15 thoughts on “Something Temporary Tracery”

  1. It is called “a death trap” or “an accident waiting to happen”. Surely it will collapse because of one bolt somewhere isn’t tightened enough.

  2. Primary purpose of this structure is as a radar system for new Russian missile attack system. I love it! Go Putin!

    However, to soften the image of new Russia and to demonstrate a “peace dividend” brought by the deterrent effect of this new weapon system, the authorities will host sporting events such as kamikaze skating and boarding, while charging nominal admission in order to make the project pay for itself. What capitalists they have become!

    Also, at the weekend, disco dancing girls will shake-shake-shake their booties in the cages (seen most clearly in photo 6), and gyrate around the poles in “pay-on-demand” performances.

    Russians have mastered the multiple use of same assets in order to generate increase in revenue, while maintaining strong defense and providing entertainment for the masses. This means it is now a REAL competitor to hegemony of a USA!


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