Bad Parking 5

car wrongly parked in Russia 1


This parking went badly! The truck driver probably didn’t notice that some small vehicle was already parked there. Even when he heard the crunching sound of the folding metal under his right wheel, he probably thought “Oh man, I just hit the curb a bit, not a big thing at all”. Well, it wasn’t a curb.

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Big House Big Troubles

apartment in Moscow, Russia 1

These days while US property markets hit the lowest growth levels in Russia those markets are booming, especially in Russia’s capital the glorious Moscow city. Last year property prices grew for more than 100% and the average price is around $6200 for a sq/m, it’s something like $700 for one square foot of the apartment in the house like this one, on the picture above. So many companies try to build as fast as they and cut costs as much as they can to get as the profits as high as they can why the market is growing. Some guys have visited this building’s underground part to check how safe to buy the flat there? Here are some shots:

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WW2 Like Reconstruction

guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 1

A few days ago an anniversary for the blockade of St. Petersburg city during the World War 2. For more than two years the city was in the tight circle of German troops. The front line was already in the suburbs and the downtown was bombed constantly. People suffered from the hunger and illnesses. Tens of thousands died. For those who survived it’s a great day, and those guys dressed in WW2 uniforms dedicate this show for them, the heroes of the blocked city.

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Soviet Toys

Toys from Russia 1

During the Soviet times all the toys were manufactured only on a dozen of state owned factories. All toy designs were certified with Communist Party of Soviet Union and they were lazy to certify a lot so there were not a big freedom of choice for Russian kids at that time. And it wasn’t just toys that were the same for almost everyone. Going from home to home you could see the same furniture, same cloths and same home appliances and all those homes were in the same multi-stored buildings. It was the time of total unification, so if anybody is from that times he would for sure mark most of those toys as “Man, I had them too!”

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