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  1. Hi guys, my name is Kostya and I am kind of new on this site. Nice to meet you all and I hope me being Russian will not interfere with our ability to get on well. (This site has been created for humour anyway) I am 17 years old

  2. Hi, I am new to this website, I hope that me being 5/8 Russian, 2/8 Ukrainian and 1/8 Belatussian will not interfere with our ability to communicate in a strategic way.

  3. Hi All,

    Spaniard and interested in all things Russian, particularly culture, history, current affairs…

    Keep up with the good work!


  4. Here the Russian Army is training to use “ramming technique,” to save ammunition.

    Please delete these photos from internet as they reveal military secrets. Baltic nations must not have the details of this operation, or they will be prepared for ramming of their cars in streets of Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius when “Operation Reclamation” begins.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  5. Is that flash of red on the ground underneath the cannon a warning rag that had fallen off? In the US the cannon-tower would be at fault here if there was no red rag tied to it. Maybe it fell off right before the unlucky driver arrived.

  6. If you can’t see a GIANT CANNON you shouldn’t be driving, red rag or no red rag LOL.
    After all it is a GIANT CANNON

    • In the UK, projecting loads must have some kind of high visibility element attached to the extremities to prevent this kind of accident. The driver of the towing vehicle would be judged at fault if someone ran into the projecting load unless such warning markers were displayed.

      It’s actually quite a small field gun, and like all such devices, it’s painted to make it hard to see. In any case, the view the driver has of the barrel of that gun isn’t much and no-one with any experience of actually being at the controls of the car would have any trouble understanding how easy it would be to fail to correctly judge what distance they needed to keep for safety.

      A giant cannon looks like this:


      (in case that doesn’t come through: search on Wikipedia for `Paris gun’)

  7. The cannon is ZIS-3 76 mm field gun from WWII.

    And it seems that it was properly marked, as there is a red flag lying on the ground beneath the barrel.


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