Daily Shots Again

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 1

Another mix of casual daily shots from the streets of ex Soviet Union. This is a wedding on the Russian North (on the top photo).

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 2

…not quite sure if he wanted such plate or got it occasionally…

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 3

…this ambulance did something wrong..

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 4

…a nice shot of the wave on the Neva river in St. Petersburg…

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 5

…sometimes the subway is crowded…

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 6

…only in Russia little girls are being taught by police officers to shoot from the sniper’s rifle…

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 7

…and only in Russia they have so much caviar that can do things like that…

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 8

…a worst pharmacy creative ever?

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 10

…do no evil or it would turn against you…

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 11

…they are stuck on their limo, I guess no limos were meant to cruise through roads like these…

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 12

…just a homeless with a dog..

Daily shots from Russia, part 3 13

…when it’s too crowded in the subway, old grannies have to fight their way inside the train…

47 thoughts on “Daily Shots Again”

  1. I am sorry for the old fellow in the first picture.
    That is the faith of most people in Russia – wasted lives in poor conditions, compensated for by fake glory, medals and excess alcohol.

    • Yep, and only russians can answer like that, thinking that no one understood poor language (lexicon or whatever it is).

      I say that can be only in Russia )

      With love, from Ukraine

    • you are not sorry, dude, – you are delighted to have an opportunity to see some humiliating photos about Russia in order to feel better about yourselve and to enhanse this “good feeling” by posting a comment stressing some disadventage of Russia – it “feels goooood” for you doesn’t it? – there are no secrets about psychological motivation of those who post here comments and photos humiliating others – be it Russians or anybody else…Russia is the best target as to get such pleasure from watching African photos is politically incorrect, but here you can get your satisfaction and psychological gratification…

    • The plate is from Moldova. (If you try, you can make out MD under the badge on the left of the plate).
      AN stands for the town of Anenii Noi. AL are just random letters. Seen many of these, for the most part they are not handpicked by the owner 🙂

    • Impostor! But I can most certainly guess who it is that is again trying to discredit their opponents. Yes, you guessed it – its our own englishrussia racist, talking beaver, or his polish friend “Rafal” 🙂 Well done! Give us all a bow 🙂

      Hey beav, you really got to get some new flowers for that Nazi SS monument you normally visit. You missed a day, and the government officials could make it ether, being too busy passing new legislations against those darn russkie occupiers. Honestly, the flowers are drying up. Get you act together for god sake! You call yourself a Patriot?


  2. The man in the automobile in the second photo is my friend, Kim Jung Il, great leader of a North Korea!! He likes to ride around and show off his personalized license plate.

    P.S.–Kim is also an excellent dancer.

  3. I always enjoy these pictures. Russia and the old Soviet Union is such an interesting place. I would like to know about the granny with the Kalash; do people go around openly armed !? Wouldn’t the Police or Militia take any weapons away from her or charge her as a terrorist ?

    • I don’t believe the average citizen can walk around openly armed in Russia. The Kalash is probably a toy, the wooden part looks like cheap plastic to me. The pic is hilarious though, especially if like me you are used to be viciously elbowed by babushkas in St-Pete’s subway during rush hours!

    • I am Russian but unfortunatelly I have only ever been to two different cities in Russia, Lipetsk and Moscow, and my impression was that Russia is the same kind of country as other European countries, I haven’t seen anything weird, no armed people except my relatives who have a real hunting gun in their house outside of Lipetsk, I don’t think they have a licence though as they told me not to tell this secret to anyone.

      Here is Lipetsk at night just for you to see, a city of half a million residents, http://photolipetsk.ru/view.php?pid=85

  4. I think the one with the rifle an little girl is from the Ukraine, the guy has a stripe with the name of an Ukrainian Special Unit (BERKUT).

  5. Muito Show!!! (Just amazing!!)
    Tá aí um lugar que eu queria visitar.
    (This is one country that I’d love to visit)
    Os russos, principalmente as russas, sempr me encantaram.
    (Russian people, mostly the female one, always enchanted me).
    Mas, como sou brasileiro, tenho que me contentar com a Stolichnaya.
    (But, as a brazilian, I have to be happy just with the Stolichnaya vodca).
    Bacana o post!
    (Great post!)
    Saudações do ensolarado Brasil.
    (Regards from sunny Brazil)
    Carllos Ricci

  6. >>by police officers to shoot from the sniper’s rifle…

    This is a Ukrainian policeman. See his mark on the sleeve

  7. Knowing the Russians and knowing the Westerners I can only tell that Russia is a great country with great culture and whoever try to make joke of it only shows his own inferiority.

  8. “…only in Russia little girls are being taught by police officers to shoot from the sniper’s rifle…”

    lolwut? He was probably just showing her how it looked through the telescopic sight.

    Btw: Only in America do they teach their kids to shoot M60’s.

  9. I really love a Rusian people,and may be I will go in there on my next vacation…Congratulation for the photos published,and I like so much seeing things for a great people..Russian´s people…
    Best Regards.
    Walter Marttinez Valtuille

  10. The photo of a girl aiming from a sniper rifle is taken not in Russia, but in Ukraine. That guy is a member of ukrainian Berkut assault squad (see the sign on his sleeve).


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