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  1. Beautiful photographs. The night photos are particlarly dramatic. I agree with Niels R., additional information would be appreciated.

    • Photos 8-16 are from Vologda. I know this wooden building, it made an instant impression on me the first time I saw it there

  2. Photos 8-16 are from Vologda; I know this wooden building in 8-10, it left am impression on me the first time I saw it there.

  3. Photos 8-16 are from Vologda. I know this wooden building, made an instant impression on me the first time I saw it there.

  4. Stunning photos. Bizarrely the grander buildings remind me most of the mosques I saw in India. Must be the minarets and towers! Certainly not the snow 🙂

  5. My god, I love Russian architecture! These photos are wonderful and the architecture they depict is just heartbreakingly beautiful; not just the onion-domed churches, but things like the wooden bridge and that amazing house, completely denuded of paint by the elements.

    Thank you for this.

  6. Nice it is very nice….Thanks to who put those photos on this website….keep up….@@@@ i feel sad that many Russian people go to Europe, America..and other coutnries..leaving those beautiful churches to die… somebody neet to take care about them…every year…

  7. Thank you so much for your photos. It makes these places a reality in our minds, not just some dot on a map. It helps us to really see the living space of other human beings on our planet. The stark beauty is captivating. It is odd how humans put more money into their churches than into their own homes. Such is also the case in Ecuador.

  8. very beautiful house and i also dont see why people argu in a blog they will never revisit i agree with the comment by BURNED by a 16Y/O he/she is right

  9. Wow that was like an orgy for the eyes…brilliant photos and brilliant architecture. I wish I lived in a country which had some history to it.

  10. absolutely stunning photography….I’m going to link you on my site….I recently read Dead Souls by Gogol and I was very curious to understand the color of green he described the houses as being painted….I see it here in your work. Again, it’s fantastic work. Jamie, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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  12. Very beautiful –

    All you ever get to see of Russia is ugly Soviet-style apartment buildings. What a contrast.

    Cold or not, I want to vist Russia to see these sights.

  13. Wonderful collection of winter scenery. I love the ability to see other beautiful parts of the world that I may never get to visit.

  14. For high school English class in 1972, I did a 10 page paper on Russian Architecture. I wish this site would have been available then. Beautiful, just amazing. Thank you for this site.

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  16. Thanks for these photos of the harsh and breathtakingly beautiful landscape. As I’ve been looking at ER photos, I’ve wondered why I haven’t seen more (or actually any) bicycles. And here someone is cycling in the ice and snow, which must be difficult. I wonder if snowmobiles are commonly used in this area?

  17. I will tell to you in secret at us, in Russia there are much more tremendous places…! And it is not too cold in Russia, in the summer temperature not below 20-30 degrees (ho-ho-ho, but in the winter the same temperature, but in negative)))

    p.s.: I am sorry for curve language, with English not in frets))

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