal. And i still live in Ukraine, so i know. These people control all the casino’s brothels and many restaurants. They decide who gets arrested or not. They control everything. They have more power than italian maffia in 20’s to 60’s.

    • aha…if that makes you feel better. Here is a person who thinks how one criminal is better than another …

  2. “and actually it’s not even in Russia, but in Ukraine”

    I think its never happened before – he actually told us that its not in Russia

  3. Beautiful tombstones. So true…. live fast…..die young.

    Is there still a large organized crime problem in Russia, or has it been reduced since the 90’s?

    What is the difference between a russian gangster and a russian businessman? Can they be different things?

    Were these created while they were still alive, or did family members / friends have them created after death?

    Are these mob bosses? Not all gangsters wear expensive suits and drive expensive cars, someone has to do the dirty work. There cant be enough dirty money for every mobster to live like that.

    What criminal activities are popular among them?

    • The organized crime exists (also as in any country)
      But criminal wars of 90’s was finished and property repartition has passed.
      Now the problem stands less sharply, than in 90’s
      If you interests the theme of Russian criminality necessarily look Russian serial “Brigade” (2002).

      >’What is the difference between a russian gangster and a russian businessman? Can they be different things?’

      The majority Russian of businessmen are not gangsters.

      >Were these created while they were still alive, or did family members / friends have them created after death?

      Possibly, friends/relatives

      >What criminal activities are popular among them?
      Racket, extortion drug-dealing etc.

      The first serious criminal groupings have appeared in the USSR in the late eighties when in the country there were first businessmen. Gangsters extorted from them money.

    • I am sure for 99& that every mobster is a bussinesman as wel, but not every bussinesman is a mobsters. but Most of them come close. I think in USA if a concurrent is doing better bussines than you are, you would try to produce things better cheaper make better advertisiment etc. In russia if a concurrent is doing better than you are, you would try to sabotage his succes. (that goes not only for bussines in Russia) In 90’s i believe it was 70% off all bussines paid protection money to mobsters, i geuss the other 30% was owned by the mobsters. I know people from Dnepropetrovsk that had problems with mobsters including some of my family members. Last problem that i know of was about 4 years back, so they are still active but more international now.

      For more info about russian maffia type ‘russian organized crime’ in at youtube. It will show you a documentair.

    • There is no difference between a Russian gangster,, a Russian
      businessman and Putin. Putin is the richest of all.
      A proud honest Russian can be a farmer or a factory worker or a doctor or a professor or a soldier of lower rank.

      Who is the person that rules Russia today ? Putin and no other person.

      • and if someone else was president he would be automatically not an honest man, the way you put it that’s true. So if Putin was a doctor and not president he would be honest, and if Ivan was president he would be dishonest? So every president isn’t a proud honest Russian? I think Putin is very proud of Russia, honesty and politics don’t work well together.

  4. Does every mobster pose for a full-length photo portrait in front of a car? And then select the one they want to be inscribed on their tombstone?

    Aha and they look like such friendly people aside from the dead mobster thing they have going on there.

      • I don’t get some people saying EVERYTHING is photoshop, i think your whole life is photoshop. And i didn’t type this…..its photoshop :O You’re crazy.

        • My friend, you don’t actually believe that those guys took the pictures in front of their car before they died, don’t you?
          And yes – I was explaining the guy how the pictures on the tombstone were made – not how the photos of the tombstones were created – see the difference?

    • At first, I thought it was Volga or some other Russian make. Yes, Daewoo may be funny, but at least he seams to be far greater patriot than all these guys showing their Mercedeses.
      I can to some extent understand a Russian buying Japanese car; I can also understand a Russian buying an American car. Buy buying Mercedes… or Audi… or even a Volkswagen in Russia… this is not only a sign of bad taste, but also an insult to all Russians and to Russian state itself.

      Of course, this is just my opinion, and I am not Russian. Of course, you can buy whatever you want, and it is not my business.

        • Nothing… I am just a Serb, and desperate because my country is currently being partitioned according to Hitler’s plan. It’s better not to start political discussion here, but it would be useful to read the following statement (I agree with everything that is written in it):
          Americans, British, French… Poor devils, they don’t know what they are doing. But we forgive them; for this and for all they have done to us in the last 15 years. It was not their idea, they were just naive.

        • Nothing… I am just a Serb, and desperate because my country is currently being partitioned according to Hitler’s plan. It’s better not to start political discussion here, but it would be useful to read the following statement (I agree with everything that is written in it):
          Americans, British, French… Poor devils, they don’t know what they are doing. But we forgive them; for this and for all they have done to us in the last 15 years. It was not their idea, they were just naive.

        • Nothing… I am just a Serb, and desperate because my country is currently being partitioned according to Hitler’s plan. It’s better not to start political discussion here, but it would be useful to read the following statement (I agree with everything that is written in it):
          Americans, British, French… Poor devils, they don’t know what they are doing. But we forgive them; for this and for all they have done to us in the last 15 years. It was not their idea, they were just naive.

          • Hitler`s plan? Dude, it`s 2008. Wake up;) And you are the only one responsible for what happened in Kosovo. Next time think twice before killing inocent civilians.

              • josy, look at yourself – you are regular american – your brain is washed by your government. wake up, ank look at world by your own eyes!! do you really dont understand what happens?

            • Djes, you are brainwashed by the same people who brought you the heroic occupation of Iraq. Most of the innocent civilians were killed by KLA gangsters. They tried to assassinate Rugova, the Albanian pres of Yugoslav Kosovo.

              The west wants to dismantle Orthodox christian countries in a continuation of the sacking of Constantinople.

            • The incident Clinton & Co sized on to start the Kosovo war has been long documented to have been staged. As were the supposed longlines of refugees – they just circled around to appear to be more than they actually were. Same for the falke shot of a man behind barbed wire – he was on the outside, the photographer on the inside.

              The whole war was just an excuse for Billy Boy to get in good with the Islamic community and the moslem Albainan Nazis – that really worked out fine …

          • Who is this Alexander II?
            How comes the text mentions A. H. and B. M.?
            I was born and i live in Central Europe and I just do not understand these Balkan moanings about oppression and betrayal.
            Romania and Bulgaria were able to grab a chance to become normal, functioning democratic countries no matter what minorities live within their boundaries (and there are e.g. many Hungarians living in Romania).
            Why could not Serbia and Russia do the same?
            Will Serbia become the next base of Russian missiles aimed at Europe or what??

            • Bulgaria and Romania doesn’t have Albanians – a militant 95 % Muslim ethnic group, with strong support of al-Khaida and financed with billions of dollars from Arab countries.
              Hungarians are civilized Christian people – many of them live in Serbia also. They respect country in which they are living, and don’t cause any trouble.

              • As far is it goes, most people consider Serbs even more militant than Muslims. Let’s not forget who started last war(s) and what is going on in Belgrade (not very civilized, right?). Your nationalism destroyed Yugoslavia and lost you Kosovo. So the question goes: What is next? Independence of Vojvodina?

            • Of course, Serbia will not have any foreign bases (except that one American, forcefuly built in Kosovo). By the way, judging from it’s size (it is the largest in Europe), _it_ will become home of American nuclear missiles aimed at Russia.

              And, I generally don’t like that foreign media constantly conect Serbia and Russia. “Russia, a traditional Serbian ally” and such sentences are intended to provoke anti-Serbian sentiments in the heads of Western Europeans and American, who still (as a consequence of the Cold War) see Russia as enemy.
              For goodness’ sake, USA, Russia, UK and France were all equaly our traditional allies. Russia was in no way greater friend than others. We were not members of Warsaw pact, our contacts with USSR were equal to those with western countries. We didn’t hate anybody, because we didn’t have reason for it; we considered all people of the world to be our friends. And now, in the western media, the simple fact that we don’t hate Russians is interpreted as some special kind of friendship. Yes, Russians are Slavic Orthodox Christians, like ourselves. But, more important, they haven’t done any harm to us, ever. And most of western countries, once “traditional allies”, started to act incrasingly hostile after the end of the Cold War.

              • “[…] are intended to provoke anti-Serbian sentiments in the heads of Western Europeans and American, who still (as a consequence of the Cold War) see Russia as enemy.”

                No Western European I’ve ever met considers Russia as an enemy – actually, Europeans consider Russia as a lot less of an enemy than they perceive the USA as a threat to their freedom. And yes, I live in Central Europe, travel extensively and meet people allover Europe. Forget your conspiracy theories involving Europeans and focus on the actual facts of the recent past.

                • Well, my generation in CZ (i.e. that remembering the Cold War) considers both Russia and USA to be dangerous for keeping the peace in Europe and the whole world 😀

                  It is also interesting to see how the traditional perception of the “enemy state” and “the most hated nation” changed – it was Germans for the generation of my grandfather, Yanks for my father (who had to live 50 km from US nuclear missiles, 100 km from the Russian ones – tell me about nightmares :-() and Russians for me since I realized about 1968 occupation.
                  I wished all good to Russia during 90s and hoped it would become a prosperous country full of optimistic, happy and friendly people.
                  This did not happen.
                  It is a country living along the old lines in disguise. Stalin is glorified, his crimes are neglected. The old lying story of “he was harsh, but he had saved Russia” raises its ugly head.
                  What do you expect if the president was a KGB operative??

                • Peace loving Georgians? So if someone say Russians are evil or anything like that, then it is the truth? we have to take your word for peace loving Georgians. Some of us actually watched/read the from BOTH sides.

          • explain then why kasparov spoke english and go to place were protest are illegal? I just use my head when i look at such situations.

                • so, as we see – there is nothing about russia or russian people, or russian people willing to make a better russia
                  i thought that those are the main points for opposition – to talk to folk and make them join in a name of bright future

                  but as long as russians dont understand him – this is just a cheap ( or rather expancive) performance for foreign mass media

                  • I think if someone protest against government he wants the people to understand the bad side of the government (the government right now is the best since 1990 but some people think otherwise) so he should speak russian to get people on his side, if someone in New York agree with kasparov what difference would it make in Russia? This is Russian bussines and I see no reason why international press need to understand, by the way if Putin speaks Russian international press understand it trough a tolk. Kasparov just got paid to tell the world directly how bad Russia is.

                    Because some nations don’t want to see Russia back on its feet interfering with their imperalism.

                • CZenda why quit? care to explain why I am post soviet brainwashing? Did you see someone in USA that led a protest speak Russian? hmmm? if you look at a situation there are 3 things you must do to analyze it in a right way. Look at it from you point of view, then look at it from the opposite/ second persons view, then look at it from a neutral/ third persons point of view. That way everybody is immune to propaganda when you do that let me know.

        • U.S. actions disguised as “promoting democracy” are actually subverting it. The objective is to drive a wedge between Russia and it’s neighbors to keep Russia isolated if not weak. Kosovo is one of several pawns in this dangerous game. Many Americans seem unaware of the nature and scope of certain aspects of U.S. foreign policy and would disapprove if they did.

          • John, you are right. America is playing a very dangerous game here. Remember last year’s Fort Dix attack, when three Albanians tried to enter that military base and “kill as many American soldiers as possible”. And all this happened in the heart of the USA! Supporting Albanians – the European Talibans, will bring no good to anyone. Of course, with billions of dollars received from Arab countries, it was easy to buy every politician they wanted… they virtually owned (during Clinton’s rule) the whole American administration. Then (with Bush’s administration), thanks to war in Iraq, it was far more difficult task for them; but they still managed to controll key persons. And media… that awful lies CNN, Sky, and others sent to the world, that was the easiest part (when you control the politicians, it requires just a little more money, and usually no money at all). The same happened previously with Bosnian Muslims, but they are little children compared to Albanians.
            Albanians do not rely solely on Arab oil money. Albania, and Kosovo are main routes for transporting heroin from Asia to West Europe. Not to mention the Albanian mafia, and it’s activities throughout Europe.

            • John from Kansas is a typical American left wing nitwit. His simple formula for understanding the world is “Amerikkka is always sinister and evil!” He’s completely brainwashed by the disease of hardcore communism and doesn’t know any better. As long as you realize this, you can read his posts and just laugh at them as the crackpot entertainment they are.

    • i was thinking the same thing.

      i cannot imagine a tombstone with a daewoo on it would be cool or gansterish or frightening or whatever.

      maybe a tombstone with some guy with an opel ascona 1988. it’s pretty much the same. no, daewoo is definetley worse. i mean, it’s a daewoo. who would be proud of a daewoo ? unless, he owned daewoo the company or something, wich i belive is not the case. if i owned the daewoo company, i still wouldn’t want it on my tombstone.

      i don’t seem to get it.

  5. Those are the tackiest tombstones I’ve ever seen.

    They remind me of murals of Tupac or some other ghetto memorial you may see on the streets in L.A. on the side of a building painted by hoodlums except with Russian imagery.

    Why would you want a full portrait of yourself etched into a over-sized tombstone depicting you smoking a cigarette?

    These tombstones are a new level in tacky.

    The Cyrillic lettering is cool though…

  6. tell me wich country you’re from i will tell you how many people you’ve killed. Every country killed a lot of people and USA is leading at first place while it exists only for about 300 years. It was builded on bloodshedding and killing, it made economic progress with killing. And now its trying to get oil with killing.

    • America have the right to divide Serbia and give independence to Kosovo because USA is the one and only superpower in the world. Sorry Russia you are irrelevant.

      tee hee

      • is that because we take the north pole and nobody can do a thing about it? Is that why we give economic aid to USA? because we are irrelevant? And USA is a superpower because it beated afghanistan and Iraq so fast with help from whole NATO? China is leading superpower then i think USA but not for long then Russia then India where you’re probably from.
        USA can make Kosovo independant because it fighted a very long time there with whole NATO and could figure things out. And then again what can Serbia do if NATO wants to make kosovo independant…nothing. But serbian people are showing what they’re capable of. Usa just wants to bring bck a new war….they’re bored I geuss with only Iraq and Afghanistan.

  7. These tombstones are really funny/gaudy/interesting. I was wondering, in all seriousness, if this type of tombstone is ONLY used for mafia graves, or if “normal” people have them too?

  8. I’ve seen a couple of such tombstones in the Ukraine (you can see them on the cemeteries in almost every big city), they are as big as a human.

  9. Regardless of the jump to politics. Not going there. There lies a big troll.

    The idea that you immortalize the people you love in death is, at least in the US, a post Victorian custom.

    Most mausoleums have stained glass windows, or statues with divine cherubs, women, angels etc. If the deceased didn’t have it in life they wanted it in death.

    The Egyptians and Chinese had for short period of time been placing all the servants in the tomb of the deceased along with mock ups of everything from food and dishes to whole supporting armies (statues). It isn’t so much new as paired down a bit.

    In the grand scheme of things those people will be immortalized “looking their best and having their best” whether real or not.

    Someone had to have money to show off how well they wanted the deceased to live in the after life.

    I doubt it will matter much to the deceased. It will matter to those who mourn them and that is where it most comes into play. The people who recognize and signify their passing.

  10. Jesus Christ… so amazing that someone would choose
    _that_ to be the final memorial of their departed….
    dude in a liesure suit with cigarette, Mercedes in background.

    Sad, no?

  11. disgusting… the even sadder thing is that people like that still live in most east european countries and good honest folks have to suffer! THANK YOU USSR FOR THE WONDERFUL GIFT OF COMMUNISM AND ALL THE JOYS THAT CAME WITH IT AND AFTER IT !!

  12. From a non-Russian, American perspective, these stones are chilling in a sort of way, especially when you realize that these people all probably died in very violent ways. Especially the attractive girl, who looks like she could be a college student on vacation… could she be a mobster’s girlfriend or an actual gangster herself?

  13. What’s funny is the only one to afford colour was the guy with the Daewoo.

    I guess if the other gangsters would have gotten a little less expensive car they could have had colour too!!!

  14. Also, are there no tailors in Ukraine or Russia?

    I’ve seen these tombstones on other sites and all of the people look like they are wearing clothes that are two or three sizes too large.

  15. The “anti-spam” word I had to type in here was “stalin”.

    I think that says more than any of these other comments.

  16. Interesting pictures ……. though with all the money they had they sure didn’t have any style, nor could they dress properly ! ! ! …. Just check images 1/2/5/6 image No 2 ha ! just look at those sleeves ! ….. tacky and dreadful !!!

  17. рассуждаете: это – хорошо, то – плохо…
    люди так жили в обстановке, которая тогда была. кто-то выжил и поднялся, кто-то погиб…
    что вы об этом знаете, уроды бля

  18. Could someone tell me where the cemetery where this pictures have been taken is located?
    I’ll be spending 1 month in Dnepropetrovsk improving my russian, and I’d really be interested into having a look at that place…

    Thanks 🙂

  19. What can I say?
    First of all, sorry for my bad English.
    We are making in Moscow similar tombstones everyday.
    Very often, using some photos (combined together).
    Sometimes, with asking of relatives for change in photo something – for example, instead pot of beer in arm place in it book with thick cover.
    About cars in a rear side – very often order. Sometimes, this car symbolize what this man was a driver, speed-driver or something. But much often – it just the way to show, what man under this stone was a rich man (or woman). But women with cars engraved less.
    Sometime car engraved when somebody died and can’t buy it before death.
    But what is the worst – sometimes, relatives don’t think about deceased, for them more important to show all others – what they have much money! Some orders price higher 5-10 thsnds usd…

  20. Gorbachov was an honest man and Putin is a very smart man.
    It is sad that the Russian people can no longer select the leaders. The constitution is being desecrated but Russians are accustomed to that. After all it is still better than 25 year ago.

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  23. I apologize my remark about Putin. Putin is honest man to the Russians. He is also one of the wealthiest Russians and his wealth did not come from president salary. Kasparov is a chess player with much talk. The west ignores Kasparov. The Soviet Union was not a Union. The soviet union was Russia and the countries around RUSSIA THAT WERE HELD HOSTAGE BY RUSSIAN TANKS>

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