Russian Hockey

russian hockety

Last night hockey game gone real messy in Russia when the sudden quarrel emerged turning into an epic fight. Reporters say that this one has beat up all the records according to its overall duration time, including same situations from NHL. All of it was aired on TV too so all the viewers could get two-in-one – a hockey and some sort of street boxing tournament.

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  1. i remember the 1972 Canada-Soviet series. It was very exciting to watch. I would like to see one or two Russian teams in the N.H.L. They would need a lot of money and pay the players million dollar plus salaries. Is it economically feasible for Russia to support a team in the N.H.L?

  2. I don`t think so ! ! ! !please go to you tube and watch”simple”game of ice hockey.according to survey conducted by the ioc,the most violent game is the ice hockey after American football! ! ! ! !

  3. Went to a hockey game, and a boxing match broke out.

    Or is it the other way around?

    It does remind me though of a Chicago Wolves (hockey) game where there were three or four fights within seconds of each other. The penalty box really started to get full at a certain point.

  4. The anouncers are awsome, they give comentary for each player fighting and who has the advantage. Then the heavy metal rock is playing over the loud speakers to add to the excitement.

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