Russian Criminal Tatoos

criminal tattoos in Russia 1

Like in other countries there is a mania for tattoos among criminals, but in Russia they give much more sense for those signs on their bodies. Each even smallest detail can be interpreted as a biography verse from the life of tattoo owner, both police and criminals can just look at the body of the tattooed person and tell all his deeds. They say these days there more freedom is allowed in decorating their bodies such way, but during the Soviet regime a person could earn big disgrace from his friends if he made a tattoo not according the rules.

criminal tattoos in Russia 2

criminal tattoos in Russia 3

criminal tattoos in Russia 4

criminal tattoos in Russia 5

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  1. The guy with the sunglasses/nipples combo looks like Billy mitchel from Eastenders…and the foot tatoos is a bit girly I thought.

    • None of these tattoos are actually on a person’s skin – all these pictures show tattoos on the black soil of Ukraine itself.

  2. Check this site if you intrested in russian prison tatoos. It’s in russian… So i explain some the basic “rules” – image of Lenin or Stalin is kind of “protection” against shooting. Number of curch domes can tell you, how many times this man have visited “zone”. Head of predatory animal is a “fighter” symbol and tells that owner is very dangerous man, who often violates prison regime. You can be “asked” for every tattoo, and you life will be turned into hell if you cant’t “answer”.

  3. Some more pics on the subject

    Explanation of symbols:

    • You will never see “real” Russian mafia in prisons. They much rather live a life of luxury and excess in corrupt or politically diametric states, while sponsoring various charities and heading various civil liberties and humain rights organisation in order to sustain their angelic image. Can you blame them? Wouldn’t you do the same if you were in their position?

    • Spetznaz are russian specialforces. More a Navy seal team of sorts. They wear white and blue t-shirts under their fatigues, like Russian Navy

  4. Very nice collection of tattooed bodies.but really i like pic no,17.where v.i. Lenin enjoying with Siberian tiger! ! ! ! !.may God bless on Tiger! ! ! ! ! !

  5. Nazi and the use of the word by any Ukranian or Russian I know means nationalist.

    My wife constantly talks about this person or that ancestor being a nazi. What she means is a Ukranian nationalist.

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  7. these guys just look queer as hell, i mean did they think they were posing for gay russian of the year or were they just born that way.

  8. agreed. a lot of people judge situations from the background and oppritunities they’ve been given. not thinking about the difference of background behind the other persons decisions, and the opportunities that they had to TAKE in order to feed their families and stay alive themselves. my grandfather was in prison in siberia a long time ago. before he died, god bless his soul, he birthed my father. who as well has been in prison in Russia. i very much agree with your comment. even though my father moved to america while i was still very young (to “give me a better life with better oppritunities”, and so i wouldn’t follow in his footsteps) he never talked ill of his homeland and wore our name with pride as well as do i. so i grew up away from that type of environment. however, i still feel very strongly about the situation. whenever i visit our family, who now lives in Ukraine, i am reminded of that fact. as well as my pride in Ukraine, and mother Russia.

    with respect -Joel Wazdatsky-

  9. Criminal Russia… Every russian is a potential criminal, the crime is in theirs blood from their birth. Everybody steals, no matter of social position or background, etc. A real cult of Crime has raised for the last century. Taint in jalis, russkies.

  10. The tattoos are very nice but the reasons are not understand why the criminals has been designed by Tattoos.

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  12. Russian criminal tattoos have very specific meanings, it’s a whole language and way to express things. One man even made an encyclopedia about it.

  13. the use of swastika in russian crime life do not mean nazi it is a symbol of rebellion against russian goverment. a guy who do not confess for instance has a SS mark aswell. i presume again that they took the nazi symbols due to the war between russia and germany during 2ww. as a symbol against that goverment that they now are a part of. it is a fact that there are many nazi in russia but the tattoo and use of Swastika and Dobble lightning do not nessesary have a nazi meaning. a russian gang member will be marked with a Swastika on his forhead if he is marked for death. dont mean he has a certain politic belif.

  14. is this a bad idea that should be covered? or worried about?

    i have mary and jesus with russian towers tattooed on my chest. i am not a criminal but have gotten the tattoo as appreciation of the artwork.

  15. Did you write this book of Russian Prison Tatoos too? I think maybe you did. But what name did you use. I think you use different names for different books everytime. I need to check it out.


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  18. The photos are as elegant and refined and done with a care of craft that shows respect for whatever humanity is left in these men.
    Thugs with ruined lives, who have ruined other people’s lives, may also want a touch of beauty in their lives. No matter what the circumstances, no matter how limited the means. The photographer “tattoos” the men with his delicately beautiful lighting.

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