65 thoughts on “Paved Roads: Riga Style”

  1. That car was standing there for a LONG LONG time and the construction workers cannot legally touch the car, or tow it away for that matter, without going through a lengthy process including a waiting time to see if the owner shows up. Probably pressured by deadlines, the construction workers decided to just bury it , thinking “its not our problem”. Love the proletariat at work! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, the car was obviously left abandonned – it has no identification plates. Possibly the owner was loath to pay for its ecological disposal.
      After all, it is only an old priceless Opel (GM for Yanks).

      • There is a poetic saying, something like this: “In dark, moist autumn evenings, when red leafs are falling to the ground, you can hear … how Opels are rusting in the neighborhood”


  2. Seems like the car looks a little better now – its art people! Its a paved car art! Seems like the men who did this deserve a raise! Think positive people!

    • Naughty, naughty! πŸ™‚

      Be careful, my “anti-fascist” friend!

      One more step and you will find yourself yourself in realm of Dr. Mengele, preaching of genetic superiority of certain groups of people over the others!

      The goat’s hoof of real you just stuck out a bit for the world to see. πŸ˜‰

      In accordance to latest genetic studies (it was on TV like about a month ago), most of population of North-Eastern part of Russia genetically are of Finnish-Ugric ancestry.

      Also, there are many toponyms of Baltic origin around Moscow (not surprising, as proto-Balts migrated from the area of Urals), which means that many Russians in European part of Russia have at least some portion of Baltic blood.

      Like many chauvinists, you seem to overlook the difference between genetics, language, ethnicity, culture/ideology and nationality (citizenship) and seem to believe that it is all the same. Just like Nazis did!

      Yo-ho-ho!!! Justin is Nazi!!!!

      Look everybody!!!

      Justin is Nazi!!!!


  3. I don’t think it is in the interest of Russians to do this kind of things in Estonia when they are already trying to push the Estonian Russians out.

    • 1) No one can beat Dr. Goebels and his NAZI entourage in their propaganda war.
      2) Russia is not the only exception, politically you can find propagande everywhere, all the companies that sell goods in capitalist markets use propaganda after all. I agree that it may be a bit worse in Russia but things seem to be impoving slowly but steadily.

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  5. I saw worse paving than this in Detroit. (But look at “Detroit Ghetto” youtube and see that any work to improve the city is desperately needed! And not likely to come from the local black population now busy getting public funds… and voting Obama.) Be glad you’re in Russia, or Latvia, etc! (So why do many youtube tours of Russia Latvia etc play music by US ghetto rappers? Do your youths know how dumb that is when you have terrific composers?)

    My real QUESTION was serious.

    Webserching the origin of Balts (the core Latvian-Lithuanian) folks &/or language origin, I came to this odd site with a quote Balts came from Urals.

    So what is your source on this? (Pardon if I do not know, I got my first edumacation in Detroit. OK, later I went to a real university, but history was not my study. Geology is my game.)

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