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    • What has nationality got to do with intelligence?

      “so who is better russians or polish people”

      Surely that depends on an individual?

    • English is commonly spoken as a second language in Sweden. I have heard that it is taught in the schools.

      At this point in History, English is the “lingua franca”, or the common tongue, the modern world. Most industrialized nations want their people to be fluent in English so they may compete on a global scale.

      • An example of the average Russian argumenting ?? Duma-style ?

        If you don’t know how to solve an argument with verbal means, you start getting abusive, right? Which is usually pretty quick.

        Don’t behave like an adolescent.

      • This is correct, english is taught in schools from 10 years of age (4th grade). In Sweden there is no voice overs on foreign movies so all of the movies, tv shows, etc teaches the swedish people english (or any other foreign movie like 9 rota or seksmisja that’s been shown on swedish television, yeah I know seksmisja is polish but it kicks ass anyway)


      • Yes.. here in sweden we start learning english at the age of 6-7ish, and theres several commercials like this for the same brand, including France, Russia and a pair of sailors 😀

        • and to reply “Lars” english is mandatory even … one of the main majors you learn, you have it from age 7 – 16 then its optional to continue school, and then you have it for another 3 years.

  1. hi there!

    is there a large German war cemetery in Russia , somewhere near st Petersburg? If someone was to vandalize it, would they be arrested by Russian police? i think it is a great discussion topic but we won’t know for sure until we try. right?

    • so “kill_non_slavic_scum” if you are like 1/4 polish would that qualify as slavic? Or should I just kick you in the balls with my Albanian friends when you are in Detroit?

      • yee .. and i would like to take this opportune moment & say that Albanians are the greatest people in the Balkans, a very delicate sort of muslims, and the entire world, as they have managed to commit inhuman atrocities before they’ve adopted islam as an excuse for further atrocities. please do not forget to read prophet of doom, and .. well allahu aqbar my friends, what else can i say?!

      • So Pete…you’re just another Islamic pond scum are you? You and your Islamic Albanian budies…better hurry over to Kosovo so the Serbs can run you over…proper like.

  2. typical muslim : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=related&v=VCqFtP52a70

  3. Most of you are seeing this commercial in the wrong light. You have to see it from a Swedish cultural context. It’s actually more a compliment to Russia then anything else. It’s part of a series of commercials with diffrent situations where they end up competing about what’s really cold (and the colder, the manlier, or something like that). It’s a bit like the more you can take, the cooler/manlier you are.
    Russia is well know for their cold winters, the Germans lost to the cold winter (among other things) and so has the Swedish army a number of times. The Russians don’t seam that bothered by it, so therefor they are cool (no pun intended) and a Russian that can take the cold better then other Russians must be supercool. Hope that clears some missunderstandings up. 🙂

    • What the hell are you talking about! We have never lost any war because of a winter. We lost several thousand men on the march back from Norway once, over the mountains, but that was on our own territory.

      In Finland russians froze to death in large numbers while finns didn’t have much problems.

      As for Swedes and Russians, we don’t and hate them, and we don’t love them. Fairly neutral.

  4. There are several versions of this Falcon beer-commercial airing right now in Sweden and if i may be honest about it; the Irish-fisherman-version is funnier 😛

    But you may ask any Swedish person; this is exacly what Russia looks like 😉 right?

  5. Sweden likes Russians.
    Back in the 70ies we where stuffed with propaganda from the government about the evil Russia (afraid of the “cold war”, and that Russia would start ww3). In “All” movies from US, the bad guys was the Russians, and so on. So the picture of Russia then wasn’t good at all.

    But thats long time ago and we (most of us anyway) know that it was a political game and that ordinal people over there are as normal as anyone else here with dreams of a good life, family and all that.

    I’m little worried about the organized criminality over there but crime is everywhere where there are money.

    Maybe I’m a little bit biased by my father who worked in Russia in many years for SKANSKA, but i like Russia and feel a sort of brotherhood. I know many other who feels the same.

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