33 thoughts on “Kirovsk, Another Northern Town”

  1. It’s sad to see that beautiful building fall into such disrepair. What does the label say above the entrance? What building is it?

    • In summer you will be disappointed for sure. Snow takes a lot of the ugliness of the average soviet-city away, as is proved in these pictures.

      The beautiful landscape is completely spoiled by those ungainly grey apartment buildings. Check picture 9.

  2. During summer it will probably be less beautiful. Snow is a blessing for ugly cities and buildings. Look how those grey apartment buildings are soiling the landscape… 🙁

    I love the nature. I don’t like what people did to it.

  3. Look on a bright side–those gray apartment buildings are probably full of young Russian ladies looking for nice man to take them to a dinner, disco, and later on . . . you know.

  4. What a great web site! I have often admired the Russian people and their ability to thrive in very harsh conditions and under sometimes very heavy-handed rulers. What a shame that so many barriers have existed between the United States and Russia. I hope that the future will find our countries as friends, but somehow I think it may not ever happen. Great site.

    • Well said!
      I just want to add, that the barriers are set by polititians and for polititians. I wish that it would not stop people of our countries from being friends.

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