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    • great, Jay. Well done – point out a minor f’ing mistake in the grammar of a non-native English speaker.

      Thankyou… or thank you. See still made sense, didn’t it? Prick.

      • You might think he’s a nitpicker, but it’s very handy if you want to improve your English. I’m not a native speaker and my English would be much worse if I’d never been corrected.

        • oh, that is Department Of Corrections for… i always wondered what do they do in such big buildings with guard towers and barb wire all around, and it’s all just for language skills improvement. Great.

    • Yeah, this site would suck if the grammar was perfect. I’ve never had any trouble understanding him. I enjoy the way he writes.

  1. Incredible! Fascinating!

    Never thought something like this is possible!



    Now let us make ourselves comfortable and wait for coming of Justin/Boris Abramov, who will tell us exciting tales about how they are drinking blood of Russian and Jewish children in “Nazi Estonia”.

  2. Snow is brown because of Estonian pollution . Air is brown, so snow and rain is brown too.

    Proof that Soviet Iron Curtain countries burn too much coal and cause global warming.

    The Nazis in Estonia need to think green and start using solar, wind and more nuclear power.

    But the polluted ice does lookother-worldy : 10 out of 10 for visual interest.

    • Interesting, seeing as mud will not rise in water vapour to the clouds where it will turn to snow and stuff since it’s too big. Pollution, on the other hand, is in the sky already, gets caught in the water droplets and mingles with the forming snow.

      Did you even learn basic water circulation in primary school? One is even taught that boiling your water so the steam rises up through tubes and drips into another container will exclude all but the smallest microbes…hence the original fact. MUD CANNOT TURN INTO SNOW!

    • In the name of TRUTH I just say that the mud theory is incorrect. Rivers in Estonia are brownish because the water is gathered from swamps (as the land is rather flat) and so the color comes from peat.

      But love these photos… 😀

      The one with stares is unbelievable almost like some 3d project.

  3. or it could be water from the lake in the background of the first pic that blew off from a storm, my lake house looks like that every winter

  4. 1. Estonia is NOT part of Russia.

    2. Those photos from the Narva-Joensuu area and the pollution blows down the Neva River from St Petersburg.

    3. Many places on the Western coast of Estonia do use wind for power and have some of the cleanest air in Europe

    4. The only Nazi’s in Estonia come from Russia for the weekends so they can breath clean air.

    • “who are running campaign of hatred and disinformation against Baltic countries (as, against, actually nearly any country of the former USSR)?”

      What rubbish! I challenge you to you to find me ONE example, yet again.

      For the record, its you who is running campaign of hatred and disinformation about Russia and ethnic minorities in your country. Every commnet you make is filled with hate, lies, racism and intolerance.

    • Well no, because Politkovskaya is an honest person so your discrimination law doesn’t apply anomere. Gorbachev is an honest person why has found a gorbachev fond for helping poor people.

    • Not only that but the Russians praise Putin and want to take over the world, exterminate 40 million Germans, occupy all the countries on it’s way and destroy capitalism.

      I think Russia is tought to Baltic states because they have become tough on Russia by joining NATO, and becoming pro-American, now, America doesn’t like it when that happens next to it’s borders that’s for sure, like Cuba during cold war.

      • 1) “they have become tough on Russia by joining NATO” – No. There has been no considerable change in position of Latvia against Russia after joining NATO. Some now even say that we are becoming too soft in our stance to Russia.

        2) Did by “being tough” you men being disobedient to Russia? How dare they!!!

        3) Baltic countries always were pro-American. Because USA were the only ones who did at least something about helping them when they were under Soviet rule.

        4) Exactly. That was *during the Cold War*. Now it is (or “it was”) common to say that the Cold War is over. But Russia still thinks in categories of the Cold War and increasingly regards West as The #1 Enemy.

        P.S. Besides, (official) Russia is still living in Soviet mindset. Modern Russia is not a renewed, democratic, liberal, Western type country. It is just an upgraded version of USSR, that is all. And that explains a lot.

        • No it’s not “upgraded version”, Russian people will newer want to live in communism again. And America is still Russia’s enemy because their government plan is still active and practised in trying to break up Ukraine in order to weaken Russia. Their plan is to further split Russia in to 6 or 7 new states so that then there will be no more challenging life for America and i twill do what it will want to, and all you people are going to kiss it’s ass!

          • – Seems you, yourself being Russian, really do not realize that USSR was only partially about Communism. It was very much about Russian imperialism. Because you consider it normal patriotism.

            When, for example, in 1991 Baltic countries were struggling to regain their freedom, it was not only about getting rid of Communists, but it also was about getting rid of Russian rule whatever form it happens to have (Communist, Tsar, whatever).

            Seems that Russians have never realized it, even here in Latvia. No wonder, as they live in their separate “information space” merged with that of “mainland Russia”, living on biased information they are being fed (many could not even read the papers in the language of the country they live in). Like kitten – blind and deaf, believing nonsenses they are told. Pitiful sight, actually.

            – Absence of Communism dos not automatically mean presence of freedom and democracy. Simply speaking, take USSR, remove Communist dogma, add some free market. Leave in place cult of the leader, state control over nearly everything, ecstatic “patriotism”. What do you get? A kind of Mussolini’s Fascism. I do not claim that it is the case with Russia at the moment, but you get the drift, don’t you?

            – You (as a country) would have to spend less time insulting other countries, be that Latvia, Estonia, Great Britain or USA, and spend some more time thinking why do you have uneasy relations with so many nations you could otherwise be good friends with.

    • To be honest, As I am living in Estonia – These pictures are taken near to towns “Kohtla-Järve” and “Jõhvi”, place is called “Ontika” And there is water falling down as you can see in One picture, its “Valaste Juga” very amusing place and there is a small diner just across the road from where you can get a very good wrap, it should cost around 3EUR.
      Its Wind&Water which generate this fairytale land. 🙂

    • Oh, that is not actually about Estonian politics. That is about Russian politics and New Cold War.

      But, just as snuggles – I agree.

      • “That is about Russian politics and New Cold War”

        And you seem to only be too happy to contribute to it.

        Self-fulfilling prophecy?

      • Americans always warn Russia, no, no it’s forbidden for it to militarize, only the mighty America has the right, any attempt to improve the Russian army is a provocating step, the American policemen! Look at it, how much more money does America spend on it’s army, 10 times bigger, Russia spends a pathetic scrum, it’s time to get to a comfortable position with the west again. Sure, there isn’t enough space for two superpowers to settle down, doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible that America should be the international policeman.

        • I am not sure I want to live in a world where Russia is the “international policeman”

          Frightening thing is that this really might be the “vision”, the long term goal of Putin’s Russia. The secret part of the (in-)famous “Putin’s Plan”. The thing that Stalin tried and failed to do …

          • Maybe you don’t want to but it’s the right of our country to be militarizing as much as america. And if you like your American friends so much y0uo can kiss their ass!

    • D, I wish I could, but sometimes the atrocities committed by the Baltic States are too much to bare.

      Your mother is Jewish, right? So technically so are you, at least from an ethnic prospective. So tell me, do you not find it disgusting that monsters who were responsible for 228,000 Jewish deaths, in Baltic States combined, are now being glorified not only by the Nazi fanatics such as talking beaver, but also by the Government officials of Latvia and Estonia? Does it not bother you that monuments are being erected dedicated to the Nazi butchers with full governmental approval and financial support? http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/c/c5/Lihula_monument.jpg

      Does it not bother you that Nazi war criminals and their supporters are holding annual SS marches in order to commemorate their bloody “achievements” during the Holocaust?

      Does it not bother you that Jews, not to mention ethnic Russians, are being discriminated against and repressed? http://www.amnesty.org/en/alfresco_asset/aedec693-a426-11dc-bac9-0158df32ab50/eur510022006en.html


      Does it not bother you that children in Estonia are being taught this form of racism in schools?

      Does it not bother you that children of ethnic minorities in Estonia especially, are not only being bullied by ethnic Estonian children, but also by teachers themselves, purely on the basis of them being Jewish, Russian or Roma?

      D, by being silent on these issues, we are being not much better than the people who are committing these hate crimes. Jewish community especially, being so small, need our help the most. We MUST speak up now before its too late!..

      • You are intentionally mixing things up here.

        a)The soldiers whom you call “monsters” and “butchers” were NOT responsible for those Jews dead. Most of them were conscripts mobilized forcefully. The name “volunteer” was applied to units in order to circumvent limitations of international law which forbid mobilizing into foreign armies. Though some actually were volunteers to revenge their families killed by Soviets during in 1940-1941 during and after Soviet occupation of Baltic countries in 1940.

        They were fighting against Red Army of totalitarian Bolshevik USSR at the Eastern Front. Remember that USSR was a partner of Nazi Germany and was expelled from League of Nations for attacking Finland in 1939. Red Army and Wermacht had joint parade in Brest-Litovsk after sharing Poland.

        Latvian and Estonian legion soldiers were not found guilty of any war crimes.

        They even were guarding (real) Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg Trials.

        They even helped Western Allies to operate Berlin Airlift.

        Swedish Socialist government, afraid of Soviets, gave to him some interned Latvian legion soldiers, which they did not have the right to do as a neutral country. Most of them died in Stlin’s death camps . Some years ago Swedish government apologized for this act.

        b) this “march” in Riga actually should be called “procession”, because it is an event of commemoration fallen soldiers by their families.

        It mainly consists of elderly relatives laying flowers in front of Liberty Monument to moan their dead.

        The event does not have political meaning.

        Well, to be precise, I shall say that the original event did not have a political meaning, as it was intentionally “politised” by Russia’s local Russian and ex/neo-Soviet politicians+media.

        The hysterical hatred reaction from Russian circles has attracted radicals of both ends of the political spectrum. And a lot of Russian TV crews.

        c) Russian/ex-neo-Soviet hysteria is caused mainly by refusal of Russia to recognize criminal nature of acts committed by Stalin’s USSR and act accordingly.

        • Russia had nothing else to do other than sign the non-agression pact, Britain and France and Poland were too arrogant. Britain and France humiliated Russia by telling it that they would only provite two divisions to team up with the Russian 100 divisions to fight Germany. Poland didn’t want the Soviet troops crossing it’s territory to combat Germany, what more can you ask for?

            • Baby you know nothing! because you don’t provide your view with enough facts. I have been studying in ENgland, in Belgium, and everywhere my history teachers said that at that time Britain and France should have taken a measure against Germany and allied with Soviet Union when Soviet Union proposed this alliance, we might have prevented the most destructive war. Instead the British sent their least ranking people to USSR to discuss the matter after a delay of a couple of months and proposing to help RUssia stand up against Germany by supporting Russia with something like 4 divisions while Russia sent their top-ranking officers for the deal and proposed to allocate 100 division to fight GErmany. What do you say to that. I bet your silly remarks will stop now, you lost mr Bond!

              • I do not consider this serious. I have a lot to say about this, but you will not like it. So just better skip it. Many books have been written on this issue. See no use in wasting our time knowing beforehand that finally we still will remain in the same positions we are now.

        • If Estonia is supposed to practice repression on those it does not like, and not to like Jews and Russians, then it has a funny way of showing it.

          I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it, but I remember reading that Tallinn has a lovely new synagogue, built by a native Estonian and funded in a great part by Russians. I also remember reading about the project having the blessing (and personal donations) of the Estonian prime minister and president.

          On this basis it’s hard to see that Estonian regards the Jewish community personae non grata. But of course if they nevertheless do, then they have a mild way of showing it compared to Russia, where any unwelcome body gets their building closed down for spurious reasons.

            • He is a Zionist, also a puppet to US emperialism – just like the prostitutes that baltic states have become. Zionism has nothing in common with Jewish way life, Jewish law, or religion. Zionism is in fact anti-Semitic, therefore people who are involved in it, are in fact anit-Jewish.

              • All right! This is sweet! 🙂

                The anti-semitic President of Israel.

                Where Zionism, as much (little) as I know, was all about establishing independent state of Israel.

                So you would prefer that the President of Israel would be someone who is against existence of the state of Israel?

                Do not see much logic here, but logic has never been the strong side of your type, has it?



      • The info about “racist” children book comes from some “yelow press” sensationalist local Russian newspaper, with HQ in Russia, named “Moskovsky Komsomolets” (Moscow Young Communist).

        So far it is the single source which has reported on this “event”, still, all Russian speaking and some pro-Russian other language sources are reprinting this questionable information.

        It should be noted, that the paper is widely known for being unreliable, faking interviews and mixing up or inventing facts (do google in Russian).

        Preliminary result: “Russian owned “communist” anti-Estonian yelow press newspaper known to be liar” – Thus, to believe such a source, is a last thing to do

        Even if there has been some reason for such a publication, in reality it might well be unrecognizable and totally different comparing to what was described.

      • “The report is puzzling for several reasons. It is a bad piece of work, ahistorical and unbalanced. It echoes Kremlin propaganda in a way that Estonians find sinister and offensive. But most puzzling of all, it is a bizarre use of Amnesty’s limited resources. Just a short drive from Estonia, in Belarus and in Russia, there are real human rights abuses, including two classic Amnesty themes: misuse of psychiatry against dissidents, and multiple prisoners of conscience. Yet the coverage of these issues on the Amnesty website is feeble, dated, or non-existent.”

        “AMNESTY International used to be an impartial and apolitical outfit, focused on the single burning issue of political prisoners.”

        “Amnesty seems to have become just another left-wing pressure group, banging on about globalisation, the arms trade, Israel and domestic violence. Regardless of the merits of their views—which look pretty stale and predictable—it seems odd to move to what is already a crowded corner of the political spectrum”

        Estonia and Amnesty

        • Да ты сволочь. Думаешь я не разгадал что ты русский но непонятно почему ты нас так ненавидишь и сам распространяешь пропаганду. Твои родители покинули Россию в 1917 и уехали в Америку где ты вырос антикоммунистом, а теперь такого в России больше нет так ты анти-Русский.

          • – “Ой, Кикассо!… Ой, Кикассо!…”
            – “Это не Кикассо! Это – Пикассо”!
            – …

            … Как там было дальше? 😉

            • Да ты разговариваешь по русски! А мы ещё спорили из за чепухи братан, чего там, плюнем на это место и пойдём поиграем в Контр Страйк а?

                  • Да какая разница… Я из Риги, вообще-то.
                    А Ты не из Бельгии, случаем, вещаешь?

                    • Я в Бельгии живу щас, а до этого в Британии 5 лет, а до этого в России пол года, а до этого всё детство в Киргизии (бывший СССР). После отечественной войны мои родственники, живя где-то вокруг Смоленска, в пост-оккупационной территории, решили переехать в Киргизию потому что им показалось что она горная страна и там будет жить легче. В то время повсюду был голод. Ну вот они переехали и там много времени прожили, город Бишкек, вообщем это тоже самое что и Россия говорит моя бабушка, или по крайней мере так было раньше.

      • Dear Boris, it’s actually quite funny how you always ‘rant’ about the same things wrong about Estonia. Although many people have tried to explain why it’s exaggerated and meaningless compared to positive things done by our governments and people to unite our countries, it still isn’t clear to you. I’m not saying you’re wrong but you definitely aren’t right.

        Oh, and ‘talking beaver’ doesn’t seem Estonian. Firstly, his English is too fluent for a regular Estonian (maybe he’s a foreigner living in the Baltics) and he also seems to know facts about Latvia which an ordinary Estonian wouldn’t.

        Just for the record, since our last conversation I’m still observing you and your comments – it’s amusing.

      • Riga is in Latvia, and not in Estonia. That is a different country, my friend. Though the problems are the same.

        In this particular case I meant somebody named Yevgeniy Osipov, a leader of radical, fascist type Russian organization called National Democratic party.

        Organization is particularly active in Liepaja city, has their HQ there too. Liepaja used to be an important Soviet military base and a legacy is a number of non-integrated “Soviet patriot” type Russian speakers there – a power base for organizations of kind like this.

        Recently Mr. Osipov declared, that if the monument to Soviet “liberator” re-occupation of Riga will be moved for only a single millimeter, that will mean war and they are not going to take any prisoners.

        • That sounds quite funny. No PRISONERS! But your wconomy is better and so is should be your army per head should be better. But ofcourse it’s outnumbered.
          1) No but serioustly the greatest sacrifice of about 25 million people can not be forgotten, and it was for liberation from Nazism even though yes they accupied Latvia. But there was also another point of defence and buffer zone against American aggression with their atomic bomb and some Latvian callaboration with Nazis.
          2) It’s not respectable for the soldiers in general, for whom the monument is set up.
          3) People can say all sorts of things when they are angry and you shouldn’t beleive everything straight off.
          4) It was just one person who said that, don’t blame all people because of him, it’s like Hitler and Germany although nearly all Germans were racist and that’s another case why German people are somewhat blamed moderately.

      • Try to understand that people do not honor nazis in Baltic states, but men who fought for their countries independence. We knew from past that we had no opportunities with Russians(deportations to cyberia etc), so we fought with Germans.

        Those jokes, don’t you make any jokes on other nationalities? Every nations makes fun of other nations and glorifies their own.

        This bulling, this is just some fairytale made up by Russian media, like all other ones, which are ex-USSR countries.
        Like news which were made when this monument in Estonia was moved, when Russian reporters came with cameras, people started to make all sorts of performances and when cameras were turned off, people walked away with totally different behavior.

        Jewish and other minorities are all fine in Europe, because we live in DEMOCRACY. You should worry more about minorities in Russia(by the videos from youtube – hmm..).

  5. Its highest fall in Estonia – Valaste fall, near Kohtla-Järve and next to Gulf of Finland. Very small but comes down from height of about 30 meters above limestone wall which is very high for such flat land with highest “hill” with elevation just 318 meters (in other end of country, 250 km from place where picture is taken). Its in Eastern Estonia, there are oil shale parts in middle of limestone and oil shale is brown. Water may be pumped out from oil shale mine or comes from fields and just has some dirt in it. So its quite natural still.

    • Add your home as the starting point and let google calculate shortest path to this place 🙂

      These are the coordinates for this place:

  6. They claim that a very strong wind changed the waterfall into a fountain and the water droplets froze.

    The ladder you see is next to the waterfall, most if not all of the pictures are from ABOVE, not below the waterfall!

    BTW we don’t drink blood, we like blood sausages a bit too much 😉

  7. Every time I leave open the freezer to store up my daily ration of vodka, my kitchen looks like that. Do they have that problem in Estonia as well?

  8. Strange people. Why are you posting lots of anti-Estonian comments about the part of Estonia that’s… well… almost exclusively Russian?

    • I am not very strong in Estonian history, but was it not so that the town of Narva is almost exclusively Russian for a curious reason that practically all civilian population was wiped out during Soviet assault in 1943/1944?

      • We need to stap making small criticisms and spend about 4 times more money on militarization and modernisation of the army, then those states will stop constantly whining like small children to America, but will want to become friends.

      • => KanuTaH

        I don’t think Talking Beaver is Estonian. He also knows much about history of Poland, for example, but it doesn’t mean he’s Polish, does it? 😉

        • I don’t believe that according to his theory the West is always right and Russia is always wrong! And not only that but that’s the only thing he talks about pointing it out so it become more that just whatever facts he finds, it become a general grudge against Ruthenian land.

          • => KanuTaH

            “I don’t believe that according to his theory the West is always right and Russia is always wrong!”

            Where did he write that? Could you quote?

            “And not only that but that’s the only thing he talks about”

            Well, I haven’t noticed him writing about the West being always right and Russia always wrong ;). I’ve noticed he writes when Boris Abramov, for example, claims that Estonia is a Nazi state, that Estonians are Nazis and things like that. Boris seems to think that the only reason why Estonians may not like Russia is because they are Nazis or something, that it’s irrational. And Talking Beaver is trying to explain where some of the feelings come from in some countries, like the Baltic states, Poland and others. It’s connected with our difficult history and he understands that.
            But I really don’t think he hates Russians so don’t be so angry at him ;).

            Btw, what is “Ruthenian land”?

            • When they say Estonia is Fascist it’s because Talking Beaver claims that the only fascists that come to estonia and exist there are Russian while clearly it is not entirely correct. Why are some Estonian Nazi collaborators seen as heroes.

      • Rivalry does always exist and it’s no use saying who is always right or wrong. I am glod you still think Russia is great even though it is facing so many economic, geographic, education and healthcare problems but actually life goes on. And I am not running a country, I am at my learning stage and at the age of 18 and generally I don’t like politics & law so much. I like Physics.

      • No these countries aren’t similar. I’ve been in Latvia and Russia, and ofcourse in Lithuania, and all the countries are different, especialy Lithuania.

  9. nice ones, I visited the place some years ago in summer and it looked great..
    btw I’m not against to have some pics of Estonia on this site as long as they aren’t dissing the country.

  10. Yeah! The Baltics are not part of Russia, especially Estonia [ Estland ] ! The russians attacked Estonia in 1940, so they basically slaved us !

    Elagu Eesti !

    We are also celebrating this year our country birthday, check it out at my website.

  11. Boris Abramov.

    I’am estonian, i live in estonia. I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who is “nazi”. We have skinheads..they hate everybody..not just russians and jews, by the way russia has the worst skinheads ever..google for russin skinheads and see for yourself
    I can’t belive whats going on in Russia, how can people actually belive whats told about Estonia. If you know any estonian russians call them and ask how are they beeing treated.
    There was a poll recently where they asked russians if they would like to return to russia and only 4% said yes. I don’t understand if its so bad in estonia..even teachers discriminate children, why doesn’t russians want to leave?! The life in russia is so good..no racism, no hunger, everybody is happy, children aren’t starving and most of all Russia is the most powerfull country in the world. God damned i want to be a russian and live in the glorius Russia!

    sorry about bad english..

    oh, and i’m not from kgb..do’h.. i mean kapo..

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  16. oh my god!
    I have seen this kind of picture, you all can see it if you go visit this place at winter, its one waterfall in eastern Estonia. water is brown because it come from river and water in that river have lots of minerals. not polluted 😀
    I have seen even greater pictures in Tallinn, capital of Estonia where same thing was made by sea water on sea promenade. Really beautiful.
    Sorry about bad English grammar 🙂

  17. Its a waterfall at winter, i have been there its really awsome 😛 the ice or “brown snow” as some called it is the water frozen on the trees and surrounding things. Its brown since thats the color of the waterfall. (Ps its in eastern Estonia)

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  19. I enjoyed reading your interesting yet very informative insights. I just love reading anything about eye-catching articles. Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to reading your newest and most recent masterpieces!!! – Fairy

  20. Estonia FTW

    I live there.
    The Baltic is a paradise compared to Russia.
    No… no nazis here, just nice people.
    Did you know, that tens of thousands of russian tourists come to estonia for holidays and vacation annually?

    Russians should really drop the macho attitude and get their facts straight before attacking us with illogical arguments…

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  22. as I first saw the picture I thought it was just from a wild imaginations of artwork, in short drawing…..but as I go further the place is really real…its pretty amazing to have places like it….we seems like we’re in the world of fairy tales.


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