Bad Parking 5

car wrongly parked in Russia 1


This parking went badly! The truck driver probably didn’t notice that some small vehicle was already parked there. Even when he heard the crunching sound of the folding metal under his right wheel, he probably thought “Oh man, I just hit the curb a bit, not a big thing at all”. Well, it wasn’t a curb.

car wrongly parked in Russia 2


car wrongly parked in Russia 3


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    • John, US presidental candidate becomes more popular even in leftist media.
      One of the most popular in Poland pro-leftist news portal has positioned on first page an information about Ron Paul campaign.
      You must know there is a non-offial embargo on information about conservative liberalism in Europe, esspeccialy in today European Union (my favourite party UPR is in specific silent system – UPR media has promoted Ron Paul for more than one year).,85811,4868541.html

      P.S. Now I know who is a chief of Ron Paul board. John Bydlak – good name it means in Polish ‘Brute’ 🙂

      • Look, John ! Have you noticed that our disscusion was cut by cenzor ?
        Who has this site ? (post)communist secret service organisation ?

  1. It actually is in Kiev, you can tell by the fact that it has Kiev (in ukrainian) on the side of the truck in the second picture.

  2. i AGREE after hard hours of looking through this site I haven’t found a single cvar accident occur in western Europe or America. Proves that only Russians can do this, an yes, it may be in Ukraine but the people are basically Russian.

      • Call me dumb! Do you think there is going to be a second USSR revolution just out of curiosity? By the way I think the rules are not so clearly set on Russian roads, people in charge didn’t care so much because all they wanted is profit, because they dont earn enough, hence the corruption, hence the road drivers dont really care about rules.

  3. HI PEOPLE, I HAVE FOUND OUT THAT THERE IS ALSO A WEBSITE CALLED http://WWW.ENGLISHTURKEY.COM and it is similar to this one. Other countries don’t work, I am at school now and one of the people besides me is turkish so for fun I decided to check if something existed and found that website!

  4. the car is hit in behind but at the same time u can see it is already been hit in the front.

    Oh i forgot to tell ” IT’s FAKE “

  5. I think this website would be a nice companion in the future to even though it seems that they are much lighter than us. 🙂

    • yeah I don’t know whether it’s the same owner as of this website. I also tried but it looks like the Russians are being quite serious at this moment as always to care about posting humorous pictures, they are instead looking for travel guides.

  6. Exactly how it happened! Now look at real heavy trucks here!
    Of course in america! :-))

  7. Two things:

    1) How old are these pictures? I have the bluetooth headset advertised on the billboard in the second picture, and have for two and a half years.

    2) Reminds me of parts of LA, where some streets have parking on them that blocks the lane during parts of the day.

  8. Hello Darek, Yes, Mr. Paul’s position on U.S. foreign policy is better than most of the other candidates whether Democrat or Republican. His libertarian policy draws very little support among the majority of Americans, but his clear speaking has attracted a very energized group of followers. Would you say that the UPR and the American Libertarian Party are similar?

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