30 thoughts on “Russian Aircraft Museum by Night”

  1. Wow, great photo’s.
    I wonder why they have flood lights on the planes if the place is closed at night though.
    Shame there arnt any pics of figher planes though, guess he is more of a transport person.

    • Because people like these ones http://englishrussia.com/?p=1732#more-1732
      steal everything what can be exchanged to money 🙂

  2. Outstanding photos. The photographer’s placement of additional lighting increased the dramatic effect. Is this Monino?

  3. Hi
    I’m Anton Dovbush, the author of the photos posted above ( http://www.airliners.net/photo/Aeroflot/Ilyushin-Il-62/1253694/L/).
    Have a few comments:
    1. Nobody has asked me for any permission to publish those photos of UKRAINIAN Aviation Museum ZHULYANY at http://englishrussia.com/?p=1757. Thats why it seems to be politely to point out the original link where the photos were found: http://zhulyany-ah.livejournal.com/1132.html .
    2. This in NOT Photoshop.
    3. As for the rest thanks for joining.

  4. Mowing, weeding, and edging are not that important in Russia! Look at all those weeds growing in the cracks on the runway!

    When I was in Russia in 2006I noticed this big time. We went to the World of Tanks, a museum in Moscow that has lots of… TANKS! You’d think a museum would be landscaped or something.
    There is little or no mowing or weeding of outdoor public areas…

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  7. I love airplanes…i suppose those are photos from a game…those photoes are quite playfull…i guess they are real as toy say soy soy real…as i was saying i love airoplanes…the wind blows and spreads all the youth and the pride by the name stands the Knight….alo Lola…Glory to my queen Natassa…


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