Russian police 1

53 The Trains Would Wait

The Trains Would Wait

Standing on the red light on the railway crossroad? Waiting for the train to pass? Noway!
If a Russian police boss is in the hurry he won't wait, let the trains wait!
Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 1

105 Russian Underground Submarine Base

Russian Underground Submarine Base

It was a big underground submarine base and docks once in USSR. After the Soviet Union collapsed and Russian
army left Ukraine it was partly abandoned and some of its parts was converted into a museum later.
Rest in St. Petersburg, Russia 1

89 Beaches of St.Petersburg

Beaches of St.Petersburg

And by the way if you are going to stay for some days in St. Petersburg this
summer, don't forget to visit the city beach. It's worth looking.
25 Naked Run

Naked Run

Moscow is a very conservative city. No gay pride parades were ever allowed by the city authorities to be held. Because of that it's even more unclear how a
naked man can ran across the city so freely. Maybe it is some kind of the top city authority - look how police secures his way! via ru_auto
Russians smash American cars with a tank!  1

56 The Cars and a Tank

The Cars and a Tank

Some Russian people hate American cars so much that
they smash them with a tank for a scrap metal!
Photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov 1

50 Russia by Boris Mikhailov

Russia by Boris Mikhailov

Those are photos of Russia by Boris Mikhailov. Well, for sure these
photos were not made these days, but something like 15 years ago.
abandoned ships in  kamchatka, Russia 1

76 Abandoned Frozen Ships

Abandoned Frozen Ships

Those scenes remind the scenes from the "Day After Tomorrow" movie, but it's not a
movie scene. These are abandoned ships left to rust near Kamchatka, Russia.
Russian merry-go-round 1

48 No Ride

No Ride

Some Russian playgrounds have been equipped with cute small merry-go-round like things recently. But, no, they are not
supposed to be rode by those Russian kids - they are to please the eyes of grown-ups. These things would never swing.
South African ad for Russian beer 1

18 Russian Bear

Russian Bear

We had already a beer ad depicting Russian life made in Sweden, this time another creative from
our Southern African friends. This is how they think Russian beer should look like.
31 The Ratburger

The Ratburger

Click on the video above to play. All these young Russian guys from St. Petersbburg wanted were just a couple of pizza slices and a hot dog. But it seems that
they got there too late - someone was already eating their pizza. Probably this is when reality meets movies - real Ratatotuille came to play.

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