The Moving Museums

subway train in Moscow looking like museum 1

We’ve mentioned already those special trains in Moscow subway. Here are some more detailed photos. Those trains are like moving museums with paintings of some famous Russian artists set up on the walls of the cars instead of windows so people everyday can meet some art on their way home.

subway train in Moscow looking like museum 2

subway train in Moscow looking like museum 3

subway train in Moscow looking like museum 4

subway train in Moscow looking like museum 5

subway train in Moscow looking like museum 6

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    • no..I used to go in this train couple of times..they only circulate on one metro line and only out of rush the evenings..when there are not so many people..

  1. The Shuttle Train interiors in New York City have the same decorations, unfortunately the pictures are only advertisements. I prefer the Russian idea featuring artwork instead. ^_^

  2. Speaking of art, I think the Moscow Stations are a work of art. other metros such as New York or Toronto’s look like giant bathrooms. Here are a couple of photos I have taken in the Moscow Metro…

    This is the most beautiful station in my opinion…

    Here is another…

    • Yes, Moscow metro is certainly very beautiful. But the budget for maintenance is still rather small. Shame really, it could look so much better.

      Thank you for sharing these delightful pictures with us, Richard.

    • That is disgusting! A metro station should be represented with modern concrete, glass and steel elements, architecture that articulates the movements and business of a such public spaces, not by false ugly wedding cake architecture

      • is your opinion on what the metro should look like..we prefer another type of architecture..we also have modern stations..but those built in the last century is something to admire!

        • Thank You Richard! These subways are absolutely beautiful!

          Do you really feel that Toronto’s subways is as bad as New York’s?

          I don’t remember the subways in Toronto clearly.

          Me and my cousin Victoria had been drinking and she decided she wanted to go ride the subway because she had never ridden one before.

          So down we went to ride it in the middle of the night. I vaguely remember what it all looked like.

          After that, all I remember was everything spinning and praying to God.

          If it’s as bad as you say, maybe it was a good thing to be so drink after all.

  3. Yes it is very nice, you’d never see anything like this anywhere else in the world. In other words ‘A very cultured way to commute to work’.

    Richard S. I agree that station is the most beautiful one, but as the stations were meant to be grand and luxurious, if you look at your average New York subway station, and compare to your average Moscow subway station, the Moscow station is much more luxurious.

    Once again, very nice pictures, I wish someone will bring that idea to trains and train stations outside of Russia.

    • Stalin felt that the grandness of the CCCP should be visible everywhere – so he started having these stations constructed and extraordinarily decorated. Ver beautiful indeed and impressive still. Too bad many died. Forced laborers were building a great deal of these.


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