Moscow University at Night

moscow state university at night  1

This is the Moscow University building. Now they’ve got a super-green-beam lights on the top its towers rotating and sending light to all the sides. What did they mean with this? That University is the source of en-light-enment? Or go study at our university and feel yourself a Mordor king?

moscow state university at night  2

moscow state university at night  3

moscow state university at night  4

moscow state university at night  5

moscow state university at night  6

moscow state university at night  7

moscow state university at night  8

moscow state university at night  9

moscow state university at night  10

moscow state university at night  11

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            • Wow, someone with some insight into international relations. I am enjoying this wonderful website about beautiful places in Russia and wish to seriously thank the people who posted the pictures. Hopefully the historic treasures of Russia will be restored and maintained. I am saddened by all the insults and hatefulness I have come accross on this website. We should all seriously appreciate the efforts put forth to explore a civilization and its culture and am saddened by all the negativity.

    • We have a building of that kind in Riga too. Once it was named The Building of Kolkhozniks (peasants from collective farm). Now it hosts Academy of Science. People used to call it “Stalin’s cake”.

      Soviets seem to have built them in subdued countries to manifest their power and to show to anyone who is the Boss now and whom this country now belongs to. Though that you never forget it!

      Stalin’s Emperial style is indeed impressive. Like all emperial styles. For that reason reminiscent of Hitler’s Third Reich architecture. The same pomposity and attempt to impress and intimidate.

    • It is like LAS VEGAS, Russian degrees aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Just as much corruption on campus as anywhere else. It’s common practice to pay off classes you can’t pass. And if you are rich enough to pay for all your classes, then the whole degree is bought without even going to any classes.

      • I doubt you are realy an oldperson.:-)

        Are you sure that ALL professors in ALL univ-s take money for exams to let their students pass them? Your arguments? Statistics? Seems like another arrogant false generalizations of a foreigner pretending to know and nderstand our contry, a sin more of a damn juvenile delinquent than of an “oldperson”.

        I studied in Novosibirsk State University for 7 years in total (2 departmants)and I have never heared about that.

          • I am preety awesome and wish you the same. As I’ve written before 7 years IN TOTAL for 2 different majors at two different departments and 2 degrees. If you are so interested. But this is not what I was talking about. The sense is, it is methodologically not correct to generalize in such way, just no reasonable grounds.
            Yes , it happens but that doesn”t mean that ALL and EVERYWHERE and EVERYBODY. I always face with situations when a foreigner once sees something and tends to proclaim to the whole Universe that ALL russian wear “shapka-ushankas” or all russian women look like “babushkas”.
            You understood me.

  1. anyone know when did they put those lights there… wen’t to moscow 2 years ago, but then there was nothing like that… could have had a hell of a disco :p

  2. It seems to me you shouldn’t be watching up into one of those green laser beams in image four hitting the square. Pointing them up into the sky is another safety rule that does not apply to Russia apparantly

  3. to be honest MSU building has the best night highlight in Moscow. maybe it’s architecture does look too ‘communistic’, but for me it impersonates the power of science and entire humanity’s consciousness.

    peronally i do not associate this building with Stalin, although it makes sense that it was build by his direct order (and with hands of prisoners).

  4. The lights in this building consume far too much energy. But, Comrade Stalin was correct to want such an altar to modern science, without which our lives would have no meaning–especially mine.

    Speaking of science, did you know I won the big Nobel Prize for investigating the science behind global warming, and making a wonderful movie about it? Just thought I’d mention it . . . in case you didn’t know.

  5. As conscription laws in Russia are going to change, providing for a shorter term of service, Russian military authorities are organizing men-hunt on the streets of Russian cities, including St. Petersburg.

    During the round-ups young men of about conscript age are seized at the street and loaded into police trucks which deliver them directly to the local army quarters behind locked doors.

    Doesn’t it remind you of the slavery of antiquity or hunt for recruits in Napoleonic times?

    • Old news. This has been taking place for years. The army is not popular anymore, like in Soviet times. No-one is volunteering anymore for the army. Still, Russia does not want a professional army because, ‘you cannot expect the same level of dedication from ‘mercenaries’ when it comes to defending the motherland’

      That they have to perform manhunts to get boys ‘to defend the motherland’ does not change their minds. Thing is, they don’t want to spend money on a professional army. Drafted boys are cheap.

      • Despite objections of respectable Boris Abramov, ABC and some others on this forum, Russian media constantly are sobbing about the great lost times and past glory of Soviet period.

        Mr.Putin (the president of Russia, if you care) even called collapse of the USSR a worst geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century!

        So, of course many of them would not want Stalin’s death camps to return, but as of all the other things, like being “superpower” and dominating other countries, even if at expense of living standard, that is exactly what they would like to return and it is exactly what Mr. Putin is working on now.

        There is no reason to deny this well known fact.

        • Putin indeed mentioned several times that Stalin was a great leader, who, like everybody else, also made mistakes. But even these mistakes were made with the best of intentions and for the benefit of Russia, as he put it.

          The latest edition of Russian history books are apparently so biased in their presentation of Stalin that Russian history teachers started protesting. They were told off in very clear terms. History is being re-written, again.


     [3 pages]


              quote : The 1945-2006 book, for instance, claims that “Stalin was one of the most successful leaders of the USSR.” It also overlooks Stalin’s mass campaign of political purges, which killed and exiled millions of Soviet citizens, and describes a series of 1937 repressions as “a way to drag the nation out of crisis.”


              • I do take it seriously, because many different sources are mentioned [check the links they are referring to] and they seem pretty well informed. Lets just wait for those history books to appear and see what’s in them. The poll results mentioned I’ve seen on many different sites – and if you know a bit about the Nashi and similar movements, it is not a surprising outcome. Kremlin is supporting all of these, as you are probably aware of.

                I do not agree on your POV regarding The Other Russia. Their main concern is that Russia is again heading the disastrous course it took in the past, and so far, it seems they are right, judging from the recent events. The Kremlin is taking them serious, too. Otherwise they wouldn’t bother, I guess. I’m all for opposition in Russia, a true multiparty democracy, in other words. As I stated before, what is happening now is very similar to the rise of Hitler early ’30s. Doesn’t feel right, to put it simply.

                Politically speaking TOR is a typical Russian thing: a loosely connected bunch of very different individuals are going for ‘revolution’, but have no concrete plans about what to do once they reach their goal. Happened before late 19th century and early 20th century. Disastrous results. Even the 1917 revolution was going nowhere at first after the takeover, suffering from a lack of concrete ideas. Russian short term planning.

                A recent read : Next year people in Russia will have to deal with a severe increase of the price of basic consumer goods as the governmental control of the prices is dropped. One Russian milking the other – and the average citizen with a small income will suffer. Full shops, but no money to buy the goodies.

        • Boris, do not even try. It is clear that talking beaver has no conscience. How can a person defend the terrors committed by the Nazis? It is simply beyond my understanding. Talking beaver is either very cruel man or just a sick one.

          • Marina Borisovna, would you please remind me when I have “defend the terrors committed”?

            Otherwise it looks like you are enraged by me criticizing the glorious Bolshevik past of Russia.

            Bolshevik Mythos has replaced religion for Russians en masse very effectively, at the subconcious level. So everything that diverges from the Holy Canon (like Russian eternal mission of Saviors) immediately causes harsh, almost animalistic, counter-reaction for being blasphemy.

  6. Speaking of the swastika, it reminds me of Hitler, which reminds me of the Jews, which reminds me of some dirty western propaganda you may hear on the news program, but please don’t believe it.

    You may hear that an airplane loaded with Jews escaped from Tehran and went to the country-that-I-will-not-mention. This “report” is false propaganda designed to make me look not so good. Why Jews want to escape from Tehran? They have no reason to wish to leave. Please remember two important things I tell you, no matter what the propagandists say–

    1. In Iran we love the Jews, and;
    2. As I said in my speech to the Columbia University students, In Iran there are no gays. Truly.

    Yours in Accurate News Reporting,
    M. Ahmadinejad

  7. Well-well-well.. Now we know what the Englishrussias N1 racist Nazi talking beaver is truly capable of. Not only does he use other peoples screen names in order to discredit then (as he has done to me and John on numerous occasions), but he now uses new screen names and pretends to be a Russian version of himself (a racist xenophobe) in order to discredit the whole nation. This is of course nothing new. This is one of the dirty techniques used by Baltic nationalists (or Nazis ) to spared their message of hate and aide their anti-Semitic, Russphobic and Racist propaganda.

    Talking Beaver always wanted to show the world that Russia is in fact as racist and intolerant as the Baltic States, but of course he could never prove it (because its simply not true), and he got mad. Oh yes, he got really mad. He thought to himself – “what can I do to divert attentions from the atrocities committed by people like me and my government against ethnic minorities in the Baltic States? Oh yes… I know, I will make everyone believe that this is happening in Russia. And those nave westerners, already influenced by the anti-Russian propaganda in their media, are bound to swallow what I say”. “What would be the best way of doing it?” Talking beaver thought to himself. I know, I will pretend to be an intolerant Russian racist, just like myself. That should really take some heat away from my county and discredit Russian people (the occupiers) at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone – what could be better then that? I am Genius! he thought to himself.

    Frankly, I am not surprised that talking beaver decided to do something as sick and twisted as this. I mean, come on, he already denied the Holocaust and made some of the most awful anti-Semitic remarks ever to be seen on this site.

    We know the sick game you are playing at.

  8. With regard to Talking Beaver, I would also like to quote myself again. Just so that people will get into thier heads what sort of person he really is.

    “Talking Beaver is an extremist Estonian nationalist, the same kind we saw giving a nazi salute to the SS monument and throwing red paint over the statue of the Bronze Solder. This person frequently changes his screen name in order to project his hateful massage after people gain an understanding for what he or she really is about.

    His first screen name was hsk. After making numerous racist and anti-Semitic statements (which included the denial of Holocaust) he was forced to change his name to Ornoxus because public opinion on this site has turned against him. Being Ornoxus that person carried on spreading his hateful message which mainlly included attacks on estonian minorities. His last massage as Ornoxus was this: Estonia for Estonians – Russians and Jews out. Of course, most normal people were outraged with such a stament of hate, but again, Ornoxus was gone never to be seen again.

    And then Talking Beaver and his new made up friend Hunnu comes along, and guess what? – the content of their statements still remain pretty much the same. However this time he is more devious and on some occasions this person actually makes some informative comments to slightly divert attention from his main objective.

    However even now, if we were to analise the content of his statments, they still very much lead to him humiliating minorities, russian culture, russin people, the Jews and defending the atrocities committed by Estonian government.

    My advice is not to engage in any verbal exchange with this person, because in doing so, you will encourage more racist and xenophobic propaganda from him”

      • I understand your concern. I also heard that Estonian educational system didn’t equip kids with basic arithmetical and reading skills before they left school. So sad. But never fear I’ll try to make it shorter and use small words next time 🙂

        • Poor Estonians. How bad their education system is. Good that they did not know about it before they went on with creating Kazaa and Skype…

  9. Americans, as the worlds richest, strongest, superior to any other country in this world since 1918, with a GDP of 13 trillion and a controlling stake of World Bank and IMF and WTO, and as superior to you in all respects, have every right to be arrogant? towards you useless non americans, poor trash europeans, one dollar hoe from russia and asia.

    Whether you like it or not, USA is here to stay pretty and RULE the World!

    • What are you going to say when China takes over the World Bank, IMF, and WTO? The Saudis can’t bail out the U.S. banks forever.

    • Yeah! LOL! That’s what I use to say too!
      Île-de-France, which is the region around Paris (that would be “Parizhskiy rayon” in Russia) alone does have higher GDP than whole of Russia.
      Inhabitants of Russia normally just do not realize how tiny their country is if compared to others by nearly any criteria except for territory.

  10. Haha,
    USA is pathetic.It was a pure luck that they didn’t went down before the USSR.Every empire falls,and the USA will not be an exception…

  11. Come on people,this is beautiful and georgeus.
    I’m glad they leave the star at the top of the building,it’s cool too ^_^

    And don’t you ever try to compare communism to nazism.
    Okay,may the “communists” killed more people,but the communists ideal are not this.The ideals of communism is not for war and death,the ideals talk about equality,freedom,peace and love.If those communists don’t follow their own ideal,can we call then communists???
    The nazis pray for the supremacy of arians(i don’t know if the translation is correct),and Marx said:”The people which try to subjulgate another people,makes your own jail”

    I will like to study at this university.It’s looks like a dance club xD~~

    • Roman Catholic Church was talking about Jewish/Christian early ideals of Communism when burning people at stake and implementing systematic genocide in East Indies. You are right in this respect, Communists were much smarter then Nazis, they created attractive facade for their machine of death and oppression. It was what we call “effective marketing” today.

  12. Talking Beaver: “We have a building of that kind in Riga too. Once it was named The Building of Kolkhozniks (peasants from collective farm). Now it hosts Academy of Science. People used to call it “Stalin’s cake”.”

    We have a similar building in Warsaw:

    It’s called The Palace of Culture and Science:

    It also has some nicknames 🙂

  13. => Talking Beaver

    The nineties were a difficult period for Poles but I’m glad you liked the people 🙂 How long have you stayed in Poland?

    I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your comment about Estonia but I didn’t know there was a reply as I didn’t get any e-mail notification. I’ll answer you tomorrow in “Kissing Soldiers” 😉

    And a Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  14. I dont want to engage in any kind of bullfight. The architecture is simple but very unusual, not where you are, but in my country. And the light got a likeness of ‘the eye’, of the lord of the rings. I liked it. Not for what represents to you, people, but by the buiding in its own.
    You are all far away from the americas. USA and Russia, and all the nations who deal with their own people and others by means of force and power, the need to evolute to another level of relationship between nations. Something that really means respect to self-determination.
    By now, what i see, makes me believe i live in the best of nations. I am brazilian.
    We are not rich. We are corrupt. We are almost powerless. But we get a life. We live and we let others live. I hope we never get big or strong enough to engage in war against anyone again. And that respect with we deal with the weaker nations around us, never ends.


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