Nailed Mercedes

mercedes nailed in Moscow airport 1

A full size Mercedes car is being nailed to the ceilings in one of Moscow airports now. It attracts sights from the people coming through the airport’s lobby and always question arises if it’s safe to walk right under in – or it might occasionally fell on your head? Well, some say that this is not real Mercedes but is made of plastic instead, but if it so then this should be a very precise copy, because all the smallest details, like brake discs etc are perfectly visible.

mercedes nailed in Moscow airport 2

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    • Good! Texas1 can at last have a good night sleep.

      Bless his little cotton socks, he was so worried that this is the end for Englishrussia 🙁

  1. Tim only has one other person on the payrol to run this Blog. Give them a break, they deserve to rest during the Hoildays just like the rest of us.

    Keep up the great job Tim!!!

  2. This is in domodedovo airport not far from the entrance. I grabbed a pic of it with my mobile phone when I was then few months back 8)
    Its made of plastic but it looks very real.

  3. Did you remember to stop at duty-free shop and buy a nice gift for a loved one at your flight destination? Maybe some velvety chocolote for your friend, or a nice cleaning brush for the woman in the house?

    • It is anti-gravity field! I walk under and get sucked to roof. other peoples wear special leaded shoes for safety to stick to ground is why pictures blury as camera getting sucked up to skys.

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