Everyday Shots

Russia 1

We continue posting random shots from different Russian cities, something that is not usual or common and attracted somebody to make a shot of it and send to the website.

Russia 2

It seems that sometimes garbage gets overflowed..

Russia 3

They told a lot about this danger of using GAZel cars – it can simply torn apart in the middle. This time with a photo proof.

Russia 4

Who care which side is up?

Russia 5

He got the wrong turn.

Russia 6

Facing the danger of apartment burglars some have to get the domesticated tigers for the better protection.

Russia 7

This more fits the previous set of pictures.

Russia 8

“Parfum de Paris”, this garbage collector’s car was called for it’s smell.

Russia 10

Fail! No entrance on the cars is allowed!

Russia 11

For sure they don’t have a cable TV in this building.

Russia 15

Russian policeman owns a Porsche, or probably gives some service to a Porsche owner

Russia 16

It’s freezing in the evenings..

Russia 17

The wedding car.

40 thoughts on “Everyday Shots”

  1. Today, I proudly announce that my dog has given birth to my child.


  2. korean,

    i was born in ukraine and lived there for 12 years. i find that some of the stuff posted here is real but some is not. you being a foreigner who was born in russia does not make you an expert on whats real or not.

  3. bugged out videos,

    Ukraine is not Russia.

    And I’m not a foreigner! I was born there,Russian/Korean was my first languages it doesn’t matter what you are, if you are born there and you are culturally that, you are not a foreigner.

    Viktor Tsoi is half korean, born and raised in USSR his entire life, and lived there as well, was he a foreigner? Not at all.

    • Yeah, Victor Tsoi was a great man!
      He was a Korean with a real russian soul. He was not a sovok. It is true.

      And he was not seen as a foreigner in Russia by russians.
      The fact is that Koreans are most respectful non-Slavic people in Russia.
      Poles are have much less homage from Russians than Koreans do.

  4. These shots are definitely not “everyday”. What’s “really everyday” is not interesting. In any country you wake up, eat something, go to work, do someting more or less boring, return back, relax a bit and go to bed. Nothing that is worth making a shot.

  5. About the red stockings worn by person on hood of car in the last photo . . . I would like to stock them in my shops in The Netherlands, Venezuela, and in cities of Las Vegas and San Francisco in the USA. Can anyone help me find the fashion designer who lovingly created this brilliant design, or the manufactuter who skillfully produced them?

    Helping sell Russian fashion trends abroad,
    M. Ahmadinejad

  6. Korean you miss the point. Nobody shoots pics of “everyday” things. They shoot pics of INTERESTING things.
    Dog bites man is not news. MAN BITES DOG…THAT is news.

    • (HOORAY, this forum did it again! Posted my “reply to this comment” at the bottom of the stack – great! Let’s try that again…)

      Blackwater is company whose line of business IS providing training and pseudo-military services – Gazprom is a company whose main line of business is energy production, but it HAS ITS OWN private army. There’s a big difference between the two.

  7. Yeah, so your life in _Anglo-American school_ _in Moscow_ is THE _REAL_ Russia, isn’t it?

    Of course there are no bums in Russia.

    It is all Photoshop!

    Nice address for your school: http://www.ass.ru. 😉

  8. Blackwater is company whose line of business IS providing training and pseudo-military services – Gazprom is a company whose main line of business is energy production, but it HAS ITS OWN private army. There’s a big difference between the two.

  9. What results? Dead people? Do you really have to simplify things THAT much before you are able to process them in your mind, J from K?

  10. This is everyday America’s life. All Americans are looks like these.

    All Americans are living in such housing

    This is New-York. Your biggest and richiest sity.

    Well, need more pictures about everyday America?
    How much?

    Now tell me just FIFE coutries from the whole world were for sure I can not find anyone who doesn’t hate Americans and the USA.

  11. Get a life! The pictures – photo-shopped or not are FUNNY – except for those that are gorgeous – like the North Russian churches.
    Hmmm….South Korean, religious reasons, moved around a lot – now I understand – You’re a Moonie! – explains why you don’t have a sense of humour.

  12. One of the reasons for their economy being so strong is from the gold they acquired from China, and Russia during the Japan-Russo war.

    That is how a country with no natural resources can do that.

    And btw, I do have a sense of humor but not on this website, everyone has multi personalities.

  13. no-one is making fun of russia….when a country goes through such a drastic transition, those who can adapt prosper…those that can’t will have a hard time and some will die…It’s darwinism at it’s best, or worst. Those that can’t are not neccessarily the weak, it can be a number of social reasons..This social event that is taking place there offers a lot of education for those that are willing to learn from it…When the Romanoffs were removed and communism flourished..a similar event took place…but in both cases, most that hunger for power and willing to take chances…succeed.Russia will keep evolving and will be a great nation..If corruption does not prevail.

  14. I hate when people say this isn’t Russia… its is… Russia has much to be proud of… and like any other place that exist on earth, it has its problems also…

    Yes, America has slums, crime… We have the largest prison population in the world, that should tell you something…

    We are not Americans, we are the World… as we have every race known to man living within these borders….

    Russia reminds me of how America was in the 60’s and 70’s…you guys have so much more freedom in certain ways, just like us… but I can tell you horror stories from the US just like you can in Russia…

    We must consider also that Russia has a much longer past than the US, and Russia has been through many wars…..

    In America’s eye’s from regular people, I can tell you that us Americans not only deeply respect Russia and the people, we honor you all….

    We see you all as a very tough, brilliant Nation…. One that I envy at times….

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