Christmas Dolgoruki

dolgoruki dressed like santa 1

So it’s Christmas today and some people didn’t forget to dress Count Dolgoruki, the legendary Russian hero the founder of Moscow city into Santa. Some say it’s a bad idea but at least he looks more holiday in a Santa suit.

dolgoruki dressed like santa 2

dolgoruki dressed like santa 3

dolgoruki dressed like santa 4

16 thoughts on “Christmas Dolgoruki”

  1. Merry Christmas to everyone, and thanks for the Christmas photos. Post more! 🙂

    Gorgeous tree and decorations. Look at the size of it! I think Texas and Russia may have more in common, in a psychological context, than either wants to admit. 🙂

  2. Christmas is certainly a big event in the west, but it was my understanding that the New Year, and the coming of Ded Moroz, is a bigger celebration in Russia than Christmas.

    …and I can see why…

    Snegurochka can be quite vexing…

    None-the-less, Merry Christmas to all.

  3. Ded moroz rocks !

    Not to mention Snegurochka… sitting right next to me in all her Russian femininity… can not get any better. Russian christmas is coming up !!

  4. aw this tree looks good enouigh to eat ! I missed to say merry xmas to all of the people I dont know here !

    So happy new year instead 😀

  5. какой позор, вырядили князя в шутовской наряд
    варваррство одним словом…вот теперь и америкацы глумяться

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