SUV: Russian Way

Russian military vehicle  1

We had once a story about a Russian guy who has turned the military vehicle into a passenger car. This one is another of that kind, but way bigger, though lacks in the interior beauty. Still they have there now:
1. The mechanical gear stick was replaced with electronic joystick which is connected to electro driven gear box. Now they can switch the gears as easy as on a video game, before one had to have a huge muscle power to switch the gear on that Russian tough thing
2. Disassembled old army seats and put new ones, from the Chrysler minivan.
3. Improved the noise insulation.
4. Changed all the windows to the new ones, more thick, more nice.
5. Installed a rear-view camera and the monitor.
6. Put in a multimedia station, with hi-fi audio, video and wireless headphones for passengers.

Now they can take a ride more safely on Russian roads, and would find their way at any condition, that’s for sure, even on Russian federal highway “Lena”.

Russian military vehicle  2

Russian military vehicle  3

Russian military vehicle  4

Russian military vehicle  5

Russian military vehicle  6

Russian military vehicle  7

Russian military vehicle  8

Russian military vehicle  9

Russian military vehicle  10

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    But I’m holding my nose and hanging in there to applaud the VEHICLE in the pictures. NICE WORK. Guess the truck-bed isn’t ready to show off yet, but that’s cool. Somebody has put a lot of work into this beast and it shows.

    Pictures of roads in the former-Soviet-Union may be viewed in a lot of places on the Net, besides EnglishRussia. Some of these roads are paved. A car with little toy-size wheels and a scooter engine might go far, on a liter of fuel. But when you have a mud-road, YOU DON’T HALF-STEP IT. To get ANY Klicks-per-liter, you must remain able to move. That vehicle would still get *some* Klicks-per-liter, or *some* miles-per-gallon, on roads where nothing less is still getting inches-per-gallon.

    You in former Soviet Republics–LISTEN. Don’t allow your elected legislators to create non-elected bodies with power to inflict laws on you. It is the nature of legislators to contrive such things. You must stay on the case to prevent it or it will happen. That’s where we screwed-up in the U.S.A. We trusted the buggers we elected to do OUR bidding. They decided getting-elected made them our parents, and created bureaucracies to make all those laws they felt “must” be made because “Government-Knows-Best,” and they could boast of clean hands. Too many of us fell for that. I hope you can learn from our mistakes. Best regards–and NICE TRUCK.

  5. Im selling mine BTR-80 need to be painted all the body is paint ready swade interior system navigation momo steering wheel nigth vision need new tires and the engine from GMC H2 V8 5.7 L vortech supercharged need to be hooked up I ran out of money couse of div

  6. GENIUS idea you did, bro! It’s not a DREAM anymore, when it was still just my own dream in Indonesia perhaps. Keep good work, man!


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