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  1. I’m looking at the picture of the man with the stylin’ sun glasses and the Borat-style moustache…

    The caption says (transliterated from Cyrillic)Muzhskaya Rubashka. What does that mean?!?! I can only transliterate since I know the Latin cognates of all Cyrillic letters.

  2. Sexy women in the photos remind me of my favorite songs by band “Hot Chocolate”–a song called “Miracles.” Everyone–in honor of Soviet fashion women, sing along!

    I believe in miracles
    Where you from
    You sexy thing
    I believe in miracles
    Since you came along
    You sexy thing


      • (Insert musical symbols here)
        doooo . . . doo, doo, doo, doo, doooo . . . di-dit, di-dit,

        How did ya’ know I needed you so badly
        How did ya’ know I gave my heart gladly
        Yesterday I was one of a lonely people
        Now you’re lying next to me
        Making love to me

  3. Yep, 1989.

    Time was frozen in the USSR, as these pictures prove again. These outfits were fashionable in the West in provincial areas during 60’s and 70’s. More or less.. 🙁

    Awful. One of the worst times ever in fashion. Never to be repeated again, I hope.

  4. What is the culture of Russians? Drinking vodka, sleeping in subway, getting drunk in public and pass out everywhere, beating up Russians from caucusus and Asia, making child porn, prostituting in europe and america, threatening tiny neighbours is that it?

    If thats Russian culture I am not surprised Russia is still a 3rd world poor trash country.

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  7. I once had an giraffe sweater, it was eating leaves. I think I had one with a cat (or just paw prints) as well. Must have been around ’89 (I was very young). Not as ugly as these ones though, they had a better use of colours.

    I’m from western Europe…

  8. Please note – Poor translation – this is not about fashion. This is knitting…”do-it-yourself” magazin with guidance showing what you can do in your spair time.

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  10. Guys I’am a russian!)) I have to say that most pics in here are not correspond the essense that payed. For example this collection is devoted how to do such thinks by yourself! And belive me if you will have the chance to know how is made you’ll really shoked )) Sry for mistakes….

  11. It seems that Soviet fashion had better sense than Western in the same period. The 80’s just weren’t able to have the worst fashoin ever because the 70’s actuall happened (no, it was not a nightmare)

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