Beer Fire Extinguisher

Russian beer 1

There are many strange drinks can be bought in Russia, like a vodka in a plastic bag or vodka in AK-47 shaped glass bottle or even as weird as triple core CPU vodka, if you haven’t seen them yet, click on the links to see.

Today we discovered something new. It’s not a vodka but a beer this time. This beer is called “The Fire Extinguisher”. After a short inspection of the bottle there can be found a step-by-step instructions of use, and well, it really can be used according to them to fight with some small fires, look other pictures to see how.

Russian beer 2

1. Open the bottle and start drinking.
2. Wait 20 minutes.
3. You now can fight some fire.

Russian beer 3

Russian beer 4

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21 thoughts on “Beer Fire Extinguisher”

  1. I like these fiery red bottles. I think they would make nice colorful Molotov cocktails, showing much more creativity and style than the same old plain glass bottle. I think it would offer an explosion of color against the backdrop of the drab olive green of an armored vehicle.

    I would like to order a shipment of these, please, for my friends in Hezb’ Allah and Hamas. Can you ship them to Lebanon for me? I will take care of ground transportation.

    Yours in colorful chaos,
    M. Ahmadinejad

  2. Being a Canadian, it would be a cold day in hell before Id douse any flames with beer. SACRILEGE!! I’d drink the beer first, and then pee in the flames.

  3. It’s funny but beer was used in first _real_ extinguishers, too. Fire brigades added beer to water in their cans while driving to the place of fire and vibration of vehicle on stone-paved road resulted in strong foam in cans. Unlike plain water that simply drops down, this foam sticked to hot surfaces and blocked fire.

    • Should be smelling real nice.

      You know, people do that in sauna. I mean not the real Finnish sauna (dry, +100C over), but the rural type “Russian” bath “sauna” (moist, around +40).

      If you pour beer instead of water on the hot rocks, it give a wonderful aroma plus the steam.

  4. Well, you can do it in a finnish sauna also, but then You can’t pour beer on the rocks, but You have to mix it with water, very little beer, lots of water and voila!

    If You overdo it with the beer, the sauna is going to smell like burning for the rest of the night.

  5. It was made by Obolon especially for the Baltic market some 4-5 years ago. Only a little was sold in Ukrain. We had a commercial with the guys peeing into the bonfire.
    Instructions in the first picture are in Russian and Estonian – nobody has written that the beer is Russian or Estonian.

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  7. First – Obolon is a beer from ukrain, not literally Russia. Theis bottle must be bought from Estonia (because the text is in estonian and russian) and third – it was a) funny b) really tasty beer. Sad, they don´t sell it here in Estonia anymore. They do sell other Obolon beers and i can Say Russian beers (and Ukrainan beers) are really good !

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