Playgrounds 3

Russian children playgrounds 1

We continue publishing shots from the selected playgrounds in different Russian cities. Some say that those playgrounds are too creepy, but others say such artwork shows to the children the truth of life right from the first steps they make. Well, I think that kids are too busy with their own inner world to care about all this “nice” or “not nice” playgrounds, it’s more an adults issue to call them “ugly” or “creepy”, kids usually just use the practical side of the playgrounds and don’t care on the design, but for grown-ups it can be a shocking experience especially if they encounter on of those from the last photos of this set in some dark night.

Russian children playgrounds 2

Russian children playgrounds 3

Russian children playgrounds 4

Russian children playgrounds 5

Russian children playgrounds 6

Russian children playgrounds 7

Russian children playgrounds 8

Russian children playgrounds 9

Russian children playgrounds 10

Russian children playgrounds 11

Russian children playgrounds 12

Russian children playgrounds 13

Russian children playgrounds 14

Russian children playgrounds 15

Russian children playgrounds 16

Russian children playgrounds 17

Russian children playgrounds 18

Russian children playgrounds 19

Russian children playgrounds 20

Russian children playgrounds 21

Russian children playgrounds 22

Russian children playgrounds 23

Russian children playgrounds 24

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24 thoughts on “Playgrounds 3”

  1. Nice rabbit, but I cannot believe Russian people allow little children to play with a unclean pig animal.

    Where are the camels? Where are the sheep? Where are the goats? Where is the realism?

      • Thank you for your support my friend. If you come in Tehran, look me up. Just ask for the man who give the public spankings during punishment sessions in the city square.

    • i guess this is different from how your children play. they have a large playground full of plastic explosives and propoganda about the western world being infidels.

    • Listen, hold a language. It is soviet grounds. Now more new and beautiful. Do you want will send pictures? And not offend a drukhie country! Especially I live in which! These grounds before were new and beautiful, and the educated people never looked closely to them as to what that to perverted! So can think only perverting!

  2. did you know that alot of african muslims fought in the first chechen campaign and then those same africans ended up being engineering students in kursk & moscow;
    heres john “grisha” at’wakai, as muslim as they ever get:

    • The last picture with kids was taken in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt, this scary thing is actually an advertising of Cleo Park, Egyptian Aqualand..
      it has nothing to do with Russia at all…

  3. Is this why our ancestors went to America ? Please go to grid/ danwargo/ leave postal address/ a miracle occurs..for you ! FREE ‘Fluoridation Equals Radiation Blues’ and ‘Your Venetian Blinds’ FREE anywhere…anyhow…no religion…no money…no politics…no waiting…( caution:contains Swami…)

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  6. )))))))It’s hilarious!!!!
    I don’t know where did you get these photos,but they are great!
    I didn’t laugh so much for a long-long time.Thank you!
    Maybe I was born to late,but I didn’t see anything like these in my own country for 20 years.Thanks again
    p.c. last picture my favorite of course))) at the 3 from the end is sick by bulimia

  7. Nearly all these playground related pictures creep me out. So do so many of the other “from russia”/”in russia” pictures. Is all of Russia this freaking scary? But it is kinda cool and very interesting too, because the rides and “decorations” are so very strange and different from American playgrounds and other things I grew up seeing. I wonder what russian kids thought of such places when they played in them…did any of them get nightmares over places like this? Hahahaha. Seems like many places in Russia would be perfect for a survival horror game, especially their old playgrounds. Hahaha. I love nesting dolls but honestly don’t really know much about Russia…Thanks for sharing these photos!

  8. Kan rekommendera ett besök till Sharm el-Sheikh, om inte för att snorkla så bör ni åtminstone testa att se undervattenslivet. Helt fantastiskt med olika färgglada fiskar. Jag har lagt upp några bilder på sharm el sheikh sidan, helt fantastiskt.


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