39 thoughts on “Beware: Bears!”

  1. I saw some bears at Vernisazh outdoor market in Moscow when I visited Russia in 2006.

    The bears were all drugged up so they weren’t rabid. They made the bears do tricks. The men wore fancy outfits. It was kind of like a “bear show”.

    I kind of thought it was sad that they were allowed to mistreat the bears like that.

    • Shurly that practice is now illegal. Does anyone know the law with regards to animal cruelty in Russia? Isn’t there an Animal Cruelty Prevention Act?

      • If it was illegal, then the militsia weren’t doing anything about it.

        They were watching.

        It looked like a pretty permanent show. They had all the “gear” there and a makeshift outdoor stage with flaming hoops and things for the bears to stand on top of. Kind of like a miniature bear circus!

        The only problem was the bears acted like they were drunk or high. They were very docile.

        My sister informed me later they were drugged up.

        That was the closest I’ve ever been to a live bear before. In American Zoos, the bears are really far away across a huge canyon. In Russia, they weren’t behind bars or far away. They were right up there- close and personal! The only way this could happen is if the bears were drugged.

  2. Yo didnt we see a picture of Pros with all those russian tattoos?

    I wouldnt mess with him. O_o

    So is that girl with the bear single?


  3. Why were the bears attacking the car – is this something they do looking for food? Or do they just like to destroy thing? Do they invade homes and other buildings?

      • And the moms probably welcome them because the bears are more skillful and less stinky than their husbands, plus they don’t wear shoes to do it.

        Seriously though, here in NJ in the US black bears have taken to entering houses in search of sweet carbohydrates like breakfast cereal. But those bears are much smaller than Russian bears – 600 to 1000 lbs. They are usually tranquilized and released miles away.

        These Russian bears are much larger and look more destructive. Are they shot if they get into a building? Tranquilized and moved? How do you deal with the problem? Do they attack people?

  4. Was this in St. Petersburg? That bear and girl look possibly familiar. When i was there 2 years ago there were 2 girls with a bear cub that went and hung out on one side of the Hermatage to try to get people to pay to take pics with the bear. They had no problem with me snapping a pic but wanted me to pay to take one with it. If you contact me by email I’ll send it so you can add it if you want for another example.

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