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Moscow subway station Strogino 1

A few days ago a new subway station has been opened in Moscow, Russia. From the first days a few stories appeared in Russian blogs about it. First one was concerning strange similarities of this new station inner design with some other subway station that is located in Spain. You can see on the picture above two shots – they look like they were shot in almost the same place but those are two different places, 4000 miles away from each other, to the left this is the Spanish subway and on the right part of the picture there is a new subway station in Moscow, you can decide yourself does it really remind the Spanish one?

The other story was about the strange construction mistake of the metro tunnel at this new station. On the photo below you can see the moment when the train enters the station – in some part of the tunnel the wall is so close that it touches the train and takes of the layer of the paint from it. Not all the trains running in Moscow subway are the subject for this but some models make this fountain of a dry paint each time they enter the station, on the second picture you can see the floor of the station with small pieces of the paint cut off from the trains.

Moscow subway station Strogino 1

Moscow subway station Strogino 2

And well, if we touched today the topic of Moscow subway, here is some more stuff right out there. Seems like this guy forgot to shave at home and decided to use the subway car windows as a mirror for his morning shave, or probably, and more likely he is doing some time-management in this his own personal way with his own patented way to save ten minutes of time – don’t shave at home shave in the subway:

Moscow subway station Strogino 3

Moscow subway station Strogino 4

Moscow subway station Strogino 5

Moscow subway station Strogino 6

Moscow subway station Strogino 7

And this one comes from the old Soviet times. Goats at that time were also warmly met in the subway system of the capital of Russia:

Moscow subway station Strogino 8

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  1. The Russians have always copied stuff!

    Look at the space shuttle Buran!

    A total rip off of the U.S. space shuttle!

    Now those crazy Russkies are rippin’ off Spain with subway designs!

    What is next?!?!?

    Can they be stopped?!?

    No! They cannot! They are the Russians!

    • Getting some “inspiration”from another source and copying 100% features from the other side are two different things! ! ! ! ! ! !.please allow me to explain my point,like Americans copy civil rights law in 50`s,to accept black Americans are equally right to vote,wait,educate and wear.(despite all over the world they practiced for long time before Us and apartheid South Africa! ! ! ! ! ! ! !).so please so called inventors of original ideas,define your own origins! ! ! ! !

    • What are you talking about Eris? Buran is an copy of the space shuttle, and i think you will find Concordski is very similar to Concorde. The difference is that Concorde did not blow up all the time when it was new.

    • Look at first Russian Shuttle “Burya” 1947-1960.
      Who copy idea, USA or Russia?

    • Yes, Mayakovskaya and Novoslobodskaya certainly puts it to shame.

  2. maybe the architect is the same, Santiago Calatrava… also known as “I do the same desing everywere and nobody says a word”

    Greetings from Valencia 🙂

    Ps.- I was at Moscow years ago just before the fall of the CCCP and I think is a very very great city that have much better old metro stations that this one.

  3. I don’t see anything special about the similarity between the Spanish and Russian subways. How may different designs can you make for something functional? The main thing is the window design in the cieling. Again, how many designs can you make in a curved cieling?

    Meh. Form follows function in this one.

  4. Hooray! You’re back with new photos! I’ve REALLY MISSED updated photos the last couple of weeks at this site…guess *EnglishRussia* deserved a vacation too! 😉 EE

  5. Why they don’t hang the disco ball in top of tunnel? Then subway riders can do the sexy dance like a John Travolta while waiting for transport to home or office. Subway could have “Stayin’ Alive” as theme song for riding.

    • Comment by an3
      2008-01-10 23:12:09
      One Valencian and other Spanish Here, Seems strange

      Indeed it is almost a copy of a Valencian architect of the millor terreta del mon Santiago Caatrava, but certainly with half-laundering.

      Here not jar because part of the valence designed calatrava but moscu jar.

      Greetings from the Mediterranean Sea, valence

  6. Alright alright. I’ll open my butt. Now I see things clearly. You’re correct.

    Now do I still have to “stop my life”?

  7. One Valencian and other Spanish Here, Seems strange

    Indeed it is almost a copy of a Valencian architect “of the millor terreta del mon” Santiago Caatrava, but certainly with half-laundering.

    Here not jar because part of the valence designed calatrava but moscu jar.

    Greetings from the Mediterranean Sea, valence.

  8. You d better to visit Moscow before writting something.
    The most beautiful underground is in Russia. And every great idea was created by wonderful russian people, but unfortunetely most of the ideas were stolen or bought by other nationalities

  9. Can somebody answer me a question?
    What are those booths for in the metro stations in Russia, especially at the end of the escalators? Traffic control? Why not CTTV instead?
    Just because I’ve never seen such booths outside Russia.

  10. The Russians like to “watch,” my friend. Always. No matter where and what.

    It remind me of when I was in Caracas for meeting of dictators. After some drinks and some salsa dancing the two-timing Lukashenko fell to the charms of the big-chested Hugo Chavez, and they had some private “diplomatic” time together. Guess who they caught peeking at them through the curtain? I give you the hint–short man, walks like the bulldog looking for a fight because he is martial artist, blonde thin hair, steely gray/blue/green eyes, former KGB Colonel, and looks like he could be the father of Paris HIlton!

    Big Hugo asked if he would like to join, and he said, “No, comrade, thank you, but I just like to watch.”

  11. “The trains in the photo are from Ukraine anyway. Read the sign on the door, its in Ukrainian” – well, actually I can’t see any Ukrainian signs. “Не прислоняться” – it’s in Russian 🙂 Other titles are not focally, so its hard to say something. In subway of my home city, Kharkov (4-th biggest subway in former USSR, ), titles were replaced with Ukrainian near the few years ago… About second and third photos: as for me it’s some kind of confetti or lacet, maybe as part of celebration of new station opening and first train departure, but low-probable construction mistake, cause subway is a serious strategic object and all its development and building are under strict control.

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