21 thoughts on “Another Old Moscow Series”

  1. A double-decker troleybus! Very nice! There were 50 years ago double-decker troleybuses and trams in London (besides double-decker buses), but I didn’t know that such thing existed in Moscow too. Can anybody recognize a factory badge? Was it made in the USSR? I would be disappointed if it was made by Leyland, or so.

  2. Many of these pictures look like they could be of any American city of the same time period minus the signs in Russian.
    Just a fact for all you – Milwaukee during the early 1900 had a major communist community and even had a communist mayor! Are we really all that different?

    • Yes we are! In 1918 private property was abolished in Russia, and ALL property was confiscated (or nationalized) from the rightful owners, including ALL savings in the bank accounts, all real estate, all cars, etc. Then by 1930s, ALL private land (farmers) was also confiscated, previous owners were forced to join state-owned and state-run “collective farms” and whoever did not comply was imprisoned and in large portion physically exterminated (killed), in the numbers of several TENS OF MILLIONS.
      This is what was the ultimate goal of that Milwaukee stooge major to achieve, but luckily for you it never happened in the US.
      Now you think for yourself, if there is a difference.

  3. Looks like many of these pictures could be from any American city from the same time period – minus the Russian signs.
    Also, Milwaukee Wisconsin had a communist mayor during the same time period – are we really that different?


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