Ryazan Sinkhole

ryazan sinkhole

Late evening, Ryazan city, Russia. A man was driving his Lada across Ryazan downtown then sudden boom and he finds himself six feet below the road level. And it was a paved road. Later that night they had to implement a crawler power shovel to get him outside.

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    • The denizens of the underworld are angry at mother Russia
      Beware the coming of Ogdrabites from the underground relm of Middle Earth

  1. Sinkholes, such an exotic phenomenon to me, which is weird since I live in the near wettest country on earth: Holland. Maybe they should spend some more money on drainage…

  2. I’ve heard of whole 12-storeyed apartment buildings submerging underground in my city, Ufa. It was built on a nasty spot from the geological point of view.

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