Nyagan Explosion

Nyagan blow up explosion 1

According to the words of Borman from lepra there was a big explosion yesterday in Nyagan town in Siberia. The blow up was accompanied with a sound of “jet plane landing”. No official comments from authorities appeared but according to those photos by Borman the event was big.

Nyagan blow up explosion 2

Nyagan blow up explosion 3

Nyagan blow up explosion 4

Nyagan blow up explosion 5

Nyagan blow up explosion 6

Nyagan blow up explosion 6

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  1. Strange – today in the very early morning German local time (around 04:00) I heard a huge and very loud sound – as same as a landing jet – but couldn’t see anything.

    First: Here in the middle of Berlin thera are not any jet-landings in the middle of the night.

    Second: It sound LONG … at least three times longer then any conventional Jet-landing.


  2. Aside from oil and gas exploration and refineries, Nyagan has a very large international airport. Was this some kind of failed take-off or landing? Fog can make even a downed electrical transformer visible far away, so this explosion doesn’t have to be Chernobyl-sized.

    How distant was the photographer from the scene? Any idea what is located in that area of Nyagan?

  3. Weapons testing.

    Actually we had a report of something like that here in the States, but there was no sound or explosion that came with it. Just a gigantic cylinder of light into the sky. Over here we figured it was either a ufo, or weapons testing. Over there i’d say it was either weapons testing or an industrial accident that was covered up maybe? But what the heck is that weird cylinder of light?

    I don’t think it’s photoshop.

  4. it’s funny that the fraud site rense is linking to this and making it out to be more than it is. But what do you expect from jeff rense, on his nice govt wage. Rense, the site that changes the word in articles it posts, post articles years old as new, and Jeff Rense, personal friend and supporter of a pedophile and a fraud.

  5. Gas explosion.I’ve heard no official comments on tv, but i’ve found here
    http://www.gazeta.ru/news/lenta/2008/02/17/n_1177481.shtml (in russian, sorry 😉 )
    article that 17 feb 1:33 a gas explosion was seen by locals. yet there is no proof.

  6. Gas explosion.
    http://www.gazeta.ru/news/lenta/2008/02/17/n_1177481.shtml (in russian, sorry 😉 )
    article that 17 feb 1:33 a gas explosion was seen by locals.

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    • “more than 50% voted for him over Kerry”

      No actually Kerry got something like 55% of the vote. But because of how screwed up the electoral system is Bush got the presidency anyways. The majority of people did not want him there in the first place and even more than that now want him out now. The state governments have more say in who becomes the president than the people so it’s not fair to blame them.

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  8. If these are real pictures…

    Doesn’t the sky look like its ‘congealing’ around the beam, forming a giant funnel cloud covering the whole sky? Looks almost like Ghostbusters when the bleep hits the fan.

    If this was some kind of high-energy beam or whatever, I could see it affecting the local barmoetric pressure. Sorta the way our chemical weapons–I mean, fuel-air bombs, suck the oxygen out of an area by using it up.

    Also, as previous posters mentioned, in the United States, our country is no longer our own. Even if “50%” as one poster mentioned, voted for Bush in the last election, our elections are clearly rigged as well as influenced by a government-controlled media. Please send help!

    • Thank you for introducing a new word to me. We could hear and see the “Edison Fireball” from our home, which was 6 miles away from the ruptured pipeline. Now we understand it was a BLEVE.

  9. @ Soviet Russia will always be great

    There were people like you here in the United States when Stalin & Lenin were in power who said the same things of Russia . . .

  10. It was just another drunk Russian trying to make vodka in their bathtub. Prolly passed out smoking his cat turd of a cigarette and blew up his cardboard house.

  11. yup, it appears to be genuine – follow the link courtesy of Aiwan

    no, it was not an atom bomb test behind the next appartment block, but rather a LARGE explosion in the natural gas pipeline running from the western siberian oil and gas fields.

    machine translation from the russian press 17/02/08

    In Nyagani occurred the explosion on the gas pipe explosion on the gas pipe it occurred in the city Of nyagan’ of Khanty Mansiysk autonomous area. The eyewitnesses of incident report about this.
    Official confirmation has not been obtained.

    source – gazeta.ru

    personally, i might have gone as far as suggesting a full-scale test of a new *air-defence* technology, but i seem to have been pwned by reality, lol 😉

    so, in theory – this explosion SHOULD register on the USGS international database of earthquakes for the day.

  12. a super tesla ray… i mean it literally looks like it is coming down not going up… and the smoke pattern doesn’t seem to be affiliated with the light as much as it appears to be dispersing from it.

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  14. Dear Friens

    I heared this explosion news from CYPRUS (Small island below TURKEY). We assume that this was gas pipe explosion, and we assume that this big explosion was unimportant for press and other media and also for government. 🙂

    Do they have internet in Nyagan. If they have why they are not writing any comment under this important news?

    Mr. NYAGAN please speak if you are there. And explain us what happend.

    Thank you

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  17. This is an common effect in cold wintertimes and is called a “halo” effect.

    “A light pillar is a visual phenomenon created by the reflection of light from ice crystals with near horizontal parallel planar surfaces. The light can come from the sun (usually at or low to the horizon) in which case the phenomenon is called a sun pillar or solar pillar. It can also come from the moon or from terrestrial sources such as streetlights.”


    So, the light pillar wich seems to be somekinda blast, is only an optical reflection from a light source from ground.


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