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    • They are made of environmentally friendly grade of cast iron. Actually, the domestic trade name for Lada is “Samovar”. Also executive class option is available, named “U’bany Samovar”.

  1. Photoshop. It is impossible to drive through reinforced concrete fence without damaging front bumper and scratching the paint. Even on Lada ))

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me about the damage that Lada recieved crashing into that wall.

    Kinda reminds me of a story of how when my russian girlfriend who was driving me, and her father to the motor registry office, we got there and there was a Lada Riva, which is very unusual considering that Lada Riva’s were never sold in Australia, only the Samara and the Niva were sold. Anyway the instructor was in the Lada and there was this young woman driving the car and she stopped the car and she must of put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake, because it went forward and crashed into the office, and you could see the front of the car when you went inside, and the thing was there was hardly any damage.

  3. Impressive. Almost all cars they sell here in the USA would have been totally destroyed as they have almost nothing under the plastic front bumper.

  4. I’m glad most of my driving lessons don’t end up like that but I think it’s very impressive that there’s so little damage to the car.

  5. I have a 27 years old Lada, and if i cant be sure my car cant go trough that concrete wall, i am sure my car will have less damage than any other damned car in the world!.
    By the way, two days ago I have drove it more than 1000 km through the desert, he,he. Long live to the Lada !

  6. A concrete fence in Butovo, Moscow. I’ve seen it. Nothern Butovo. Bliiiin, i thought it is something familiar but i can’t realise. This accident was before new year.

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  8. Amazing pictures, But i like a picture wall inside the tree.
    These all damage cars are sent to USA and rebuilt.
    Accidents has to be done with the wrong driving. So that peoples who going for driving first of all taking good driving classes from driving schools and learn about traffic rules and regulations.

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